Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Make it Right

A public affair show featured last Sunday how some policeman can sometimes be a pain in the neck. You will see them extorting money, going crazy in a busy street, worse, committing crimes like rape and sexual harassment.

It's a disturbing thought.

The world is really a crazy place. And I know that we human beings will sometimes do crazy things because of so many factors.

Still it is wrong.

Last night, when I went on yosi break, there was a scene in the smoking area. A car was parked in the shoulder of the road and there was this officer with his big gun talking to a lady who seems to be the driver of the maroon vehicle. The lady seems agitated with the whole fiasco. Maybe it was another car violation at one in the morning. The conversation between the two characters proceeded then the lady gets her wallet and started flashing a yellow bill. Like what you are thinking everything was settled with a five hundred peso bill, one soul is happy and another one is cursing because she lost something.

Let's say I have been there.

A year ago, while I was walking my way to the MRT station, someone stopped me. I was so busy listening to Taylor Swift's innocent when this old guy told me what he needs from me. Littering is prohibited in Makati, and to make things more embarrassing, the litter that I threw was a filter of a cigarette. Since this is really my first time breaking a law and getting caught, I started to panic. Good thing I remember a lesson learned from college. In situations like this, my PolSci professor back in college always say, first be friendly, next be apologetic, and never give in to any offers. But one lesson is really important, stay calm and think.

So I flashed my sweetest smile, then apologize and said that I will just pick it up and threw it in the proper bin. I explained to him that I am new in Makati (though I am living in Makati for a year). The officer then started explaining the things that are at stake while he is waving his ticket booklet in front of me. He said that I have to pay a penalty of PHP 1500 at the City Hall, that if ever I will not pay for it, my stupidity will be recorded on my NBI clearance and if ever I will get caught doing this thing again, penalty will be bigger and I might end up sweeping the streets of Makati. Not cool.

Then the officer said, alam mo ba hindi pa ako kumakain ng almusal tapos nahuli na kita agad. Labas ka ng ID mo. Wrong move, Manong!

People started to stare at me. Some started mouthing that I should just give money to the officer and this will be history, which is true, but my entirety doesn't even want to give in. What will my mom tell me if ever she found out that I let someone extort me? I know what I did was already embarrassing and I promise I will never litter in the streets of Makati again, but to allow someone to make another mistake because of my stupid acts will seem to be unfair. But what if that is really his way to earn money? That it is his nature to wait for people to become stupid then ask them money for breakfast?

I just told Manong that I will just pay for the penalty at the City Hall on my rest day. He gave me my ticket then I hurried my way to the train.

There are bad people because some allow them to do nasty things. How many stories of kotong cops, drug lords, prostitutes and gamblers with police protectors do we have to hear to realize this?

I believe that people will never do wrong things if we will never let them. If we want people to change, we should really start changing ourselves first. If we made a mistake, say sorry. Then make things right.




Friday, June 22, 2012

Korean Guys

I will not bore you with another book post. Though I finished another one last night, and before you start thinking that I am really a fast reader, it is really not a book, it is a manual. The Manual of the Warrior of Light will really give you thoughts to think about, how you will look at your life and all the self help stuff. It’s 30 pages and has the same price of other Paulo Coelho books, pretty expensive. 

On other news, I had another encounter with a Korean Guy last Sunday. I was on my way to work and he was sitting behind me. Because Megamall is under renovation, the bus has to unload its passengers on the building near the MRT (sorry, I am not sure whether its A or B). He got off before me, and noticing the poor foreigner is lost, I pointed him the way to the mall entrance. I kept on checking on him whether he is following me, and he is. :) When we reached the guards, I heard a voice behind me. When I turned, it is Mr. Good looking Korean guy saying his thanks and bowing his head to me. I smiled, because my day is complete!

