Saturday, October 27, 2012


Okay, this will be naughty.


I’ve done it in the weird places. I’ve done it on a rooftop at Pureza, at a dark alley in Pateros, in a parked boat at San Juan, in a Girl’s Restroom at Pansol. But nothing beats doing it on a bus, haha. Oh my, this is too much information. LOLs.


Basically, I also have my naughty, lustful and adventurous side. Stories like where people did such never interests me much because obviously, I also have my own share of things that I am not really proud about.


So, when my friend told me that he did it on a MRT cart, during rush hour, and while the vehicle is really crowded. I really don’t know if I will believe him or not. Obviously, the first question will be how? Haha. But since I also have my fair share of nastiness, I know that all that happened in the poor MRT cart is something that involves the hands. Haha!


My friend then explained how it happened. The advantage of taking a ride  on a crowded MRT is that you will definitely be flesh to flesh with someone beside you. It will be hot. It will really be uncomfortable. And if you aren’t lucky enough, it will stink. Haha. Before this post get too SPG (Strong Parental Guidance), I will just let your imagination do its work in order to think how it happened. All I can tell you is that my friend pretended that the ride was bumpy in order to kiss the guy’s nape in front of him. Haha!


And, no. I am not encouraging this type of things. I was just really curious slash fascinated slash envious after hearing what my friend told me. Now, I am really thankful it never happened to me. Knowing how messy things can get, seriously, it is nasty. Haha!


Friends, if ever you feel the urge to do something with someone, I am begging, get a room. I understand that sometimes we can get adventurous and playful, but nothing beats it doing where it should really be done.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Murakami Experience

A Review on Kafka on the Shore
Thanks to Nyl for sending me his PDF files, and to PM for suggesting what book we should start with, I finished my first Haruki Murakami book.

Reading a lot of reviews about Murakami and his works, definitely, my expectations for the author reaches the sky. Seeing Sir Mots photo below, I know that the book will not be an easy read. 

Well, Murakami is challenging. It really is. I finished Kafka on the Shore in a week. Aside from reading the book in The Company, I know that if I quicken my pace, I will never understand it. LOL. Seriously, in order for you to appreciate Kafka on the Shore, you must really take your time.

I love Kafka on the Shore. I admire everything about it. Murakami’s writing style is outstanding. His keenness to details and how he uses his words makes imagining things easier. Even though the book is not an easy read, the way it was written makes things easier. That is if you are the imaginative type. :D

Kafka and Nakata’s story fascinates me. I remember posting something on FB that I was down on my last forty pages and I still don’t have any clue how the story will go. I was on the last three chapters and that was still my waterloo. Since this is the first Murakami book that I’ve read, I guess having a lot of cliff hangers was Murakami’s thing. I ended the book with a lot of questions about the book but I think Murakami ended it that way to make Kafka and Nakata’s story more magical. The readers decide what will happen next.

The characters were all interesting. However, Kafka and Hoshino were my favorites. Definitely, Kafka is someone that you will admire. His diligence and determination is really above par. He makes me tell my fifteen year old self how boring he was because while he was busy with school, Kafka is already running away from home, having sex with older woman and trying his best to be the stronger fifteen year old kid there is. Hoshino is so cool. Reading his part really makes me laugh. One of his highlights was his apartment conversation with the KFC guy. It was hilarious.

Haruki Murakami really exceeded my expectations. He is definitely good just like Kafka on the Shore.

Now, any suggestions what Murakami book I should read next?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Digital Fortress Book Review

By Dan Brown

Oh, I still read book. Haha. My copy of Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress came from a housemate. She also owned The Lost Symbol. I finished the book last night, though I have the copy for almost a year. Me and my laziness. LOL.

What is it: Concentrating on code breaking and a lot of mathematics, Digital Fortress talks about how Susan Fletcher tries to save the world’s finest Security Agency using her impeccable intelligence. Remember when you are in High School, while the teacher explains how you can find the factors of a perfect square trinomial and you are thinking how this information can be applied in real life. Well, this book will be a good example.

Knowing Dan Brown, the book will definitely have an adventurous side and a geeky side on it. It is pretty interesting knowing that there is such agency who intercepts emails in order to save the world. But when a former employee of the agency tested the NSA’s systems, the whole fiasco happened.

National Security Agency

What I love about it: First, no Robert Langdon, yey! I do not hate Langdon but its nice knowing that Mr. Brown can create a character like Susan – fearless, romantic and all together, smart.

What I hate about it: After reading the book, I really don’t understand how I felt. I used to love Dan Brown before, but since I read almost all of his works, the whole mystery thing didn’t excite me much. Midway thru the book, I already have an idea who is the villain in the story, and believe me, I was correct.

Probably, I was expecting so much because the back of the book talks a lot about breaking codes and in the whole book, there was less than five incidents where code breaking skill where needed.

