Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So, You Want to Work in a Call Center?

Another housemate is having trouble getting into the Call Center industry. Isn't it ironic that my housemate cannot even get in the industry hence there are a lot of opening posted every where? He doesn't have any call center experience. Well, anyone who works in the industry started from having no experience at all, right?
When I first apply in a call center, I was on my last year in college. That time, I never imagined myself working in a fast food, so when my classmate informed me that she was in the industry. Immediately, I want it.
The road was never easy, though. Eunice, my college friend, and I were rejected by almost all of the centers in Ortigas. Rejection was heartbreaking. But, knowing the thing that you have to endure in order to get hired, that was hell.
Coming from a State University, Eunice and I will always find our ways to save our money for a particular day. We walked from One San Miguel Building to Robinsons Galleria just to be stopped by the reception lady saying that students were not qualified for that company. We ate burger steak in order to have something in our tummy that day. We have to wear uncomfortable smart casual clothes. And lastly, we have to speak in English.
Realizing that this is the only thing I can and want to do, I never gave up. The rejections I received in Ortigas became an advantage because the next time I applied in Makati, I knew what to expect.
I practiced my answers in questions that I was sure that will be asked. I watched a lot of English shows in order to get familiarize with how English words sounds. I have to read books and newspapers in order to have my grammar check. I prepared a lot.
The thing that I concentrated on was my confidence. I noticed on my interviews in Ortigas, every time I get nervous, I tend to talk fast, and then I stutter, and then another rejection. So when I applied again, I force myself to relax, I make sure that I will grasp all the things that my interviewer will ask and just answer them as fluid as possible. And, that was the part I got hired. I never got rejected by the industry again, and I even got promoted.
People might think that Call Centers will look for human beings who can really speak good English, who are fluent enough to express themselves using the foreign language. Well, they will look for that if they know that you already worked in another call centers. But if they knew that it is your first time, they will be gentle. What they will look for is someone they can work on. Someone who have the guts to express himself though he's accent is hard as metal. They will train you to improve that. They will search for your confidence. Because if you will not believe in yourself, how can you make someone believe in what you are talking about over the phone, right?
Well, I am no expert. I already left the industry three years ago and I guess things have change. So to my readers who work in industry now, if there is a newbie that wants to be part of the industry, what will be the best advise that you will give?
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  1. I suggest starting as a tech support for ISP accounts. They are the ones who gives more chance to wanna-be agents who don't have CC experience :)

  2. Nice tip, Elmer! But it is a concern that some folks doesn't even have an experience handling a technical account. When I applied for tech support, I don't even know what a browser is. LOL.

  3. If you could navigate to Facebook just fine then you're IN :)

  4. That is cool, Elmer. Thank you.