Monday, August 27, 2012

The Rise of Nine

By Pittacus Lore

When I went to NBS yesterday, the only thing that I had on my mind was to buy Fifty Shades of Grey. I heard a lot of things about it – my friends are talking over in on the net, and my roommate even got a copy of the PDF file. However, when I saw the price of the book, I thought it can wait for another time, LOLS, I just find it not friendly for the pocket. Now, I am thinking of having my roommate send me the PDF file, haha. I never left the store empty handed, though. Because this book was beside the Grey book, and since I am a big fan of the series, I just bought it.

What it is:  The book is the third part of the Lorien Legacies. If I Am Number Four talks about more of Four’s discovery about his legacy (super powers), while The Power of Six concentrates on the other Garde (Aliens who were destined to redeem the planet from a nasty villain), The Rise of Nine focuses more on their quest to become as one team in order to defeat the Mandagorians (antagonists of the story).

What I liked about it: Allow me to say that, out of the three books, for me, this is the best. Seriously, I finished the book while doing my work in the office. I was so hooked that I just can’t get my eyes off it. The book was narrated by three characters which was awesome because at least right now, it doesn’t just concentrates on Number Four’s thoughts and feelings. Doing such creates a clearer image of the story. It shows how different the three Garde’s were, thus creating a more interesting plot and more characters you can relate to. No several pages talking about how John felt about Sarah, no boring sentences about flirting, and no repetitive part where the good aliens were fighting the bad aliens. This book is really cool.

I love the idea of having the Government and Mandagorians collaborated in order to stop heroes of the story, I love how thirsty the characters show off their skills. And I also admire that though the remaining Garde were so different from each other, they still blend because of their common goal.

Aside from that, imagine moving things with your mind, moving to a different continent in a short time, talking to someone on your head, controlling the weather, defying gravity, shifting to a different shape, healing by touching, and watching your hands light up? Tell me if that is not cool enough.

What I did not like about it: I really cannot point everything in this book. But there is really one thing that made my eyes rolled and my left eyebrow make a sudden raise. At the first two pages of the book, there was a part where it says “the events in this book are real,” see the picture below to fully understand. Once I read that, I was like, Seriously? LOL.

Recommended for: For anyone who loves Alex Pettyfer science fiction books, stories about aliens, UFO, unbelievable powers and some kick ass action scenes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sta Mesa Chronicles

Life has ways to teach you valuable lessons that you will never forget. It can be a person, a thing, an experience or a place. For me, it is where I used to live while I started my battle with the antagonist named, the real world. Sta Mesa, Manila will always be meaningful for me.

pup, yey!

This is a place where all things go berserk. The place where I learned to smoke, to be responsible with every decisions,  to love and to mend a broken heart, to be more optimistic at everything, to be totally broke, to embrace my weirdness uniqueness, to learn my limits, to fight for my goals and to be more sensitive with everyone around me.

Independence can sometimes be a bitch. Staying with my family for almost all of my life and being in a house where I am the only guy, the first week of living alone was really weird. The first weekend where I have to wash my own clothes, the only thing on my mind was why the hell I am doing this?

Well, I was doing it for my dreams. Mom will not be able to send me to school anymore, unless I really figure something out. That motivated me to really suck everything in, and to just understand that good things come to people who work harder. It was really hard, believe me. Working at night then going to school in the morning will really squeeze all of your energy. My body really became skinny. There were days where I felt that my mind is just floating. I was taking exams while my mind pictured my bed. I was reviewing my notes in the office while talking to a bunch of Americans who doesn't know how to insert papers on Fax Machines. It was really crazy.

But what I love about freedom is it will really give you an opportunity to experience things. Learning new things is always sweet. Meeting new people who will eventually be part of your life is bliss.

And right now, I will share my our story in that amazing place. From all the people that I met, to the fun and nasty things we do, our silly conversations, jokes that will always be funny and a lot more. Get ready for boy encounters, and believe me, there are a lot. LOLs.

Get ready, friends, there are a lot. :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing From A to Z

Create a short story that is 26 sentences long. Each sentences must begin w/ letters of the alphabet. Include descriptions of people, places you'll go to, thing/activities that you will do, etc.

I got this message from Facebook a couple of days ago. It was another assignment that my landlady's son ask me to do. Before, when I thought that I will not be able to do it or if it will take too much of my time, I don't do it. But I find the assignment pretty interesting. :D It is challenging. It's difficult starting sentences with X and Z, LOL. What was more fun was the student need it by yesterday at three in the afternoon, I woke up at 2:00 pm, so imagine how much I rushed this one. It feels like being a student again. :D

I was able to finish it though, I am just not sure if it is good enough.

