Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Power of Six

Fine! I am now addicted to the Lorien Legacies.

Two days ago, Chester and I were chatting about my recent post. I told him how good “I am Number Four” was and that I am planning to get a copy of “The Power of Six” this weekend. Then, I just told him that he can give me one as a Christmas gift. An idea popped into my head, all of a sudden I ask him if he can get a PDF file of the book and send it to my email address. That will work as a Christmas gift.

Chester was crazy, after a few minutes, he just told me that he was already downloading the book. He sent the file via SKYPE and after I thanked him, I started reading it. I finished the book in a day. Whew!

Before I read the book, I thought that it will be all about Six, Number Four’s ally. I know that it will be the continuation of the first book but on a different point of view, concentrating on Six rather than on Four. However, the book begins with number Seven. Haha!

Four and Six were on a mission to find the remaining Gardes. They know that they were stronger together. Henri also left a letter to Four about his past. Four also opened his chest that contains his inheritance.

The second book was way better than the first one. The story is more interesting, a lot of things happened, more questions being answered, and more kicked ass characters. It’s nice seeing the other Lorien Garde’s on the book. The story of Seven and Six were tough, I thought that they were as fortunate as Four because he has a good Cepan, but that is not the case. Seven needs to suffer and live in an orphanage while Six has to be alone because of her Cepan’s tragic death. Nine was also introduced on the book, and his legacy, Antigravity. Seven can heal and swim underwater without drowning. Now, I really want to be an alien. Haha.

What makes me upset about the Second Book was Sarah and Sam. Sarah turned Four and Sam to the police. While Sam got lost, maybe taken by the Mogs, because he was in search of his father. Nine and Four continue without Sam, while Six went all the way to Spain to save Seven then they will go back to America. Six left a note for Four however when Sam got lost, the note also disappeared. I wonder what they will do to find each other.

The series is really getting interesting. Too bad we still have to wait until August next year for the new book to be released. I am pretty sure that five and eight will be introduced. Though I know that they were already introduced in book two, they were the guy who moves object in India and the other is the girl who saved someone on the earthquake, I can’t wait to hear their stories.
I also want to know more about nine, what will happen to Sarah and John’s relationship, and what the hell happened to Sam. I just hope that Sam will not be the bad guy. But, who knows right? Pittacus Lore said that the events are still taking place somewhere in the planet, so we are still not sure what will happen.

But, damn, August 2012 is still too far.


  1. Ang basa ko sa title ng post mo ay "The Power of Sex" :)