Friday, July 27, 2012

Thirteen Reasons Why

By: Jay Asher

I am really not sure where I will begin this. My mind is perplexed and right now all thoughts seemed to fade away. Seriously, this book is really making me think.

Like almost everyone who have read the book, I feel bad for Hannah. Who will not feel bad for her? After all the crazy things that she have been into, it will not be difficult understanding her. What is more upsetting? Hannah is weak, or maybe she really had a hard time and she was not strong enough to cry for help, or even help herself.

Feel worse for Clay. As what Hannah said, he was part of the 13 reasons but not how the other 11 people treated her. Clay was different. He could have been Hannah's lighthouse but instead of going straight to it, Hannah went for the storm. He liked Hannah, he never see Hannah differently and if given the chance, Clay will be there for her. But Hannah blew it! And it was really painful reading that Clay has to hear what happened to her when all he ever wanted was to get to know her.

The story can really get twisted but in a very good way.

It can get frustrating and at some point, I catch myself stopping every time Hannah will say something that is so true. One of them is "the least popular story will always be the truth." And that is true, why will a dead girl lie, right?

Thirteen Reasons Why will really make you reflect. It will give you a reason to be sensitive in everything you do. Because Everything affects everything. We sometimes think that what we are doing doesn't affect somebody, the truth is, it can help or tears them apart. Worst, it creates a snowball effect that may something leads to greatness or to overwhelming despair.

But no matter how big the snowball is, if shits really happens, taking your own life will never answer your questions. If things get worst, cry for help, if help never came, let hope remains. Never lose it.

The book really made me value life more. It made me love myself more, haha!

Definitely this is one of the re-reading list. :)

Oh, thanks PM for informing me about this book, thanks for telling me that you see Clay in me. Is it because you think that I am super nice and their is no bad side in me, hahaha. Choz lang. :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympics Mascots

In celebration of the Olympics games, let's look back on all the mascots used for the games. Because mascots will always be cute, and mascots will always be love. :D

1972 Munich Olympics, Waddi (Dachshund Dog)

1976 Montreal Olympics, Amik (Beaver)

1980 Moscow Olympics, Misha (Bear cub)

1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Sam (Bald Eagle)

1988 Seoul Olympics, Hodori and Hosuni (Tiger Cubs)

1992 Barcelona Olympics, Cobi (Catalan Sheepdog)

1996 Atlanta Olympics, Izzy (Abstract Figure)

2000 Sydney Olympics Syd (Platypus), Olly (Kookaburra) and Millie (Echidna)

2004 Athens Summer Olympics Athena and Phevos (Ancient Greek Dolls)

2008 Beijing Olympics, The Fuwa

2012 London Olympics Mandeville and Wenlock (Drops of steel with cameras for eyes.)

Aren't they cute?

My favorite will be the Fuwa, how about you?

All pictures were taken from Google Image

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


He stares at this group picture on his page, still trying to figure out who he is.

There were nine of them, six guys and three girls.

He immediately cancelled the girls on the list; definitely they will never be him. This one is the queen, he knows that pretty well. He cancelled out another eye candy.  This one is the guy on twitter. Not him. He moves closer to his PC monitor trying his best to recognize the other fellow on the screen. This cannot be him; he is the warrior on the Queen's kingdom.

And now he is left with three souls, a warrior of light and two dark knights.

Still, his deduction skill is not working. He is sure of one thing, though, he is one of the knights. He grinned, in due time, the mystery will be solve. :D

Their picture was something like this

Monday, July 23, 2012

At The Movies

We all have our own share of rejection. Sometimes, we get rejected or we reject somebody.

This happened when I was 19. My ex and I were having issues then and at that point, one mistake will really lead to saying adios to each other.

During that time, I was sure that Ex was cheating on me, and during that time, he was already 23. I really have this attitude that when someone did me something wrong, I really don't get mad, I get even. And during that time, I was stupid enough to chat with someone on the internet, exchange numbers, and eventually, end up in a motel naked with a stranger.

On the day of the SEB, hehe, I was sitting nervously at the food court of SM Centerpoint. There is a roller coaster moving on my head. I know that what I was doing was wrong, and this will never make things right. Definitely, I was in pain. My mind is not working properly.

I received the text that he was already in the area. I put on my baseball cap then started scanning the people surrounding me. Lord, please make him someone I will like, Lord, please make him someone I will like, that was the only thing that is going into my head.