As the sky turn from blue to salmon, the waves of the Pacific turns from rough to tranquil. By the shore, a girl sat in one of the rocks. Crimson colour dress, hair black as the night sky, a face like an angel and with her sun kissed skin; it will be hard not to notice her.
During this time she sits on the rock, people think that she just love watching the waves but Brida has more reason to sit on her rock, stare at the vast ocean in front of her, and wait. 
Exactly a year ago, Brida met a boy named Francois. Francois came from the city and was visiting the town to start a family business. Generous, he is just generous. He makes sure that while his business is booming in the fishing village, all will also benefit from his success. In one of the town parties, he met Brida, and since that night they never been apart. Joy filled their hearts, Brida have the best days and the warmest of nights, and everything seems perfect until Francois left for the big city.
Knowing that she cannot join him, Brida waited. “Learn to be patient, he will be back, he promised” she keeps on telling herself. Man from her town started pursuing Brida but she never notices them. No one even make Brida forget Francois, all she know is that he promise that he will be back. Only she can understand what her heart is going through. “Promises are meant to be broken,” one of her suitors said. “Quit saying that, you are not him,” Brida replied.
Regrets start to cloud her thought, suppressing all the things she feel and now, she is starting to feel hopeless. Sincerity starts to fade and as Brida walk her way home, she felt something. Tears started to fell as the wind touch her face in a familiar, comforting, and glorious way. Understanding that her waiting came to an end, she whispers another goodbye to her Francois. 
“Voyage safe, my love, until we meet again,” She murmured. Winds touch her face again, embracing her, comforting her, and for the first time, she smiled. Xylophones were being played by her people; she hums the familiar tune while telling herself that she will let Francois go.
Yet, she still doesn’t know the truth. Zeus crashed Francois’ boat to the ocean floor a year ago.

So, how do you find it? Man, this was really tough. I don't even have a title for this, blame my landlady for rushing things. But it was fun.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

English Tagalog

I know that everyone knows Kyla. I love Kyla. There is really something about the way she sings that will always make me want to play the song over and over again.

When I heard that she has a single with the band Kamikazee, I immediately searched for it, and here it is.

Astig diba? Who would have thought that they will sound so good together. The song really has good lyrics and I am singing this every where for the past days, LOLS. Yeah, I can be a rocker sometimes. LOL.

But I realized that the song already has an English version, LOL. Here it is.


LOL. Which do you prefer?

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, everybody!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I was staring at my Facebook page trying to understand why my sister posted a picture of a motorcycle accident. It was bloody, disgusting and all together, eeew. LOL. When I realized that aside from her post, my timeline has been posted by so many things. And to make things worst, it was posted by people who I really have no idea about.

Blame Zynga for making me add so many people who were addicted to Citiville. I think that is the main reason why my Facebook has been cluttered by so many things. And since they are also foreigner, you will see someone shared a post on a different language. Why did I ever allow this to happen?

So before I even get late to work I started unfriending people. Since I no longer play any applications of Facebook, I deleted all the foreigners that I've met from the game.

After I removed all the people I met through several Facebook applications, I realized that there are still a lot of people I really cannot recognize. I realized when I was still joining clans, I added a lot of people, and when I left the clans, I never removed them on my friends list. For sure, some of them just add me because they want to brag about the number of friends that they have on their site, and if ever I  removed them, I guess it will not hurt losing one soul, right?

I also removed my former agents who never communicate with me for the past year. I also remove my office mates which I never talk to. Old school mates who I never even have one serious conversation. And lastly, I remove people who just brag about their lives on Facebook. I never unfriend my sister, though. Haha.

It was hard doing such. What if they found out, right? But I am sure that they will not feel bad about it,  since I don't know them, they also don't know me as well. And in my boring, weird life, I really cannot post anything interesting on Facebook so I am sure that they will not realize that I am no longer on their list.

