Monday, March 5, 2012


The rain just stopped. My friends and I were standing on our rendezvous spot. It was an old waiting shed in our subdivision overlooking the South Expressway. From there, you can see the cars in red, blue, silver and black. It was also the perfect spot if you want to see the wide blue sky.

Autumn in my Heart lang ang peg!

Kate said that we have to be patient, something beautiful will happen.

She was a big know it all. Being the tallest in our group, she already claimed the lead position in our little troop. Kate has these weird ideas and activities that kept us busy throughout the day. She taught me how to ride a bike, take care of a duckling and draw.

Patience started to drift away. I was tired, starving and cold but she insisted that we should just wait because something beautiful will happen. Ano bang inaantay natin? I said. But she just remained quiet, she focused on the vast sky in front of her while me and my friends don’t understand what was going on.

Ayun, nakita niyo yun? She screamed in excitement. Tignan niyo lang ang direksyon na tinitignan ko at makikita niyo ang nakikita ko. Hindi ko pwedeng ituro kasi baka maputol daliri ko, dali kayo!

Immediately, we followed. What we saw was magnificent. It was a combination of seven colors that bend through the horizon. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. ROY G BIV! Pak!

It was the first time I saw a rainbow in person.

I really can’t explain the feeling when I saw it, the feeling was like eating your favorite ice cream, with the marshmallow and the nips on top of it. It was way better than the cartoons you watch at 10 am in channel two. It was better than Cedie, Sarah and Remi combined.

Mama said that at the end of the rainbow, there was a pot of gold. I really don’t care about the gold at its end, because the rainbow was so pretty that no amount of gold can match it. I also cannot see its end.

Rainbow still fascinates me. I still even catch myself waiting for the rain to stop just to see it. 

It all started with a tweet. Can emo bloggers change their stripes? Blog superstar Spiral Prince and I shall attempt to do just that. The rules are simple. Write ten consecutive happy posts. If you falter, you have to write five more. *gulp*

I decided to use song titles for this, that way I won’t be confused. :)

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: A Happy Childhood Memory


  1. there's a bridge to tomorrow
    there's a bridge to the past
    there's a bridge made of sorrow
    that i pray wouldn't last

    and i'm certain, certain that somewhere
    there's a bridge made of gold....

    at talagang puro kanta ang kino-comment ko hahahaha

    1. hahaha... aliw much ang comment, cant get over it.

  2. huwaw! di lang rainbow yung picture, double rainbow pa talaga! ☺
    Trip ko rin nun mukyat sa bubong sa bahay ni lola pag uuambon o katatapos lang ng ulan at umaaraw, sigurado kasing may rainbow if you know which direction to look ☺

    1. salamat sa powers ng google, that was the closest that i can get to what i saw before.

      yeah, rainbows are fun. salamat sa pagdaan brian

  3. the first thing that came to mind was Nagkakaisa, May Disiplina... but seriously, you know, my whole life I have been surrounded by rainbows of all sorts of shapes and sizes... flat, double, low-red, quadrilateral, etc.,. but it is the night rainbows, which I've only had the honor to observing twice in my life, to be of the rarity you describe above.....

    1. Wow... I don't know what will I do if I see a night rainbow. Honestly, this is the first time I heard of it. hahaha...

      I googled it immediately, its beautiful.

    2. when i was 16, it was full moon, late night with rain and clouds to the east; and last year, it was full moon, just after dusk with rain and clouds to the west.... there was hardly any color, just shades of gray...

    3. it is still something to look forward to. thanks for sharing LOF. you're so cool.

  4. Awww... pak na pak to, LJ! haha All I remember about rainbows is I was always chasing it pero never siyang lumapit. Too late did I learn na with a hose and the right angle, you can make your own rainbows.

    1. hahaha... Science sucks. When I learned about the prism and the rainbow is nothing but a black light, it broke my heart.

      Pano na ang gold at its end? hahaha.

    2. correction, white light! Pak!