And, then there was him. And damn, he was someone I like. He has those oriental features that I always love, his skin was fair and he has a cute smile. After some introduction, he started talking about going into the Motel beside the mall. Though, I really want to be with him, my conscience was killing me. Cheating is really something that I will have a hard time doing. So, I just ask him to walk around first.

On our way to movie house, I saw this big poster of happy feet, and remember that this was the movie that my Ex and I should watch. I ask him if he wants to watch the movie but he just said that he didn't went to SM for that, and he started insisting that we should leave the mall now. But, I also insisted that we'd just watch the movie now. He said no. And all I remember saying was, sorry, but I cannot go with you, now. I ran towards the ticket booth, got my ticket, then hurried to the cinema entrance. He was staring at me, disappointed, and I really feel bad for how I acted. I know I just wasted his time, and all I can do was to mouth sorry.

The movie started, but he never left my thought. I get my phone and just texted him, told him that I was really having a hard day, that my boyfriend was cheating with me and I was really sorry for everything. I told him that he was a good guy, and I will understand if he will hate me after what I did.

I was never expecting a reply coming from him. But, to my surprise, he did. He said, sana sinabi mo na agad, para nadamayan kita, ayaw ko kasi ng happy feet na movie e. bigla ka namang tumakbo, sana yung isa nalang ang pinanood natin. Enjoy! :)

Yeah, I know, I was stupid.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Its Not That Complicated:

Bakit Hindi pa Sakupin ng mga Aliens ang daigdig sa 2012?
By Eros Atalia

Sabay kong binili ang Ligo na u at ang Its not That Complicated. Mahirap na, baka hindi ko agad mabili ang book two, mapagiiwanan sa kwentuhan. Nalaman ko lang kay Gelo na may book two na pala, at siyempre yun ang naging hudyat para hintuan ko ang current book ko na binabasa at simulan ang kaadikan kay Eros Atalia.

Namotivate akong basahin ang Its not That Complicated kasi gustong gusto kong malaman kung ano ang nangyari kay Jen. Bakit siya biglang nawala? Bakit bigla niyang iniwan si Intoy? Masyadong madaming tanong na iniwan ang unang libro na kailangang kailangan ng sagot. Mga tanong na magpapaisip sa iyo kung complicated ba ang asa pagitan ng dalawa at kung tama ba ang kung anong mayroon sa kanila. 

Sa second book, masasagot ang ilang katanungan. Pero, marami pa ring tanong na maiiwan. Sa pagpasok ni Tina sa buhay ni Intoy, aasa na dapat ako na siya na ang magpapaligaya sa bida. Aaminin ko, masyadong mahirap ang gulong pinasok ni Intoy, pero maninindigan ako pag sinabi ko na siya ang mas talo sa lahat ng gulong dumating sa buhay niya. Kaya masyado akong hoping na si Tina na talaga ang nararapat na babae sa kanya.

Kaso ang complicated na buhay ni Intoy ay mas naging complicated. Haha. Kailangan mong basahin ang book para maunawaan ang mga pinagsasasabi ko.

Kung may isang bagay akong natutunan sa libro, siguro tama nga naman na Its not that Complicated, siguro everything is just a matter of perspective. Yeah, minsan, mararamdaman natin na parang napakashit ng mga nararamdaman natin, pero in the end, wala tayong aasahan kung hindi ang mga sarili natin to make ourselves better. 

Sabi ni Eros, ito na daw ang katapusan ng mga story nila. Weh? Haha. Hindi ako naniniwala. Madami pang complications na magaganap sa buhay ni Intoy at sigurado, aabangan ko iyon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Anyeong Haseyo means...

Hello in Korean. :)

I found this cool website that teaches people how to speak in Korean. Yes, I can really get nerdy, sometimes. Haha. Aside from I really love learning new things, I just realized that probably learning a new language can be fun. No need to leave the house and expensive language school fees in order to learn something.

What is cool about the site is that it has levels and lessons that will make things easier for you. In each lesson, there is a podcast that will help you learn, and it will not really give you things that you have to memorize or say right away. A maximum of two words per lesson is being taught, which is great, because you will learn everything about it step by step.

It works for me, definitely, it will also help for you. I now know how to say hello (anyeong haseyo), yes (ne), no (aniyo), and thank you (gamsahamida). The site will not tell you that this word means like this in Korean, it will teach you basics first, which I guess is really Important. I remember what Randy said in the Last Lecture, you have to learn the fundamentals first.

