Thursday, March 28, 2013


Isn't it fascinating how complicated an individual can get?

10 days ago, I ate my pride and left my boarding house to live with my Mom and my niece only to realize that I miss Manila too much that I want to live there again.

Honestly, being with my Mom isn't that bad. It has its perks. I wake up knowing that someone will cook for me, I can sleep all day knowing that my clothes are already laundried and pressed, and the fact that she is always there for me makes me grin. Cheers for all the Mothers that we all love!

However, I miss the city. Though I don't have the comfort of having someone beside me, and I am alone most of the time, I guess I will never be used to living a provincial life. I've been independent since I was 19. Working my hardest in order to not starve in the city. Haha. I miss the challenges and the struggles of the city.

I also miss my friends and the things we do together. I miss all the activities, both sane and insane, that we shared. I miss you.

The whole time that I am here in the province, I realized that I am in my comfort zone every time that I am all by myself. Probably, I am no longer used to having someone tend to my needs and take care of me. Being here can get boring you know. Aside from that, the idea that you are so far from all the things that you get used to like playing AION, blogging at a net cafe, bonding with your friends, meeting new people, joining PBO (Oh hi there, my PBO friends!), flirting with people makes me frustrated.

Now, every thing will be back to square one. And in God's time, Manila, I am coming home. Hopefully in two weeks time. :D

Friday, March 22, 2013


I checked on the things that I will bring - all my important documents, my uniform from work, clothes, shoes, and a lot of guts.

Manila has been a part of me. It opened a lot of opportunities and challenges that really taught me to become who I really am. If not better, definitely stronger. I will miss the city.

But right now, its time to go home.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

AION on My Mind

There are two things that I am busy with - work and AION Ascencion.

I won't dwell on how miserable things have become with work. Probably, my previous posts have reiterated that too much so right now, we will just talk about the good stuff. Haha!

AION is created by NCSoft and the game that I played is the one played in the U.S. Yes, it is a MMORPG that allows you to interact with people around the world. I have legion mates (guild, if you're on Ragna and RAN) coming from Mexico, Canada, United States, and of course the Philippines. The current software has a max level (highest level) of 60, my Chanter is now level 55, haha! The updated version will be available soon where the new max level is 65.

My character is a Chanter. It is a class that can support and attack. Support because it has skills that boost you team's skills and characteristics. It can heal in cases where a Cleric is not capable of healing because it is in a altered state or dead. It has skills that can damage an opponent tremendously and my character can be tough on PVP because it wont die easily because of its healing skills.

AION will not bore you. Seriously, if I don't work, I can stay in front of the PC and play for hours. You can do a lot of things. The game is pretty intense it can get addicting.

How will you get busy with AION? Like any other online games, of course you need to improve your character's level. You can achieve this by doing quests. Quests in AION are the two birds you hit with one stone. Aside from it rewards you EXP points, Kinah (money in AION), and items that you need in the game. Quests also allows you to kill mobs where you get more EXP points.

If you get fed up with killing mobs and running or flying (yes, there are aerial battles and wings) from one place to another - you can do Instances. Instance is a map that you can do alone, with a group of six players, or an alliance composed of 24 people. Basically, it is an activity where you have to kill several boss. If you think that all you have to do in an instance is to make sure that the DPS (damage per second) is high, its not. Instances can get pretty complicated that you have to know what your character does in a particular map.

The video below is one of the most irritating boss I ever met on AION. See how he needs to be killed by watching the video 

Since mine is a Chanter, my role in an instance is to ensure that I will support the tank (person who lures the mob) and the Cleric (healer). Now I know my role, will I just stick to that? Definitely not. Instances in AION have levels of difficulties. Every boss is different. Most of the time, I research (watch in youtube and read guides onlines) a particular map/boss first before entering them just to make sure you will do the right things. That way, your team will survive the entire activity. Instances are fun. You will get amazing loots and level as well because the mobs provides greater EXP points.

In every online game you also have to consider your weapon and your gear (what your character wears). AION has a lot of sources for this things. You can buy them using Abyss Points, Special Coins, medals and killing bosses in instances. I am now working on this things because I don't want my character to be as soft as paper once it reached level 60. Haha!

