Tuesday, May 27, 2014


To make things official, I will leave this blog for the mean time.

Until I guess I am okay, or I am sort of okay.

For now, thank you, and I'll see you guys soon. :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I caught her cheating on me.

It was an ordinary day at Kalayaan, the vehicles were passing like they always does, the weather was humid and I was trying to cut my pork chop on the black sizzling plate when Officemate 1 dropped the news. I finished my lunch while she told me how she beat the hell out of her girl friend when she caught her and another girl in her apartment. For you not to be that confuse, yes, it was a girl girl another girl story. lols.

Buti hindi mo napatay, I said. As you were aware, my friend has a tendency to always be on the extreme side of things. Extreme meaning I was afraid that I will visit someone at the girl's prison, and just give her comforting words there. Good thing, we were still in Kalayaan.

After she spilled how dramatic/comedic the whole thing was. Like every other friend who has a friend with a love problem, I told her to leave the girl alone. However there is something that she said that stuck me:

Ang nakakabadtrip kasi, kahit sobrang sakit na, hindi ko pa din magawang alisin siya sa puso.

How you will console someone who love like that?

*photo from here