Thursday, April 28, 2011

What’s Your Status

The nature of my job allows me to have access to Yahoo Messenger. Real time communication is very important in my line of work. Before, I never even consider YM vital but because of my job, sometime having YM can be so irritating that I don’t want to log in on it. :p

Aside from chatting of course, YM has a cool feature that you can place your status on it. Statuses like, “LUNCH,” “MEETING,” “BRB,” are the usual things I placed. I also place my country assignment for a particular day, just to make sure that I will be chatting with the correct people. When days are lean, and chatting is not that much needed (which rarely happens), I place a status that are taken from a message that I received on my cp, a part of a lyrics of an earworm, a tweet from twitter (thanks to yahoo updates), or even a post from FB, basically I just place anything that I want to say on it. Here are some of my statuses, where to they came from, and why did I place it there.

*Remember me, Sweet Bravery! - Taken from Owl City’s To the Sky, I love the song and as of writing this, I am playing it over and over again. One of our tellers asks me, “Who is Sweet Bravery?” I can’t help but smiled when he ask me this, and when I’ve realized he’s serious, I explained it to him.

*Ang kabarkadang hindi marunong lumingon sa Pinagsamahan , Ay hindi pwedeng patagayin sa susunod na inuman. – A friend from Facebook gave me this, it’s funny, and when it’s funny, it will surely be my status.

* SM ka ba? You got it all for me eh. ÜI got this from a SMS. Yeah, it’s corny, but it made my day.

* Turn barbs into roses... – Gwyneth Paltrow said this on GLEE. She was talking to a bunch of hired hecklers trying to convince them to try changing the heckling to cheering.

* Sana may rewind ang totoong buhay. Or kahit Ctrl Z para mag Undo – Beckimon tweeted this. Unfortunately, there is none.

* Why would I hurt the ones I love? Why would I hurt you? If I can't be what he wants of me, what am I to do? –Tarzan - Another tweet. Something from Walt Disney Quotes. When I first read this, I know, this should be on my status right away. Let get emode!

* The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible. –Charles (Alice in Wonderland) – Another Walt Disney Quote. I don’t even know who Charles is and why he said this, but this one is cool. Everything seemed easy after I read this; this quote really means something.

I am still trying to remember what my previous statuses were, and I give up. Someone said that, what you say or write really reflects what type of person you are, and that is perfectly true.

Hey! It’s time to change my status to “Invisible to everyone.”

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