PVP also makes AION fun. In the game you need to choose a race (Elyos or Asmodians, my character is an Elyos), and there are locations where you have no choice but to kill rather than get killed. This makes the game hard because there are moments where, while you are doing a quest, you just get killed because a member of the opposing race passed by the road that you are in. There are maps where you the only thing that you will do is just chase an Asmodian and make sure that you will get his Abyss Points by killing him. Haha.

Right now, I cannot wait to play again and reach the max level. I hope that this post sparks your interest to try playing the game. Once you tried, please take note that my character is part of the Elyos Race under Siel's server.

Take Care and Have a Great Sunday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Random Orange Part 3

Okay, hindi naman talaga ako sabaw. Haha. May mga dapat akong ipost kaso since medyo busy ako sa mga bagay bagay na hindi dapat pinagkakaabalahan (online games, lols), gagawa nalang ako ng random post. Hello Hello pala sa mga bagong dating sa blog ko! Masaya akong nandito kayo at naappreciate ang mga kaartehan ko sinusulat ko. Hindi man ako nakakapagreply agad sa mga comments niyo, asahan niyo na binabasa ko silang lahat sa office. Nakakataba sila ng puso, pero hindi nakaka high blood. :D

Random Post pala ito.

* After ng resignation ni Mommy, maraming mas masalimuot na kaganapan sa team namin. Namatay ang nanay ng office mate ko dahil sa motorcycle accident, nakunan ang isa kong team mate at kasalukuyang nakaleave na ng two months, kaya ito, 11 nalang kami sa team ngayon. Nagbabadya na naman ang "paalam summer post," pero umpisa palang naman ng March kaya I am still hoping for the best.

* Nagbabadya na talaga ang pagreresign ko sa company. Hindi ko palang ma point out ang exact date. Alam niyo ngayon, kinakabahan na akong mag risk ulet. Three years in a company is really good for your resume, pero siyempre tinitignan ko pa din ang possibility na makakita ng company where I will stay forever. Siguro ganoon naman talaga kapag tumatanda nagmamature na.

* Masaya ako na marami na akong bloggers na nakakachat sa FB, hehe. Alam niyo yun, pakiramdam ko nawawalan na ako ng anonymity (wow, lols). Pasensiya na sa mga nagtatatangkang makita ako sa facebook, masyadong twisted ang privacy settings ko at hindi ko na siya maayos ulet. Haha! Bopols lang talaga ako sa facebook.

* Level 54 na ang nagmamaganda kong Chanter (Class Name) sa AION. Haha! Anim na levels nalang max level na. Konting panahon nalang, makakatulog na rin ako ng husto.

* Alam ko madalang akong nakakapagcomment sa mga post niyo. Wag po kayong magtatampo, maniwala man kayo at sa hindi, lahat ng blogs niyo asa Google Reader ko at binabasa ko kapag may updates kayo. Pakiusap lang pala sa may mga "read more" sa page, patanggal po. lols. Intro lang kasi ang nakikita sa Reader. lels.

* Kahit na ang harot harot ng Bubbles. Nalulungkot akong dahil bading si Sebastian Castro. *insert sad face*

* Pwede naman pala akong mag blog ng tagalog kahit hindi sasali sa contest ng Damuhan, haha! Mema lang. :D

Ano pa ba? Un nalang siguro muna.

Salamat sa pagsasayang ng oras niyo sa page ko, mga Idol!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Finally, a post made sense. Haha! :D

Kay Bino at sa lahat ng readers ng Damuhan, Maraming Salamat po. :D 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No This Is Not A Moving On Post

I will never understand goodbyes.

In a corporate set-up, we all understand that people leave because (1) the company they are working for sucks, (2) they receive a better offer in a different company, (3) they never see any growth with their present company, and (4) just because. When I worked in a call center before, I've seen people leave like airplanes up in the sky. You don't know where they are heading. All you know is that they are heading somewhere. Worst, you will just find out that they are already gone. I know I am used to this. I should be used to this. But, what I am feeling right now is really foreign.

Probably, the person leaving has been so dear to me. For the purpose of this blog, let me tell you something about Mommy. Mommy is one of my supervisors here in the office. She was the first person I met, she trained me when I started, and 30 minutes ago, Mommy just told me that she is resigning.