This is not the first time I encountered a cute Korean guy. When I was still working in Unionbank Plaza, while smoking with an officemate, a Korean guy approached me holding two peso coin and his phone. He is smiling and bowing his head. I looked at my officemate hoping that we will both understand what this foreigner want from us. My mind was already trying to analyze what this cute guy want from me when he started saying, “low batt.” Then I understand that all he needs from us is to borrow our phone to text somebody about his phone. Since I am flirt  friendly, I gave him my phone. When he finished texting, he give me back my phone and insists on giving me the two peso coin. Haha! Weird guy. I told him that he can keep the money because I have load that time, thank goodness for unlitext.

Koreans can really get weird. In Ortigas, there are a lot. They always walk in groups, with their parents and their dogs and carrying a lot of books. They have weird antics that you may either find cute or annoying.

But I really don’t mind them staying. Because, I love them.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fifth Mountain

In difficult times, we often think that God doesn’t answer our prayers. Worst, we even think that he makes things harder for us. Don’t fret, it really happens. There will always be a phase in our crazy lives where times will be harder that we expected, problems will be more difficult, and it seems that hope in Pandora’s Box was already gone way before it has been opened.

It’s embarrassing to say that, though I love books, I really don’t read the bible. I’d rather listen to a prince’s homily then just create my own version of it in my said so I can apply it in real life. I am really not the religious type, though I believe in God and Faith and making sure that you follow the testaments and the teaching of the church, I am really not the religious type. :D

This is me introducing The Fifth Mountain.

What is it: If you know the story of Elijah, this will be an easy read. Who is Elijah? He is the guy in the Bible that God choose to defend Yahweh over the Phoenician god Baal. The book was written in a way that you will be able to understand what is happening on Elijah’s mind.

Though its fiction, it is like reading the story on the bible, but with a very conventional attack on it.

It deals with how Elijah accepts, struggled, and succeeds all of the orders given to him.

What I like about it: There are a lot of things. Paulo Coelho really has ways of making me think using his books. It’s nice knowing that though Elijah was privilege enough to be chosen to execute God’s amazing plan, he was also human, he struggled and also doubt himself. Like all of us.

Elijah was able to understand his purpose and what is so amazing about him is though everything seems to give up on him, he never give up on his faith.

There was this part in the book where Elijah said:

If we compare the list of my sins with the list of Thy sins, Thou shalt see that Thou art in my debt. But, as today is the Day of Atonement, give me Thy forgiveness and I shall forgive Thee, so that we may go on walking at each other's side.

That part really stands out. This is really something that will stuck on me, that way, if my faith will be challenge with all the tribulations happening around me, I will just remember God as my friend.

What I don’t like about it: Old English! Haha. Some parts were really hard to understand. It feels like learning Hamlet back in High School. I even have to refresh myself about the differences between thou, thee, and thy to be able to understand the book well. There were also part that use the word lest, shalt, nose bleed! Up to now, I can’t remember what lest means. Care to help?

Recommended for: Everyone! Because I know that all of us struggle and sometimes we lose confidence with the Lord. I do, and definitely I am working on it. This book is really a good start to get the confidence and the trust back.

And that makes book 23 for this year! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Catcher in the Rye

Two blogger friends introduced the book to me. Mots said that it was one of his Required Reading when he was still studying. Nyl mentioned that I should start reading it after I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower because it’s eerie and somehow the book knows me.

I have high expectations about the book! Haha.


Yes, Holden is definitely the reason why I love the book. He is so complicated but in a very cool way. The way he think fascinates me. The way he cares for Sophie wants him to be my older brother. And, the way he sees thinks makes me want to have his brain. :)

Some people think that the book is challenged not just because of the language used but also because of the mature themes that were being discussed in the book. But I appreciate books like this. For me, a reading material that gave you a head on realization of the things happening around you should be published more.

I also like the way the book ended. Holden making his reader imagine what life is in store for his is really a cool idea. For me, I will really love Holden to go back to school and not flunk anymore, but somehow, I also want Holden to just follow his dream because I am always a believer of doing something you love will always make you happy.

If you’ve read the book, how do you want Holden’s story to end?


