Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I Tolerate My Extended Family

There are things in life that you cannot choose – one of them is your relatives.

Compared to my mom's family, I am really not close with my Father's folks. When I was still a kid, I never really get excited every time I will meet them. Every time there will be a reunion or a gathering, I make excuses, but since my Mom told me that we are a "family," it still feel that being in such events will be an obligation.

I never understand my Father's family. In one of the events I attended, you saw them happily helping each other cooking dinner but after one part of the clan left the house, the rest will start talking about them. My mom and I will just exchange glances after I let out a sigh of how complicated our clan is.

In my family, everyone has secrets. And everyone's secrets will be revealed, either accidentally or intentionally. Someone will say something nasty behind his back and I really don't like that.

Extended family members can be really frustrating.

I have this uncle who now lives in California. After I saw him on Facebook, and since we are "family," I sent him t usual, Hi Tito, Kamusta? Only to be given an unexpected reply. After he said hello, he said, sino ang magulang mo? Okay, he doesn't know me, but maybe he just doesn't remember me, right? I was still polite when I said the name of my Dad. Finally, he remembered me. The next thing I ask was where he is residing in California? Since I used to work in a BPO, I have an idea of American geography, but he was nice enough to answer me, pag sinabi ko ba sa iyo, alam mo ba ito? I went offline after I read that.

I told my Mom what happened and she just kept on laughing while I told her how irritated I felt. She just reminded me to never talk to my Uncle again because that uncle has a nature of really irritating people even though he is not doing anything. True.

When I celebrated my birthday last September, while I was so happy with all the messages posted on my timeline, I noticed that my Uncle greeted me. He said, Happy Birthday Relative.

That one, I cannot pass. I remove my Uncle on my friends' list afterwards.

There are things in life that you cannot choose. One of them is your extended family. Though I know that I am at the stage of my life where I have the opportunity to change things, I'd rather not do anything with them. Because even though that they say nasty things behind each other's back and they don't know who is their relative or not, they are still family and they are part of the shadows that I need to embrace. 

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  1. well i have a lot of irritating relatives too and being with them sucks good thing they lived quite far from us

    1. haha. admit it, Mecoy. You also need to be with them no matter how much you dont like them

  2. hahaha! you should have replied "thank you relative!" before removing him from your friends' list....

    1. haha. It was spontaneously done, Alex. :D That uncle is really weird. Hey, Kamusta ka na?