It is still a good read, though.

Recommended for: I will recommend this to all Dan Brown lovers out there. The book is still a good read, just don’t expect much about how the story will turn out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ang Sukob ni Morgana

Morgana is getting married this December 2012. Who is Morgana? The name comes from the ABS Soap Pangako Sa Iyo, and yes, Morgana is my Antagonist in The Company. Imagine this, I am Amor Powers and she is still, Morgana. LOL.

There is one thing about her wedding that really makes me think. You see, Morgana’s mom passed away last July. And if she will be married this December some say it may bring bad luck. Sukob.

My idea of Sukob comes from the Kris and Claudine Barreto’s film. If you remember, Kris and Claudine got married on the same year. And since they did not know that the two of them are sisters, the people they love in the movie are suddenly being killed by Pokwang who wears a nasty and freaky costume. I remember watching it with my ex and believe me, most of the time, I was not looking at the big screen because I was scared watching my ex watch the movie. LOLs.

I am really not the superstitious type, and I know how the movie was exaggerated enough it order for it to become a blockbuster. Hence, I am also not sure if it will work the same way if someone in the family passed away and get married at the same year. All I know is I want to forget about the movie because it terrifies me a lot. LOL.

Anyways, I am still happy for Morgana. Though we don’t like each other a lot, wedding will always be a fun time.

Now, excuse me, magpapatahi pa ako ng gown.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Six Paths of Pain

Six Paths of Pain

I was fourteen when I first experienced tooth extraction. There was this molar that kept hurting for the past weeks, and since my mom was afraid that I will turn into a pain reliever addict, she insisted that I have it checked. No, she forced me. So after thirty minutes of listening to Regine V. and staring at little angels in the pink-theme clinic, I saw the swollen molar on the metal plate. The gay Doctor told my mom that the extraction process was tough because the molar was already swollen, sometimes he even ask his patients to wait for the swelling to stop before doing something on it, but since I have a great resistance to pain, he proceed.
Now, I am thinking whether my resistance to pain is really something I can be proud of. I know that I experienced a lot of painful things in my life before, and I will be honest when I say that I rarely cry unless it will be something that will really hurt so bad, but in due time, I find myself smiling again. Though I know that the pain is still there, I find ways to make myself feel better in spite of all the nasty things happening around me.
Screw me for never taking things seriously. LOL When my parents separated, my cousins ask me how I felt and I told them, "Its better that they are no longer together, at least, I will not see them fight when they are with each other." When I shifted courses, and my classmates from accountancy inquired about how I was coping, I remember telling them, "its better shifting courses because at least, I can find time to work while studying." In all my failed relationships, after some time of contemplating and feeling bitter, I catch myself telling myself, "don't worry, the next one will be better." I always find something to be happy in all the unpleasant things happening around me.
I will never say that my resistance to pain is great. But I will say that learning to live with pain has been my advantage. Once you've considered pain as your friend, something will motivate you to never go through the same painful process again. Pain will remind you that if certain stuff screw up, you are stronger than you think and in cases you would make the same mistakes again, Pain will teach you how to move on. The power of pain taught me to be more cautious.
I am still vulnerable though. And until now, I just go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. But I guess I am no longer scared, because I know I've been thru worst before.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spider Web

Early last year, E and L are together. After a couple of months, they broke up.
Early this year, L and M are together. They are not in a relationship but they watched movies, went to mall, and did a lot of things together. Go figure. After a couple of months, they went on their separate ways.
Recently, E and M became a couple. And hopefully, what they have will last.
Why am I writing this?
I have a crush on E, L, and M but I never pursued any of them.
Watching them from afar was already enough for me. Being friends with them is already a blessing. Hearing stories about them sometimes complete my day.
Still, I never pursued any of them.
And I am glad I never did.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stalling Eat Pray Love

Book by Elizabeth Gilbert

It took me three months to finish Eat. Pray. Love. To all the fans of the movies and the books, go ahead and show your grudge straight at me now. I know it will not make sense if I will try to explain myself, but now, I really understand that these types of books will never interest me. All the chick flicks lovers out there, shoot me.


Seriously, I cannot point where it went wrong. I bought the book along with my Eros Atalia books, and of course, I will read the Atalia books first. Well, you cannot blame me, Edgar Allan is hot, and I am dead serious to find out what will happen next to his story. But after reading his books, I tried reading Gilbert’s book, I tried focusing my attention on it, I make sure that it will always be on mg bag pack that way, on my free time in The Company, I can try reading it. But I also have a lot of PDF files on my email and since our department is in the hot seat for all the not so illegal things that we are doing, I never opened it. I want to keep my job, you know.