This is hard. I guess it will be some of the stories when Holden is reminiscing them, because I was really concentrated on what is really happening with him. :)

I also hate his sneaky professor, haha!

Well the book is really nice. It will always give you a reason to be optimistic with everything that you do. That no matter how difficult things can get, things will be okay, if not now, it will happen soon enough.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with every thing that you do, misfortunes finds its way to make your life miserable.

I received my first notice to explain in my current company. What is a NTE? How will I explain it? If you are working in a call center, the moment you forgot to call in and you failed to go to work, you will be given a NCNS (No Call No Show) Violation. You have to create a letter where you will explain yourself and all that   crap. Failure to do so may lead to more sanctions.

Since I am working in a company where money is involved. There will be instances once you made a mistake, you will not just be suspended, they also charge their employees for any financial loss that the company incur. Crap, right?

Which is why I am always careful in everything I do while I am in the office. So careful sometimes, paranoia happens.

You just don't know how frustrating this gets. Aside from its my first, we are talking about 76 thousands worth of financial lost. So when I received my NTE, I explained myself. I know some of you will not be able to relate with the jargons that we use in the office, but in my letter you will understand how frustrated and irritated I am.

Dear Team,

Thank you for informing me about this transaction that I really don't have any idea about.

The report said that it was endorsed to me but I cannot even recall the transaction. I already talked to my colleagues and they said that the paper that supposed to be verified that time has a "highlight" on it, and the reason why my office mates thought that the paper was endorsed to me because I have this habit of highlighting Accepted or Verified every time I post an instruction. 

Here in CCSD, amendment instructions are given in bulk. Before I even highlight a word on a particular instruction, it is my nature to sign the paper first. That way, work will always be easier. 

My pen, highlighters, staplers and all other office supplies are always on my table, someone can even use it without my knowledge.

If the paper was properly endorsed to me, definitely, you will see my signature on it. However, the part where you have to Accept/Verify doesn't even have any signature.

Is there any proof that it was endorsed to me? Looking at the report, I cannot see anything justifying that it was given to me. It just states that I overlooked it and then I have this notice.

I think it will be unfair to anyone to be placed under code without any concrete evidence. It is also be unfair to judge someone using an office supply, that anyone can access, as proof.

Thank you,

Yes, they use a highlighter to drag my name into the whole incident.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grind With Me

Grind with me.

I don't want to dance anymore. Lights are already hurting my eyes and burning my exposed skin. The fumes from cigarettes are worst than the smoke machine that this old place has. You just don't know how much I want to cover my face, though I am doing this for quite a while now, it still feel embarrassing. Though I am doing this for quite a while now, I am still not used to how people stare. Some of them stare like I am a centerpiece on a buffet; they want to have a piece of me. Some give me the pitying glances where I do not find any sincerity. And most of them just stare because it is my job to make them stare at me, want me, and love me.

Common, grind with me.

I promise I will give you a good time. I will make you feel good. I will tell you stories that you want to here. I will make you feel wanted and beautiful. I will do the things that you want. But everything is for a price. Common, we all know that nothing is free now. So, make sure that you have what I need and I will surely give you what you need and always wanter.

Baby, grind with me.

But never fall for me. And in case you did, make you that you will not just love me – you also need to love my daughter. Here, see her picture. See how lovely she is? Of course, she comes from my genes – good genes. Everything I do is for her so if you want to marry me, you also have to marry her. Package deal, baby!

In case you did, you have to also know where you will stand. You need to understand my job and the consequences of being in love with someone like me. Yes, I can be what you want me to be in your life, but remember that you will never be my only one. A lot of people want me, you know. Some of them are way better that you, you know? And for someone like me, I will always with the biggest catch. If that is not who you are, then you can fall for me, but don't go blaming me for crushing your heart.

Please, grind with me.

