Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Learned from Slumdog Millionaire to...

Believe in the power of experience. Though extreme, in certain cases, it will lead you to amazing things. I am still mesmerized with Slumdog Millionaire

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book 2 and 3 of 2013: The Nicholas Sparks Experience

Will it be safe to say that everyone knows Nicholas Sparks?

In case you don’t, Nicholas Sparks is a romance novel writer. He wrote some of the famous love stories that were made to movies. I only watched one of his films – Dear John. It was pretty good. It features the super hot Channing Tatum. Haha.

However, I was never a fan of Nicholas Sparks. Aside from romance is really not my turf, I really don’t like the way romance stories makes me feel. But that doesn’t mean, I will not read his books, though. Books will always be fun to read, believe me.

A Walk to Remember has been a hit. I remember my sisters crying the moment Mandy Moore and Shane West got married in the movie. I never watched the whole film though, but seeing the trailers and watching Cry and Only Hope where portions of it were shown made me understand how the whole story flow. It talks about a girl, who will die, and how the guy who never saw loving her fall in love and made her remaining time on earth extra special.

Surprisingly, the book was an easy read. I finished it in a night and I can say that the story will make you appreciate how love can change someone. The book was way different compared to the movie, though. It doesn’t have Jaime’s wishes where the movie will make you love Landon more. I also thought that A Walk to Remember was about Landon walking Jamie home, haha, the title of the book was taken from the moment Jamie walked the aisle when the two got married.

What was frustrating was the book never detailed what happened to Landon after his wife passed away. I want to know if he falls in love again, whether he got married and how he moved on. Too bad, his story never really showed.

As mentioned, I was able to watch Dear John. It was a story about army guy who falls madly in love with the girl of his dreams and got heartbroken because the girl of his dreams married her best friend. John and Savannah’s love story was way longer, it has an interesting conflict, and the letters featured were written amazingly.

Compared to A Walk to Remember, I appreciate Dear John more because things like this really happen frequently. Distance and the call of duty can really be a nightmare and Mr. Sparks maximized this stuff without making things that much complicated. It was a simple, head on realization that love can really make you feel miserable. Love will make you understand that sometimes sacrifices needs to be made in order to be happy.

Have I mentioned that the movie version is way different? Haha. If you seen the movie and became happy because the leads and the story lived happily ever after, I am sorry, they didn’t. You have to read the book to know why. :D

I know that I will never buy a Nicholas Sparks book. They are pricey and I really don’t see myself having them on my shelf. Still, I appreciate Nicholas Sparks, because he provided two books that will make you understand that love is not always sweet and star spangled, sometimes, it has to hurt though all you did was love wholeheartedly. Love can sometimes be a hopeless place.

What Nicholas Sparks book can you suggest that I should read next? :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Naalala mo pa ba ang mga sandaling ito? Ganito ang mga gabing gusto natin: malamig, walang bituin, tahimik at higit sa lahat may isang kahang marlboro lights. Nandito ako ngayon sa paborito nating tambayan, sa ilalim ng punong mangga, at kasalukuyang pinapatay ang isang alupihan gamit ang dulo ng apoy sa aking yosi. Gumagapang kasi siya sa pwesto mo, pare. Ayaw ko kasing katihin ang kuyukot mo, haha. Ayaw ko ding katihin ako.

Alam mo, hindi na ako makatulog ng ayos dahil sa ginawa mo. Mali. Pinipilit ko palang huwag matulog dahil sa ginawa mo. Umiinom ako ng kapeng barako, kumakain ng sorbetes habang nanunuod ng Naruto, at minsan kahit Red Horse na ang tirahin ko, hindi ko pa rin magawang antukin kakaisip sa iyo. Siguro iniisip mo kung bakit ayaw kong matulog, ano? Natutulog naman ako, pero ayaw ko lang kasing palagpasin ang mga sandaling naalala kita. Mas naalala kasi kita kapag malamig, madilim, tahimik at walang bituin ang gabi. Gustong kong naalala kita, kahit kay sakit na ng mga mata ko sa pagpipilit magising, ginagawa ko ito. Dahil sa iyo. Para sa iyo.

Tarantado ka kasi, pare. Bakit mo ginawa ang mga bagay na iyon? Bakit mo ginagawa sa akin ito? Nagawa mong magpatattoo ng alupihansa kaliwang dibdib mo. Nagawa mong papintahan ng ahas ang iyong likod kahit ang sakit sakit noon. Puta ka, ginamit mo pa ang kamerako para ipangalandakan sa buong Facebook kung gaano ka katapang tapos bigla kong mababasa sa peryodiko kaninang umaga na tinalo ka ng medisina. Mahina ka tsong. At ang nakakapikon, sa mga sandaling hinang hina ka na, hindi ko nagawang maging malakas para sa iyo.

Sikat ka na pala, pare. Nasa TV Patrol ka kanina. Hindi nga lang malinaw ang kuha sa iyo. Kailangan daw iblurred kasi medyo sensitibo ang eksena mo. Nakita ko lang ang lampara na ginamit mo sa pagsusunod ng kilay, ang silyang sinipa mo para tuluyan maisakatuparan ang walang kwenta mong plano, at siyempre ikaw, parang nakalutang sa ere, parang lumilipad, may tali nga lang sa leeg.

