Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Party and Paul Wesley

What is so cool about receiving gifts? Getting the gifts that you always wanted. :)

Last night, we had our Christmas Party/Childrens' party at Mcdonalds. It was one of the coolest parties I've ever attended. Having kids at a party really change your mood, their little antics and sweet nothings will really warm your heart. My supervisor's child and I had a photo at a Christmas tree and you know what he did? He hid behind my legs and grasp my pants, haha... It made me like whoa! :)

Thanks Mommy Dory for the awesome gift! You just don't know how much I appreciate.

Moving back to the gift. Remember the book that I was having a hard time finding? Guess what, I already had it.

Yipee! It really made my night. I can't even wait to finish this post and read it right away. Haha. Just a trivia about the book. It was made into a series. I remember watching it one Holy week, here is the lead, his name is Paul Wesley.

Isn't he hot or what? Haha.

Short post muna, gotta read the book na. 

Good morning. :)


  1. Mas gwapo pa rin para sa 'kin si Steven McQueen a.k.a. Jeremy Gilbert :)