I think I will just concentrate on how you define friends when adding someone on the site. My life has been a mess lately, and since I am trying my best to fix everything, I guess I will start with Facebook. It is time to remove the clutters on the site, first. :D

Yeah, I know, I can get nasty sometimes. :D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Revisiting The Past

Hello Everyone!
I am currently writing this here in The Company (office) and since most European countries are on holiday today, Happy Holiday (though I really don't have any idea what are they celebrating, lols) to my officemates in Austria, Greece and Italy! Yey!
Since I really don't have much to do, I just read blogs in Google Reader. I finished back reading PM's blog and I really love it. Her old posts are really cool and I realized if I am a girl, I would love to be someone like PM, less the animals, of course. I hope she will not mind me saying that. LOL. Well, PM is really a cool girl. The Blog Friendship Sundae Award that she gave me really means a lot to me. It warms my heart like a hot lugaw in a rainy weather like this. Damn, I am so happy right now. :D
Anyways, the real reason why I am writing this post is because I really want to know something from you, my fellow bloggers. I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts. So the question is:
After reading PM's blog, I thought, why not read my previous posts? Oh my, I am so bored. LOL. But seriously, I want to know if it gives you the same uncomfortable feeling that it gave me. Does it make you want to put your hands on your face and wonder why did I even write this? LOL Does it makes you want to delete some of the posts because you thought that it was just too much embarrassment information? And, does it makes you think, am I really this weird? LOL.
I seriously want to know. Because after going through my blog, aside from feeling the things above, I realized how much I have grown not just as a blogger, but as a person as well. In spite of all the grammatical errors, missing words in sentences a lot of typos, I figured that no matter how bad your writing may seem or how complicated your blog became, it is really about you expressing yourself in your own language that matters. What is important is that you were able to communicate to the world what you think and feel. Things get way cooler is someone in this crazy blogosphere was able to relate to you, it doesn't matter whether they are with or against you, what values more is that you connect. And, oh, how I love connections.
Do you back read your posts? I think you should. The feeling is comforting. Revisiting the past sometimes is not a good thing, but most of the time it is, because it will make you remember things that you already know but we just tend to forget. :D
Happy Back Reading!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am going to classify my office mates into three. First, the people who are with you, next, the people who are against you, and last, people who doesn’t care. LOL.

Let me tell you something about an office mate who is with me. We will just call her M, she is really an interesting girl. We are both working in the night shift and though her station is just a few feet away from mine, we always communicate thru yahoo messenger.

Let me show you how we normally converse at YM, get ready for a lot of cursing. Haha.

m: put*ng in*ng panaginip
LJ: ahahahaha
m: tungkol sa aswang
LJ: tigas... 
LJ: nanaginip ka pa
m: tpos ako pag kain
m: bwisit
m: bwisit
m: tlaga
m: tang ina buti nga hindi naging 
m: bangungot
LJ: hahahahaha
LJ: magdasal ka kasi bago ka matulog
m: hahahahahahaha
m: pot* ka wagas
m: bahay lng
LJ: wagas din naman kasi pagtulog mo
m: naglalaway pa un
As much as possible, we are not allowed to sleep in the office. But we really don't care about that. LOLs. After what happened, she kept on telling me how she begged the monster to not eat her because she still has a son. M is crazy, and she really keeps me sane in the office.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Gatsby

By: F Scott Fitzgerald

When PM said that this book is really a good read, I downloaded the file on the Internet. I was just not sure whether the one I read was the book version because it only has close less than 100 pages. My copy was like the book being used by high school students, it has a discussion part at the end, and like a quiz that definitely you will not see me answering. :D
I read my copy in less than an hour. The book was really an easy read. How the story was plotted will make you stare at your pc and will make you want to finish it right away. That is if you are reading a PDF file. Believe me, I was reading it at the office, and when I started reading it, I finished reading the book first before going back to work. I am a good employee kaya. Haha.
But the book is really cool. The plot is solid, truthful and definitely heartbreaking. Though it was set in the 1920s, you will be able to relate with it. Knowing how mysterious people can get and how society can get so wrong, it feels like the book was just written yesterday.
The story of Mr. Gatsby can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.
Now I can't wait for the movie to show up!
Here is Gatsby, Nice and I guess Daisy on the upcoming movie.

Off Topic: Finally I was able to finish reading something. I am so proud of myself. :D

Monday, August 13, 2012


You will never see me making eye contacts in public. I really cannot even explain how uncomfortable it is to me. Yes, you may find me in front of our house, with a cigarette on one hand and my cell phone on the other, but that is it. If someone passed by, I will check him but he will never notice that I am looking at him. Once he notices, I will go inside.