Korean language can be challenging, they have polite and not polite form of saying things. Nosebleed. Haha. Saying goodbye is different if you are the one leaving (anyeong higyesayo) and if you are the one staying (anyeong higasayo). They are particular with distances and all of that, hahaha.

Why am I doing this? Simple, so I can talk to Koreans! Haha.

Imagine talking to Jiho Lee in fluent Korean. Honglandi. Haha.

Give talktomeinkorean a try. It is really fun. Gamsahamida!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Dolphy Story

We all have our Dolphy Story.

If we are in the same age bracket (18-20, hahaha), definitely you’ve watched an episode of Home Along the Riles where the Kosme family were always having a good time while eating at the dining table. I love it when Mang Kevin and Steve will always argue and the former will make something comedic about the latter. It is crazier how he always remind the Sunog Bagas of the Riles to stop with their vices. Happy Times!

I am sure you also waited for the replays of John and Marsha at RPN 9. You will also laugh your hardest every time Matutina will always say, “Kaya ikaw John, magsumikap ka…” Classic.

But if there is one memory of Dolphy that I will never forget, it will be this.

Enjoy the video!

Dolphy, crying and putting makeup, dancing with his two sons, in drag! No wonder he is timeless. He knows how to put A in Acting and he really do well on it. Remember when he won the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in a single night? Only Dolphy can do that! And no matter how big a star The Majesty he, he still act as a commoner. He remains humble in spite of all the blessings that came his way.

Now, he is gone. And, I am sure, he is in a better place now.

Enjoy the Journey Sir. Make God, the angels and all his saints laugh with all of your jokes and antics. We will miss you, the way they miss you while you are making all of the Filipinos forget their problems with your shows and movies.

R.I.P, King Dolphy!

I would love to hear your Dolphy story. Common, share. :D

Monday, July 9, 2012


If there is one Reality Show I want to be part of, definitely, it will be Survivor.

I’ve been fan of the show since Jenna Morasca won her season.

Why Survivor? Why not PBB Teens? Haha. Well Survivor can really get messy. It will really drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. Survivor will test how strong you can get, but being physically active will not really guarantee that you win the game. You also need to socialize and make sure that people will not vote you out and they will vote for you in event that you will be in the finals. Survivor can really get exciting! I love the personalities and how two conflicting views can clash. I love drama!

The show will also give you a reason to be nasty. It will sometimes force you to lie, to not trust someone and to blind side somebody to stay longer in the game. Everything must be done pretty strategically

Who will not want to stay miserable in an island with these players?

Bobby John





And for the guys, haha!


Jenny (R.I.P)


Parvati (with pose, hehe.)

Now tell me you don’t want to be part of Survivor! haha.

But definitely this is the best thing that will happen to Survivor!

Oh my gee… I am so excited! Aren't you?

Pictures taken from here and here!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Insomnia, oh ohh...

The past week has been crazy. Recently, I had troubled sleeping. It was not fun.

I arrived home at five in the morning hoping that I will be able to sleep right away, but that isn't happening. Every time I will be able to close my eyes, something weird is happening to my body. I will start having palpitations and then wake up catching my breath.

It was scary.

Last Tuesday, I went to a Doctor for consultation. Hospitals and I really have a love-hate relationship and I was really hesitant at first because, what will I say to the Doctor? Hi Doc, I am LJ and I am having trouble sleeping. The Doctor was nice though, she started asking me what I normally do before I go to sleep and what was happening so I was just honest with her. She ask me to get an ECG and have sample of my blood in order to really check where the problem comes from.

I got the results yesterday and another Doctor told me that a hormone in my thyroid is higher that what is normal for the body. Well, something like that. And from what I understand, if I understand things correctly. Since the thyroid gland excretes greater hormones, the muscles became more active and that is where difficulty in sleeping happens.

Good new is though it is more that what is normal for the body, it is not much. It is greater by .01, he just stated that it may really be stress related. I still need to see a specialist on endocrines, though. Will do it by Monday.

