Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Best Days

I still don’t understand why people here wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Who wakes up at five o clock, right? However the cold wind is biting, like needles piercing thru your warm skin. I love the sweet morning air in Sariaya, it is so refreshing. However, the provincial environment makes me feel so slow, and I am not used to it.

Then I hear her voice, she was shouting my mother’s name.  I think that it is the only name she knows now. At the age of 92, it still surprise us that she can still remember her mother’s name though she already forget how to pee and defecate properly. She doesn’t even remember the people around her. She gets irritated easily. My nephews and nieces went to the house yesterday and she was shouting asking them to leave because they were so noisy. One morning as I pass her bed, she started shouting at me telling me that she doesn’t know me, and she just asks me to leave. Every time I checked on her, she will always be like that, as if I was a complete stranger to her. Since my grandmother gets hysterical every time she saw me, my mom told me to just stay out of her way, which I did.

It saddens us seeing her that way. She was just lying on her bed, having a hard time to even sit. The other day, she just said that when she died, she wants her wake to be a feast. Monday, we will serve spaghetti, Tuesday, pansit, Wednesday, chicken soup, Thursday, Chicken Sotanghon, and on Friday we have to serve Pansit habhab. Nakakahiya daw sa mga bisita niya, she said. She continued, saying that we should get her a good coffin so that she will not fall, she already said where she wants her grave to be in, and we should not even worry because there will be money that we can use for her.

However, my mom, my aunt, and I are used to this. My grandmother giving us instructions on the things that we should do and us telling her that she will have another birthday and we promise that it would be grand. We told her that everyone will be there, it will have all of her favorite foods, and we will all wear her favorite color – red. However she just said that we should just save the money for the wake.

I watched my mom remove her beddings while she continued talking. She started calling my Grandfather’s name now. My mom will always be teary eyed while my aunt and I will just watch.

Zaida (my mom’s name), alagaan mo ang sarili mo ha. Wag mong papabayaan si Nita (my aunt) ha, magtutulongan kayo.

My mom just remains silent while she continue fixing my grandmother’s stuff.

Alagaan mo ang bahay, wag mo hahayaan na may ibang tumira. Pero pag yung apo ko na paborito, papatirahin mo ha.

My Aunt and I stare at each other. Surprisingly, my grandmother has a favorite grandchild. It was so intriguing because my grandma was never known to play favorites. She bitches on all of her family members in a caring, funny and tolerable way. She loves giving out orders and she makes sure that what she wants, she gets. We started to smile as we eagerly wait for a name to be called by my grandmother.

Patitirahin mo si Lourdjenn ha.

My Mom then looked at me while my Aunt and I started laughing. It’s nice knowing that my grandmother remembers my name though she doesn’t remember how I look like. Now, I understand why Karen while smiling on that old McDonalds Commercial.

Yes! Very Karen ang peg!

I miss you Inana. RIP.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Amnesia

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Henry’s Story

I am currently reading a book; I haven’t finished it so up to this point I cannot write it on my book blog but something about it really wants me to write something about it now.

The story was all about Henry, a 33 year old gay guy who still hasn’t found the right one. To make things worse for him, everything around him seems to not work. His best friends were getting married. He met Luke, a twink who was really into him however he thought that the twink was after his writer friend. Then he met Gale, a guy who really wants however Gale wants his first male sex experience to last. Yes, Gale was the relationship type. He then met Evan, a guy who has everything he wanted for Mr. Right; however Evan was married with another gay guy. Lastly, he met Martin, someone he met on an unusual circumstance who gave up a 21 year relationship.

All of them were connected to Henry in a weird and complicated way. And what was so frustrating about it, Henry cannot understand why he was still single. He even has moments where he contemplated on how miserable his life is. Because he was in love with his best friend’s fiancé, he still cannot move on with his Exes, and the world seems to be playing a big crazy game on him?

Sounds familiar?

I found the need to close the book and start writing this post because I cannot take this anymore. Have you ever felt that something is giving you a straight on, unforgiving reality check on where you at here in this crazy world? The book just gave me that!

Right now, I really cannot stop getting hard on myself because partly, the book gave me an understanding of the things that I am at. Everything about Henry seems to transcend about my life, my relationships and how shitty I am feeling now. Maybe I have the same ego like Henry, or I have his vision of Mr. Right, or maybe I am still single now.

Damn! It’s hard explaining how the book affected me. Now I remember my friend telling me how fortunate I am and how some people look up to me. That I have a good job, I am smart, and I should be confident about myself and though I may think that I am happy with everything that I have, I still need someone. Though I may think I am happy, part of me, like Henry is still hoping, longing and wanting to pull me up in this madness.

Part of me, like Henry, still wants a happy ending.

Enough of the emo post. :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

The first time I encountered The Hunger Games was on the trailer of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. After I saw it, I immediately researched it, and damn, the story was pretty interesting.

I know the plot of the story before I even watched it. Though I know what to expect, something about the movie really fascinated me. Seeing costumes burning in flame and how the protagonists of the story stirred up the whole competition really fascinated me.

It was a movie about death. The topic may sometimes get violent but what was cool about how the directors treated it amazed me. You will not see squirts of bloods or body parts, the movie is for everybody.

I fell in love with the character of Rue, she really touched me.

After watching the movie, I can’t wait to read the book. Its like watching I am Number 4!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alligator Sky

Article taken from Adam Young’s blog.