Knowing how painful I can get as a subordinate, Mommy always believed in me the way she believe in her kids. There were moments where I was closed to doing AWOL and the first thing she did was to talk to me about it. Mommy listened well. She never judged. You can tell her personal stuff without even being scared that it will leak up. Unlike some people in our team, all things confidential will remain confidential. Her motherly approach will always makes you sane. In times where the stress in the office is too much to handle, seeing her deal with everything as graceful as she always is, everything will seem like a breeze.

Mommy told me that I matured a lot in The Company. True enough. My tenacity has been tested a lot of times. I was challenged with situations that seems too impossible to endure. Yet, I am still here. One of the reason is because of Mommy. I choose not to be dictated by my other supervisors, however, when Mommy told me something, my defenses will falter. If Mommy will request something from me, that is beyond my responsibility for a day, I will gladly comply. That is how much I respect her.

That is why the news is too painful to handle. I don't know who will I ran to if I have a problem with something. Who will listen to all of my nonsensical thoughts? Who will keep me sane if work is burning the hell out of me? Just realizing that I have to rely on myself more already scares me.

Do no get me wrong. I am happy for her because I know how hard it is to work where I am working now. I also see myself leaving this company but not as immediate as what she did. However, seeing how miserable things will turn out to be now that she will no loger be there stress me. I don't even want to think about it.

I will never understand goodbyes. But because I adore her too much, I guess I will give it a try.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Like Ever

A Round Table Challenge

“I thought what happened will never separate us. Why are you doing this now?” The boy said as he stared at the crowd below. He cannot look at her teary eyes, he doesn't want to hear the words that will come from the lips that she loves to kiss; he doesn't want to end this.

It was three months after her miscarriage. Both of them suffered tremendously when the baby went away.

“You are aware of what we both been through, right? We were closed to stopping school because we need to give way for the baby. My father still doesn't talk to me. Your mom is still disappointed with us. How do you act like everything seems okay when both of us are hurting?” The girl said.

This is really happening, he thought. Clouds started to cover the sky. It was like a bad omen informing him that of the tougher things that he needs to face. Losing your first kid was unbearable. Being left behind is hell. Dreams started to falter in his head. A garden wedding after they pass the board exam, a Victorian house somewhere in Makati, kids who will carry his name, a family that he will work hard for and protect, and a  fairy tale ending where everyone will have a happily ever after. They all vanish in thin air.

He still doesn’t say a word. He was not sure where to begin their ending. Finally, the words started pouring in.

“You promised. We promised. We promised that we will be strong. We swore that no matter what people say, we will hang on to what we have.We told each other that no matter how hard things turn out to be, we will just remain together and believe in what we shared. Babe, I am also upset. My heart breaks every day since he was taken away. If you just know how prepared I was to give up school just for both of you. If you just know that I will sacrifice everything to make you more comfortable. I just want you to believe in me. Please, don’t do this.”


Tears started to fall on the accounting book in front of her. She still doesn’t look at him. He knew that she was avoiding him. Hope started to surround him. He started believing that what they have can still be saved.

She closed her book, wiped her eyes and started fixing her things. “I love you. I always do. However, love will never be enough for me. I know you have bigger dreams and I really don’t want you wasting them. I also don’t want to waste mine. A lot of people believe in us, and right now, I don’t want the two of us failing them all over again. Love can wait, babe.”

He tried to interrupt however the girl was quick to place his index finger at his lips.

“I want you to be happy. I will forever apologize for this day. If you just know how I despise myself because I cannot even keep our promise. But, please understand that I am too exhausted in believing in the promises that we keep. We are both young. There are still a lot in store for us. Right now, it is best that we concentrate on our dreams first before even believing in us. We have our share of defeat. Let us try to listen to what people say. It is time to give up now. We can always be friends, right?”

Irritated, the boy walked away leaving the girl with her books and her dreams. He knew he was young. Probably the girl was correct. But what she never saw was she was also part of his dreams. Loving her was the epitome of all the things he wanted. Still, she threw it all away.

He continued walking. No turning back now. Adjusting his pace, he walked without even understanding where he was going. All he knew was that moment, he was not happy, and he will not ran back after her.

All the things that he hoped for the two of them suddenly appeared. A garden wedding after they pass the board exam, a Victorian house somewhere in Makati, kids who will carry his name, a family that he will work hard for and protect, and a  fairy tale ending where everyone will have a happily ever after.

The odds with happily ever after is it even things out. They were both happy at some point. Challenged most of the time. And devastated when it all ended. Fair enough.

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