Kung asan ka man ngayon, nawa'y masaya ka. Hindi na kita mumurahin ulet, pangako. Baka kasi murahin mo din ako. Huwag kang magalala parati kitang dadalawin, basta ako lang dapat ang dadalaw sa iyo ha, ayos lang kahit huwag ka ng dumalaw sa akin. Seryoso, wala ng sisihan, pero Pare, kung alam mo lang na hindi natatapos sa pagbagsak sa board exam ang lahat. Kung alam mo lang na mas masarap mabuhay kahit hindi ka muna magligtas ng buhay. Pero ngayon, huli na ang lahat. Huli na ako para iligtas ka. Huli ka na para iligtas ang sarili mo. Huli na tayo para ituloy pa ang mga pangarap natin.

Huwag kang magalala ayos lang ako. Pipilitin ko. Kakayanin. At gaya ng gawain natin dati, tatambay pa din ako dito, aalalahanin pa din kita, uubusin ang yosi hangga't kaya, at pipiliting kayanin ang sakit ng iyong pagkawala.

Sinulat ko ito gamit ang lapis na ginamit niya noong kumuha siya ng board exam. Ang lapis na sinasama niya sa pagnonovena sa napakadaming simbahan, ang plumang naging saksi ng kanyang pangarap maging isang dalubhasa.

Ngunit, subalit, dapatawat, hindi siya naging dalubhasa ngayon. Marahil sa susunod na buhay.

Ito ang aking lahok para sa Bagsik ng Panitik 2013 ng Damuhan: Blog ng Pinoy, Tambayan ng Pinoy

Saturday, January 19, 2013


If I will imagine my life as a map, everything that happened was just another stop which will lead me to greatness, a road where everything in me is being challenge and another crossroad where I have to decide properly which way to go.

A decision is not a walk in the park though. Honestly, I am lost. I cannot find the common sense to remain focus. Instead of finding a shorter route to guide me to my destination, it feels like the road has been covered by smog and haze. I am blinded by the thoughts that parties in my head. I feel paralyzed by the pain that the past weeks caused me. I cannot move. I cannot see. I don’t make sense. I feel defeated without even trying to struggle. I am in a dark place. It can get terrifying.

If I will imagine my life as a map, I am sure, I walked this road before. We just have to accept that sometimes, we make the same mistakes and we move forward without looking back. I think it will be easier if I look back, so I will remember where I started to get lost and if I am on that road again, I know I have to avoid it.

If I will imagine my life as a map, I know I still have a long way to go. Hope can be sometimes cruel however I am not giving up on it. We will sometimes neglect faith, but it will always stay until we noticed it again. Thorns may hurt us along the way hence there will always be remedies and scars to make us learn. Lastly, the path may be dark and scary however the Lord will always guide our way.

If my life is a map, though I am not proud, I am glad where I am now. It may not be bright and sunny and happy but I know, in HIS time, it will come. This is just another stop.

Nyl and Sir Mots: Your recent posts made me open my eyes and cleared my crowded hyperactive brain. Maraming Salamat.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013


Eons change. Along with it comes all the broken promises made last year and an optimistic heart believing in another chance to make things right.

Now, I  promise two things - to hit the gym and to have a decent amount of money on a savings account.

I will allow the universe to stir up the other aspects of my life to make things more challenging and less boring. Oh, Universe, please be gentle. Kindly be good to me :D

Umpisa na ng kagagahan. lols.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Book One of 2013: The Life of Pi

By: Yann Martel

My first book for the year! I will admit that I became interested with this work because of the film. After I saw the trailer, there was something on it that made me so excited about it. Probably, it was Ang Lee. Maybe, it was on 3D. Or maybe it was the idea of being in a boat with a Bengal Tiger. Judging the trailer, I know I have to read this book before it even show on the big screen. 

A part in The Life of Pi said that it was a story that will make you believe in God. God being the Supreme Being, God being the source of salvation and hope, and God being the one thing you will need in moments where you have the most impossible of circumstances. As I read the book more, I lost track of this idea. I was more into Pi’s story – his struggles, his encounters, and of course his relationship with Richard Parker (the tiger).

The story was enchanting. How it was written definitely blew me away. It was never hard imagining the scenes because of how every adjective were placed. Most of the time, parts became too real because of how Martel describe every encounters. You will feel Pi’s longing, his fears, his helplessness, and his devotion by just reading the words. This book is really a piece of work.

The book can get slightly boring at first. Believe me, there was no problem stalling the “where it all begin” part. But as you move on, and discover Pi’s opinion about God, religion and faith, everything will start to entertain you. Then, you will be glued to it. You will start liking it so much that you want to finish it right away. Until you reach the ending which I felt it doesn’t deserve. Maybe the story became too out of this world for me and too amazing that when it ended that way, I never see it coming. It was still a good ending, though.

Definitely, The Life of Pi will make you believe in God. After reading the book, it will make you understand suffering as a way for God to manifest his amazing abilities. I learned a lot from the book. However, there Pi said something and it struck me big time.
Despair was a heavy blackness that let no light in or out. It was a hell beyond expression. I thank God it always passed. A school of fish appeared around the net or a knot cried out to be re-knotted. Or I thought of my family, of how they were spared this terrible agony. The blackness would stir and eventually go away, and God would remain, a shining point of light in my heart. I would go on loving.
Amen to that!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


If you had a clean state, are there things that you'd like to change? Or would you want things to stay the same?

I always believe that I am not a clean slate - and I will never be one. Life will be too boring if we will always keep on doing the right things. 

Changes will always be good. There are things that I definitely want to do differently, this year. However, I am in a stage where I have to be extra cautious with all the things I am doing. Though it is hard to admit, all of us are not getting any younger. In every decision we will make, we have to think of how it will affect us in a longer scale.

However, I know I will still have my positive attitude next year. I am sure. Every experience, good or bad, no matter what it is, you will learn from it. It's just life. 

Happy New Year everyone! :D