In a club, you will often see me with my friends. And in the once in a blue moon instance where I will join them, you will never see me flirting with the cute guy on the side. You will not see me bump him, or touch his hand, and make the moves to be noticed. I never imagine myself kissing someone at dark part of the club, or dancing in the ledge while someone is touching you all over, haha. I will dance because my friends are dancing and I guess, that is the reason why you are partying, right? You will never see me in the restroom, making eye contact with the guy who you are sharing the mirror with. And if someone smiled at me, you will see me rushing to our table.

Never will you see me spend some time at one place in the mall. No, you will never find me talking to some random people like me near the escalator, or the food court, or even at the cinema lobby. When you find me in the mall, you will see me in three places – the bookstore, the department store and Greenwich.

Yes, I know, I can get weird. I heard that a lot of times. Sometimes, I even hear my friends telling me that I should learn how to get malandi. But, I think that is something that I am really struggling with.

The boring part of me loves to do things on my own. I can stay in a coffee shop reading a book and I am really happy with that. You will see me at the floor in Megamall where they show the art works and furniture and for some people really finds it weird, but I enjoy it. I'd rather stay at home, read a lot of stuff in the internet, watch a lot of videos on YouTube, and sing to song lyrics found on the net, but I guess personal interaction is really not my passion.

Call me out of the ordinary. Tell me that I am weird. Shout that I am socially awkward.  And yes, you can say that maybe it is the reason why I am still single, but I know that it is important for someone to embrace his weirdness uniqueness.

And I love being this way. Though sometimes I get a lot of people stereotyping me, my weirdness sometimes became a gauge in being friends with somebody. If they find my awkwardness cute, or they understand how boring I can get, I realized that those people are for keeps. Aside from I will appreciate them big time, they will be assured that I will stick with them for a long time. :D

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2012


The past week has been crazy.

Part of me was hurt, part of me was guilty, part of me was drowning myself in all of my insecurities and a bigger part of me is stupid. Another part of me thought of all the possibilities, the what ifs, and there was a tiny part of me hoping always for the best.

But what is cool about the Healing Process (if there is such) is that it will give you an opportunity to reflect. Find out where did you miss your sanity and where will you give yourself the opportunity to put yourself back together.

Blame the rain for being a good distraction. While I was sad contemplating on how the two of us separated ways, I will read something about the floods and then I thought, damn, my burdens are nothing. The pain I was drowning myself into will never compare how unfortunate other felt when they lose a home, a love one, and anything they have. It was embarrassing to feel this way while other suffers more.

I give myself the time it needs to heal. Last Wednesday I drank two bottles of Red Horse just to sleep and not think but I still woke up two early and man, it doesn’t feel good. Hence, it feels more stupid. I just promised myself to never do that again.

Though I am stubborn, I listen to people who cares, who understand what I am going through and will give me the chance to rant about all the things I feel bad of. I know I will never listen to an advice, but I just need someone to listen. I am grateful for the people who have been good ears for me.

And I remember how I scribbled a lot of stuff in my journal just to make myself remember how stupid I feel. Writing really helps. It lessen the pain.

I know I am still not okay, but in due time, I will. Right now, I will just treat what happened as a flood, it may evade everything, but it will never crush my spirits. I will still fight no matter how tough that battle seems.

The sun is already up. I know the rainbow is just somewhere in the bright sky.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weather Update

Hi guys! I hope everyone safe and dry while reading this one.

The rains are really getting into my nerves. No offense meant, I love the rain, I love how dramatic the rain can get but hearing all the harsh things that is currently happening in the country, well, the rain can really get harsh sometimes.

To make things worse, I am currently writing this on the office and three of my officemates are absent because their place has been affected by the flood. It is crazy. My shift is about to end in two and a half hours and I have been doing the entire load since I entered the building. I am the only person in my department doing all the hard work. The Company (where I am working at) has been gracious enough to provide what we need. We had burger steak for dinner and they bought bread and coffee in case we need some quick bites. They even reserved two suites in the hotel because some people cannot go home. Cool, right?

It was my first time seeing a hotel room. And I wish I can live there. Haha.

I really hope the rain will stop.

How is the weather in your place? Let's catch up.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Where will I start this?

I really want to tell you guys how us started but  things has been complicated in the last four days. Who would have thought that a lot of things can happen in four days? You will meet someone, get close to him, see sparks, started hoping that the feelings will last, and then you will break his heart. All of that happen in four days. 

The truth will always be the least popular story. Cliches will always say that it will set you free, true  enough, it did. It set me free. Free from him, his stories, his thoughts and his world. And if this is being free, well, I don't want to be free again.

