Sunday, November 20, 2011


(Pangalawang beses ko ng isusulat ito, nagbrown out kasi, lesson, I save ang Drafts! Pak! Haha.)

Okay. I am really not into books being turned into film. After I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I stopped watching all its movies. I also ended my fascination with The Twilight Saga after I read the series. Books will always be way better.

Earlier this year, I watched this film on DVD.

Here is the trailer.

Pretty interesting, right?

I love the movie, there was no doubt about it. Effects were great, fight scenes were superb, the story is nice, and Alex Pettyfer is way too fine! :)











Diba? Haha. :)

However there were a lot of questions. What was Lorien? Why were they fighting? And the most intriguing, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE KILLED IN ORDER?

After searching the web, and failing to get the answers that I needed, I just decided to buy the book.

I Am Number Four is the first installment of the Lorien Legacies. It still doesn’t say how many books will the series have, according to its echuserang author, the events are still taking place here in our planet. Haha. Cool, right? Somewhere in Earth, there are aliens fighting and searching for their legacies.

According to the Book, before, there were other Life Sustaining Planets in the galaxy – Lorien and Mogadore. Lorien was smaller than Earth and richer in natural resources. They also have Cêpan which were individuals that possessed legacies (special powers). Mogadore on the other hand became too industrialized, that their planet became a bunch of waste which make it lose its resourcing. Thus, they invade Lorien.

Lorien got defeated. But before their planet became something that has nothing but barren land, they sent Nine Cêpan, together with their guardians to Earth to protect their legacy. The Lorien Elders placed a charm on the kids – they can only be killed in order. If someone will attempt to kill them, and it’s not their time yet, whatever you will do on that kid will happen to you. Bangis!

There you go, questions answered! Yeay!

As usual, the book was way better than the movie. Everything that you need to know and understand about the film was there. Its more dramatic, and its way different than the film. Even though I know it’s just fiction, it’s more realistic. In the film, they killed the Mogadores in a wicked fight scene, however in the book, they just escaped, Six and Four were badly hurt, then they start looking for the others. Which was really believable, they were outnumbered so though they have all the Legacies that they need, they still run. However the film just showed how kicked ass they can get.

Some parts of the book were boring though. Part like Number Four thinking about Sarah for almost three pages was boring. I don’t like it, or maybe I’m just jealous of Sarah. Haha. :)

Rating will be a 10! The book is nicely done, easy to read, and its addicting. I can’t wait to read the other Lorien Legacies. So far, Book Two (The Power of Six) is already out, and from what I found out on Youtube, Book Three (The Rise of Nine) will be out on August next year. Ang tagal pa, amp!

It also teaches a good story – hope. When all else fails, never give up on hope.

Have a great Sunday!

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