Saturday, July 21, 2018

To Rolzie

Dear Roland,

Today, I made a mistake. I looked back on our conversations before, just so I will get a grip of what happened. Wrong move. I shouldnt have done that because it made me realize how happy we were and how I greatly regret losing you.

Please hear me out. Back in 2013, I was confused with my priorities. I live with my family, having problems with work, and a lot of other bad things. I was at that stage where I know it will be hard to fall for somebody because I might not able to break all the walls I created for myself. I know that waz the reason I let you go. I was so wrong for someone as right as you.

I havent moved on since then. And as I checked our messages, I now realize why. Remember I always told you that you have my heart? You always have. For the past years, its always you I think about. And its hard. Specially knowing you are happier now. ☺

It feels stupid doing this but all I really wanted to say is that I am sorry. I was too hard on you then. And thank you, you always lift me up before when I was losing grip on myself. I love how annoying you were. 😆

stay happy. You always deserve it. ☺☺☺

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