But still things need to be liberated. We have to get out of the abyss that we put ourselves into. You need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least try to find it. You have to learn to stand up for you to start running. Everything affects everything. Something must start somewhere.

I decided to start something now.

Where will I start? Contemplating where will you start moving on will really be the toughest stage. But I have wonderful friends. Thanks to Addie, she reminded me where should I start this. She said,  forgive yourself first and it all follows.

The truth was out, and when he found out that I lied about a lot of things. I already did my part, I wrote him a long email and I apologize a lot of times. Maybe it will never be enough, and definitely, I know where his rage is coming from, but I think I have done my part. It is time to ask forgiveness from myself.

LJ, I am sorry. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Will Be There, Waiting.

forgiveness is hard to give away
especially when the heart is involved
and the pain felt has been much to control
we can jump into another phase
start something new
let time heal all wounds
but still, what has been broken
will be left shattered, pound, and destroyed
we can promise forever
hope for the best
but things will never be the same again
chances choices and changes
will never be easy to accept and adept
safety security and sincerity
i just throw them all away
and now im here again, waiting
numb and in tears
all the good things i felt has turned into fears
don't worry, i deserve this
don't mind, i will be patient
don't fret, goodbye i will never say
don't do anything, just let time move its ways
thankful i will always be
if you need a friend
i will be there
i will be there, waiting

Friday, August 3, 2012

In Threes

Another Meme Post

Since I really don’t have anything relevant to write about, let us give way for another meme post. Thanks Miko for dragging my blog into this. :D

Here we go.

1. Three names you go by:
LJ, Lourdjenn, and Lourd.

2. Three facts about yourself:
Unpredictable, Witty, and Weird

3. Three things that happened today:
Its has been a boring day. lels. I fixed my phone’s charger, texted and call someone, and oh, I created another blog.

4. Three favorite songs right now:
Makes me Whole by Kyla, In Love with You by Jackie Cheung and Regine Velasquez, and Nobody Knows by Kevin Sharp

5. Three breakfast foods you enjoy:
Hotdogs, Pancakes and Orange Juice

6. Three things on your current to-do list:
Now where is my to do list? Haha. Okay, some will be work related. lols. I need to file our July documents, need to have my new uniform hand washed and ironed, and I need to start planning for September. *wink*

7. Three colors you like:
Orange, Blue and Black

8. Three words you think others would use to describe you:
Talkative, Smart, and Unpredictable.

9. Three objects you can’t be without:
Cellphone, Money and music.

10. Three ways to win your heart:
First, Argue with me, it really creates an impression. Plus pogi points, if I will concede. :) Next, Cook me something. Last, be nice to my Mom.

11. Three favorite movies
Alladin, Toy Story (all three movies) and Beauty and The Beast. Ayaw ko kay Walt Disney!

12. Three appetizers you enjoy:
Spring Rolls, Nachos, and Fries!

13. Three places you’ve lived:
Muntinlupa, Cavite and Sta Mesa

14. Three important people in your life:
my family, friends and the people who know me. :x

15. Three things you want to say to three different people:
Tse! Peste! Uuuuutang na loob!

16. Three things that made you happy today:
Tokwa’t Baka. Talking with Ryan. Last, realizing how magnificent the Lord is.

17. Three things you want to do before you die:
Travel the world. Join a Reality Show (Survivor, call me. lels). Get married. :D

18. Three favorite TV shows:
Wala kaming TV sa boarding house! O, pighati! Hindi ako magaling sa titles. One, yung palabas nina Jake Cuenca and Shaina tuwing hapon, maganda yun. The show really make me wake up early for work. Then Glee and Smash.

19. Three home-cooked meals you enjoy:
Ginisang Monggo, Adobo, saka Lumpiang Shanghai

20. Three things the world would be better without:
Corrupt Politician. Illegal Loggers and

21. Three of your guilty pleasures:
Cigarettes, Soft drinks, and Ice Cream.

22. Three things you are afraid of:
Dogs, Flying Cockroaches, and drowning.

23. Three places you want to visit:
Korea! Italia! Batanes!

24. Three things you do before you go to bed:
washed my face, brush my teeth, then daydream

25. Three favorite books

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Ligo na U, Lapit na Me

26. Three types of deserts you enjoy:
Ice Cream, Cake, Smoothies

27. Three crazy things you wouldn’t mind doing:
This question made me realize how boring I can get. I won’t get mind getting caught doing the deed in a public area *grins*, I don’t mind singing in public vehicles, and bungee jumping!