Yes, I believe that this is all stress related because every thing started happening when I got the NTE from my office. Its frustrating because I am really the type who will really disregard all the negative things which is happening around me and just stay positive no matter what, but I am still thankful that what happened really made me realized that I am still vulnerable, that though I really try my best to be strong, I still have to take care of myself, especially my body. :D

Right now, I am trying to remain as positive and as happy as possible. It is working so far. I am also praying that everything turned out well on Monday when I show the test results to the Endocrinologist. :D

Also, I am trying my best to live a life without stress. I always concentrate on thinking about chocolates, ice creams and a lot of other happy things. I know that happy thoughts will not make you fly, unless Tinkerbell's fairy dust help you, but definitely having a stress free life will make things better.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ligo na u, Lapit na me

By: Eros Atalia

Napanood ko ang pelikula nito a couple of months ago at simula noon, hindi na siya naalis sa utak ko.

May impact sa akin ang pelikula. Siguro dahil kina Enrique at Mercedes,

Marahil dahil sa kung gaano ka twisted ang buhay ni Intoy at Jen, pero isa lang ang sigurado, kailangan kong bilhin ang libro. Para nung binili ko yung I Am Number Four ko na book.

Sa mga pagkakataon na alam ko na kung ano ang mangyayari kapag nagbabasa ako ng libro, isa nalang siguro ang hinahanap ko, siyempre ang mga bagay na wala sa pelikula. Ano pa nga ba? haha.

Ano nga ba ang istorya nina Intoy at Jen? Hmm... Sabihin na natin na complicated ang mga bagay sa pagitan nila, imagine ang isang average guy na nainlove sa isang liberated girl. Sila ang epitome ng friends with benefits and perks. Ang astig isipin, pero ang hirap unawain. Kasi, siguro sa dami nilang pinagsasaluhan together, ayun, tuluyan pa ring nahulog ang loob ni Intoy kay Jen. 

Makulit ang book, gaya ng movie. Masayang basahin, gaya sa movie. Pero unlike sa movie, masasabi kong mas behave ang libro kasi nga ikaw na ang bahalang magisip ng mga ginagawa at ginawa ng dalawang bida. Sa movie, siyempre, since medyo sensual ang mga bagay bagay, umasa na may mga ganitong eksena.

Astig diba? Hanggang diyan nalang muna baka maging NSFW ang blog ko kapag nagpost ako ng iba. :D

Ang mas astig sa libro? Bukod sa kwento ng dalawa, pinakita din sa libro ang mga bagay bagay na tumatakbo sa utak ni Intoy. Simula sa konsepto ng mga Tsino sa Pinas, problema sa mga banal, at kung ano ano pa. 

Yun lang pala ang problema ko sa mga libro, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit parang hindi nalang magconcentrate sa story ng dalawang love birds ang story. Bakit kailangan isingit pa ang napakadaming bagay? Hehe... Naalala ko yung binasa ko ang Amapola at Para kay B, hindi naman siya ganoon (O baka ganoon siya, hindi ko lang napansin. lols). Naappreciate ko naman, kaso nga lang diba habang nagiging mas masalimuot na ang buhay nilang dalawa, biglang magkukwento ng mga epekto ng mga Chinese sa Pinoy, ampf! hehe.

Overall, okay naman ang book we. It has the same nakakabadtrip na feeling at the end, at siyempre aabangan mo din kung ano ang mangyayari sa kanilang love story.

Oo nga pala, I have book two na, kwento ko nalang sa inyo pag tapos ko ng basahin. 

Happy Independence Day sa mga taga U.S. of A :D

On the First Photo: My copy of the Eros Atalia masterpiece. The rest of the photos were all taken from Google 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In My Dreams

Sleeping Beauty

in my dreams, the world is endless,

the sky change from saffron to vermillion to cerulean,

the rain tastes like lime,

and the air smells like blood orange.

in my dreams, i move gracefully.

like a bamboo swinging when the cold november wind blew.

i dance with felicity.

i swirled and twirled and do side steps.

the pas de bourrée, pirouettes, and the piqués are on point.

in my dreams, i sang the songs of love and joy.

i compose the melody that will make you feel a warm glow of contentment.

in my dreams, i drew inspiration from the sycamore and the robins.

then, i belt out a lullaby to make all creatures slumber.

in my dreams, it’s a whole new world.

a world created by me and for me,

where pain and desperation never exists,

and where happy thoughts can lift you up in the air.

in my dreams

i fly through the stratosphere with the moon on my background

i swim and discover the world below the waves.

in my dreams

my world is beautiful, wonderful and astonishing.

but, in my dreams, i am alone.

and though surrounded with beauty, in my dreams, i am lonely.

in my dreams, i dream of one thing.

i want the dreaming to end.

3: Walt Disney Princesses

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