Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chocolate Story


look at me, Im melting!

like the chocolate you once gave to somebody else...

that were meant for me! thoSe were mIne.

like you, your were mine, once mine.

look at me, im sTill in a blur

like planets colliding on an empty space.

contInuousously moving, but going nowhere.

and Look at you, and the way you just make me speechLess,

the way you Leave me Over the edge, and the way you'Ve hurt mE.

and now, look at me! im Just waiting. 

like a passenger waiting for a bus bound to a land of never ending questioning.

like a patient waiting for a cure about an illness that yOu can only fix.

like a clowN trying to make the most of everything but continously drown on pain.

look at us, and the way we treat each other


i know im not eAsy to forget but how could you?

its as if you dont even remember how was i to you, how you was with me, and how we

were to each other.

Look at me, open your chinky eyes and watch me leave.

im leaving you because i know it’s you i must ranaway to.

it may take some time but now...

im closing all things for you, your thoughts, your mooDs, your presence, your everything.

i wish i was able to not just look, buT see

maybe it was never meant to be, and you were never meAnt for me,

but my eyes are open now, it’s may take some time, but its open Now.


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