28. Three things you like about yourself:
Hmm… I am sensitive enough to care about the people around me. I sometimes makes sense. And sometimes, people will really have a hard time reading what I am up to

29. Three things that you look for in a partner:
Sense. Passion. And a lot of Sincerity.

30. Three life lessons you’ve learned so far:
You will never please yourself by pleasing everybody. If you want something, work hard for it. Stress can really lead to a lot of medical problems. Haha!

31. Three ways you bid farewell:
I say Thank you, then Goodbye, then I gave a grin.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook Pero Meron, Meron, Meron

A Meme Post

And now we pause for an important childhood memory – Slumbook!

Oh yes, you’ve read it right. Don’t go rolling your eyes and start contemplating how boring slumbook can get. Definitely, there was a point in your life where you encounter this waste of time amazing get to know you more tool. Haha! Remember your classmate who will give you his/her notebook and when you finger thru it, it has a lot of questions. First page, name, next, nickname, third page, address, and I will stop now before this get too uncomfortable. The richer kids will get slumbooks from Bookstores, it comes in beautiful scented papers and you will even beg your classmates just to have a chance to write on it. Been there. :D

In response to PM’s meme and to encourage her to write more personal post, I will answer the same questions. And to make things more embarrassing fun, I will also tag my friends to join the activity. The rule is simple, answer the questions and tag your blogger friends.

Let’s start.

Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing: Talking. It may sound weird, but I can get lazy reading, writing and eating, but I never heard myself said that I was too tired to talk. My friends can testify that I really have a lot of stories to tell, that I am witty enough to be capable enough to talk about anything under the sun, and if they need something from me, they will say I am a good conversationalist. The talkative list on Elementary days, my name will always be part of it.

Is there a fictional character from a movie, TV show, or a novel you wish existed in real life: Interesting. I know that fictional characters were inspired by individuals. But I really think that life will be cooler if mermaids and genies existed. Yes, I am a big Walt Disney fan.

What did you want to be when you grow up: If you will ask me this question two decades ago, no hesitations, I want to be a Doctor! But since I really cannot stand blood, I want to be a Chemical Engineer. I really find Chemistry fascinating. The idea of staying in a laboratory and creating something beneficial to society excites me.

What super power would you like to have: Telekinesis, seeing the future, and making molecules freeze/moves faster. I am a big Charmed fan, and since I will never be a witch, I can settle for their powers. Oh, I also want to orb to a different place!

What is your worst habit: There are times where I will talk faster than I think. And sometimes, my stupid mouth will always get me into trouble. Insert John Mayer song here.

What is your best quality: Tough one. I am a good listener, and though I can really get opinionated with everything, I know when it’s time to give the floor to someone else.

An accomplishment you’re most proud of: It will always be finishing college with little help from my parents. High five to all the working students in the world!

One word to describe your life so far: It's not that complicated. :)

What are the things that piss you off most: Insensitivity. Because I sincerely believe that being aware of how someone feels will make you more tolerable. A world with tolerance will always be a world of peace. Thank you, Las Vegas. Haha.

What makes you cry: Will I be weirder if I will tell you that I rarely cry. The last time I cried was when my Grandmother was buried. It was crazy, because we have a big family and I was the only one crying. Pfft.

You laugh because: I believe that laughing is the best medicine. Nothing in this world needs to be taken to seriously. I laugh at my problems the same way I laugh while watching some corny sitcom on TV.

If I did not know better I would: I really will do something violent. Throwing rocks on a windshield is really one of the best stress reliever I can think of.

That was really fun! So for my lovely blogger friends, it's your turn to answer the same questions and tag your friends. I am choosing MEcoy, Orange Pulps, Dorm Boy, Kulapitot, Zaizai, and Mark Joe. If you need clarifications, you can check PM's post.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Too Late to Wait

A Round Table Challenge

Let me make this quick.

Both of us are going in circles. Words, arguments, and blame get so repetitive and yes, it gets tiring.

You know what you did to me?  Its ironic thinking that we keep on saying that we don’t hurt each other.

But, still, both of us are in pain. Now, I guess I am numb, but I am glad I am ending this now.

Shh… Don’t even start to explain, I am not listening. Don’t ask me to sit and talk about this, because we are done with that. It never work, and I know it will not work now. Let us spare the two of us from more hurt.

So Darling, never ask me to stay, or to wait. Because its too late.