Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Cheating

I always wonder why people cheat... when they can do the right thing.

Several of my friends are in relationships for eons. One is with his partner for five years now. Two is in a relationship with the same person for six years, and Three has been dating the same guy for the past three years. You know when you are in PLU's world, having a relationship that goes beyond a year is already an achievement!

Recently, One confessed that he have an office relationship BF. It amazed me when he admitted it. My world shattered when he told me that he told his partner for five years. And after their conversation with his partner, they started discussing all the things that were off in their relationship.

Two and Three have, how will I call this, flings (?) outside their serious relationships. Well, they don't know that I knew. Maybe it’s the Sherlock Holmes complex that I knew I have. I notice actions more than words, I think way ahead compared to anyone and I understand the meaning hidden in every word said. I caught Three dating another friend (who is also in a relationship) and though Three never admitted anything, it shows in their actions when I talk to them at Megamall that they are hiding something.

Do not get me wrong, I know that this is really none of my business and I shouldn't even be writing about this but ever since One told me, the thought never left my head. Why do people cheat when they can always do the right thing? Seriously.

Now, I know that I am really in no place to comment on all the activities my friends are doing. Even though I know it is at some point wrong, but when you are friends with someone, you will learn to accept everything about them. I believe that is what friends do. Regardless of all the craziness, at the end of the day, you will still support each other. Part of me is mortified with the idea, another part is happy for them, and the bigger part of me is always asking myself if I have the right parts. :D

Anyways, I am sure that when you fall for someone, you never consider the wrong and right stuff. You just rely on what you feel. Love happens when you least expect it, worst, it sometimes happen when you are taken. I am not saying that it is okay to cheat. Love is a tricky thing. And when Cupid hit you with that stupid arrow, make sure that you are ready for the things that you put yourself into.

Let’s all love responsibly.