Yes, I will act like I want to see you, that I want to be with you. But, I am a good actor you know? I can pretend that I miss you, and that I cannot live without you. But they are just acts, baby. Because I need you. Sorry, I need your money. So even if I have to beg for you to see me, and my moves, and my hot body, I will do that because I need you.

And you know you need me too.

This is who I am.

Are you ready to grind with me?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Dear Friend,
I am currently writing this here in the office so bear with me. I have no idea how this post will look like on my page but please understand that if I will write this a little later, it will never have the same feel. Don't worry, I will edit it. :)
I finished another book and right now, and right now a lot of thoughts are entering my mind. The Perks of Being a Wallflower really gave me a 180 degrees spin. All of a sudden, I need to smoke, and that usually happen when something really affect me so bad. Then I just start writing this before all of the things that are acting like a roller coaster in my head eventually dispersed.
There is no one to blame but me. Maybe because I can relate to Charlie so much that most of the time, I understand him. I feel his pain. And, I relate to him. From his love of his books, to how he treat things, up to the moment that he is just becoming a shoulder to someone. When Sam told him that he just don't show the things that he really felt, it just hit me straight on. Now, the book just became so special to me.
Being a wallflower myself, it is always nice knowing that somewhere in this crazy world, someone is going through what you go through. I appreciate the idea that though Charlie can sometimes be weird, he is always love. Some people even consider him special. And yes, that also happened to me.
A wallflower is really not a bad thing. What is really important about being such is not about the perks, but how people sometimes misjudged you and how eventually, you surprise them.
The real perks of being a wallflower is really not about the friends, the books, the drugs and the crazy things that you've been into. It is on Charlie's salutation to his anonimous friend, by being a wallflower, there is,
Updated! Here is the Trailer…

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Required Reading

Definitely, you know the three books that I will talk about. But, in case you don’t, let me introduce to you three of the best books ever written. They were introduced in High School and I have read these three a lot of times, but I never get tired of them.
Remember, The Little Prince?

The boy who taught us all to not rely on our eyes, because what is important is always invincible to the naked eyes. His journey to earth has always been fascinating. :)
Rember, Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

Jonathan dared to be different and he succeeded. While his flock thought that flying was just for getting food, He braved the challenges that came his way and he became better in flying. And in spite of all the things that he achieve, Jonathan never forgot his flock, hence, he became a mentor for everyone.
Remember, Hope for The Flowers?
Hope for The Flowers will always remind me how important it is to dream and to always believe that there will always be something more about life aside from what you already know. The tale of the two Caterpillars will make you understand that to achieve something, you must really rely on yourself. :)
These books really mean a lot to me because they started my interests in being boring reading books. Maybe they will also start yours. Haha! The links will show you the PDF files, just buy a book and give someone who doesn’t have any access to the internet. All photos, were from Google by the way.
Keep it awesome! :)

Friday, June 1, 2012



So close, but still so far.

It feels like I am the dark clouds and you are the immeasurable ocean below me. With the sun’s warmth, you will complete my way of life. You will make the cycle turn. You will help me create or destroy, cultivate or destruct, nurture or annihilate, and bless or leave someone hopeless.

It’s amazing how you affect me, though we seem so close, yet, so far.

Up above, everything is dwarf like. The details are so precise. Like an amazing work of art that describe how the earth’s surface differs – desserts are smooth, mountains show its peak, and the vast plains seems to be a never-ending shade of emeralds. Trees will be the lime dots in the brown soil. Rivers and highways are the snake like lines that doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Skyscrapers are the small square like creations surrounded by ant like cars. Circles describe relationships between places and people.

From where I am, you are just part of the whole masterpiece.

You are just a dot in the whole mix of colors. A pixel jumbled with all the browns, beiges, oranges and blues. You are supposed to be nothing, but up above; you are the only thing I see.

I am just your best friend. While you are the reason why I feel suspended in thin air, fantasizing how magical the world can be once you are beside me. You just don’t help me exist. You help Dreaming more exciting.

You are so close, but still, so far.

And you just don’t know how much I want to smash into you.


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