Yes, you can say that I can read the book at home, but if a book doesn’t really interests me much, in the three times a month I opened the book, almost all those time I fall asleep. Damn, I am so mortified! :)


Don’t get me wrong. I love Eat. Pray. Love. I love everything about it. I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s humor, how the books seems like a blog where every chapter is just a post that you would love to comment, and most of all, I love how everything seems to transcends through your soul as you sift through its pages. No wonder the book has been a hit because almost everyone can relate to it. All can understand that at some point in our crazy life, we will all be like Liz trying to understand what will really make us happy. It will give you a harsh realization that sometimes we have to find and fight to obtain happiness.

The characters will also make you smile. I love Ketut, the medicine man. I wonder if he is still alive, though. I hated Wayan no matter how good her intentions are. That woman is really shade in all aspects and all the things that she said after she kept of stalling her house purchase, I am not buying it. Felipe, the Brazilian guy, though too old for Liz, reminds me of Christian Grey, less the BDSM of course. Haha.


Still, I finished it in three months. Haha! Maybe because I really find some chapters boring. Though I know that it will be enlightening, some books has too much stuff about meditation, religion, and yoga. I know it makes the books what it is, or maybe those are the things that will never interest. Probably, those are the things that made me sleep. The book has a lot of talk about peace and calmness which probably make its reader fall asleep. Again, all the fans out there, don’t hate.

Will I recommend it? Of course I will. It will really be a favorite for someone who is having a hard time finding happiness. It has a lot of ideas that will make you realize that certain problems can be resolve in ways that we never thought will work.

After reading the book, like Liz, I felt happy – contented with all the things that are and happening around me. It is a good book, seriously, it is. But some books will never be your favorite and for me, this is it.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No, This is Not a Beautiful Affair

DISCLAIMER: All characters' names appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
A Beautiful Affair

Living in a CoEd boarding house, definitely, relationships will flourish. Whether it's straight or gay, my home has witness it. Love stories and sexual affairs between housemates has been pretty common, but the recent gossip circulating around the four walls of our home is nothing but controversial.
To begin the gossiping, let me remind everyone that I will not use the characters real name.
We will start our story with Charlie. Charlie came from the province. He is good looking, hot and definitely someone that every girl and gay will really fall for. There were rumors that Charlie, though good looking, is nothing but lazy. He went here to Manila for work, he started applying in a call center but he never passed. While applying, Charlie courted Sophie. Sophie is the type of girl that you will never classify as pretty, unless you look at her closely. She has been working in the call center for quite some time when she said yes to Charlie. Their relationship became more intimate. You will see them kissing, holding hands while walking and sharing sweet nothings when they are together.
They become inseparable. After half a year of living in different rooms, they decided to share a room together. Yes, my friend, they choose to live in together. That time, it created animosity between Sophie and her roommates because during that time, Charlie still doesn't have any work. While Sophie worked on the graveyard shift, you will see Charlie, half naked and sleeping in the common area. So you might be thinking who paid the down payment for the room, right? You got it right. Sophie.
Everything went well between the two of them. Sophie neglected all of her friend's advice regarding Charlie's work habits. While Charlie is looking for a job, Sophie was the one who spent for their food, rent and everything that the two of them need. She doesn't care what other people say, all she knows is that she is in love and someone hot loves her back. Eventually, Charlie found work at a hotel somewhere.
Enter, Juliet. Juliet is the sister of Madonna, the new gay in town. They are part of a group of girls and gays who are really annoying and most of the time, noisy. If we are in high school, they are like the nasty sexy cheerleaders that you will love to hate. Juliet is the type of girl that you don't want to be friends with if you have a hot boyfriend, because she is hot, she is pretty, and yes, Juliet can get pretty flirty and naughty. Compared to Sophie, Juliet is more liberated. Also, Juliet likes Charlie.
And recently, Sophie caught Charlie with Juliet at their room.
Who knows what happened? All Sophie saw was the two of them together and when they were caught, Juliet started rolling her eyes and making unnecessary, irritating, go on and break up with him smirks that of course Sophie never expected. Oh, I wish I could have been there! What is circulating around the house is that there were no teleserye moment where the lead star slap the bitch, all Sophie did was to start looking for a house so that she can move out.
Oh, Sophie confronted Madonna about it and all he said was that, "Girl, you two are not married yet." Bastard.
Sophie already left the house. I haven't seen Charlie. Juliet is flirting with another guy housemate, there are even stories that one of our Bi housemate is courting her.
Who knows where their story will go? Don't worry, I will tell you if ever more rumors rise up.


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Monday, October 1, 2012


A Round Table Challenge

hAng on.
i will fly you to the moon
make you kiss the clouds
and say hello to the stars
then the two of us will fall
float, fly, then fall
our eyes Watered with glee
two spirits finally become free
All of this will happen,
if you will just know mY name.

6: Spirited Away

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