You’re absolutely beautiful
I honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
but I can never hold her gaze

We stood like strangers on the beach
and I wanted to
talked things over

We sat around a blazing bonfire
I can’t remember where she came from

"The sun rises and sets in those eyes"

I want something flowery and bright
yet something show

I became inspired to live brighter

I slipped into the water
threatening adventure
I had no idea what to expect
and something happened.

complete darkness.

Everything is moving in squares
in a strange way.
I felt good
And yet, guilty
I'm so undeserving of Your grace

they all look at me
And when that happens, everything
becomes tolerable, passable, admirable, moral,
legal, and even applaudable

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Crazy-Happiness

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ang Pagtatagpo

Pagpasok palang niya sa pulang entrada na may rebulto ng isang sikat na bayani, hindi na niya maunawaan ang kanyang nadarama.

Dito nagsimula ang lahat, naisip niya. Inikot niya ang paningin at nagalak dahil walang pinagiba ang lugar na kanyang kinalakihan. Andoon pa rin ang silid-aklatan na naging saksi sa lahat ng kanyang pagsusunog ng kilay, ang silid aralan na puno ng mga larawan ng mga pilipinong imbentor at mga dalubhasa ng panitikan, nakasabit pa rin sa kisame ng laboratoryo ang mga kulisap at planetang gawa sa lumang pahayagan.  Andoon din ang pulang saranggola ginuhit nila sa dingding.

Dumako siya sa gusali ng Kagawaran ng Agham, at hinanap ang lumang upuan nasa ilalim ng hagdaan kung saan niya sinulat ang kanyang pangarap, “A Beautiful Life.”

At ngayon, pagkatapos ng sampung taon, ibang iba na siya. Wala na ang mga maligno ng nakalipas, wala na ang takot at ang pangamba, at nawala na rin ang lahat ng pagaalinlangan. Wala na ang galunggong sa tanghalian, ang paglalakad papasok at pauwi, at ang paulit paulit na pamomroblema sa kwarta.  Lahat ay napalitan ng magagandang bagay – mamahaling damit at kagamitan, lupain na hindi na madaling masusukat, masasarap na pagkain, pamilya at mga kaibigan, at isang pangalan na mahirap ng madungisan. Lahat ng bagay na hindi man lang pumasok sa isang hinuha ay nasa kanya na.  Wala na talaga siyang mahihiling pa.

Isang bagay nalang ang kailangan niyang gawin, ang tumulong sa kanyang lumang paaralan. Naglakad siya sa luntiang parang kung saan gagawin ang kanilang reunion. Sinabi niya sa kanyang sarili, sa damuhan na ito magsisimula ang kanyang pangarap para sa kanyang sintang paaralan.

Ito ay Lahok para sa "Bagsik ng Panitik" contest ng Damuhan, sali na din kayo!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Blackout Poetry

Addie started it all! And since I am a big inggetero, here is my first attempt in Blackout Poetry! I just hope it makes sense. :)


When our minds run out of working memory
with no recollection
without comprehending any of the words

your attention absorbed
any left over
to remember a part
said in a statement

thoughts drift away,
finding positive
creative and inventive moments
likely noted.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winning a Lottery

*Post via email*

I read an article about a guy who won 14 million pesos on the lottery and was able to spend it in three months.

My initial reaction was like "wow, this man really knows how to spend his money." When I continued reading his article, it is sad because right now, he is already broke, in debt and has to ask PCSO to pay his hospital bills. Well I am just hoping that he already learned his lesson.

Who doesn't want to win the lottery? My friend and I even talked about the things that we will do if ever we win the pot money. It was crazy. Considering that the jackpot in the lottery now may reach 300M, to kill time, we often fantasize about the things that we will do if ever we won. And every time we do that (believe me, fantasizing about winning the lottery has been a hobby), my answer will always be the same.

If ever I will win 300M in the lottery…

The first thing that I will do once I get the money will be to file for a leave – two months maximum. If ever my company will not allow it, I will just resign then return after two months. haha. I will use the two months to travel the Philippines! From Batanes to… Davao, I will definitely go to all the tourist destinations that you normally see on postcards. It will be an experience that I will never forget.

I will buy a house for myself. Preferably a two bedroom apartment, I will have someone rent the other room so we can share the electricity expense. :D

My friend and I want to maintain how simple our life can get. Though we have the money that we can use to spend on exclusive travel and shopping destinations, we still want to go to work, take a nine to five shift, eat on fast foods and still commute.

I will buy my mom a big house in the province. It should have five rooms where my sisters and I can stay on vacations and holidays. Since it is near the farm, it must have a beautiful garden surrounding it, sunflowers and orange roses will line up towards the front house's porch. Mango trees will serve as shade from the scorching heat. There will be a playground for my nieces and nephews.

Gadgets are really not my thing so I will just ask my techie friends what I shall buy. Haha.

Definitely, I will give a generous amount to the church of St. Jude; I have been a devotee of the church since I was in college. Some amount will go to Bantay Bata and Bantay Kalikasan because I am a big Kapamilya I believe in their advocacies. A portion will also go to a charity organization that helps the old folks, priests that doesn't have a home, and for old PLUs. I will help my High School's library because I know that books can really help someone a lot.

The rest, I will just keep it in a bank, invest on stocks and bonds, and buy a lot in manila where I can have an apartment that people can rent. I also want to have a taxi company, my very own Jollibee, and probably my very own book store.

So far, that is all the things that I've planned.

But until I finally have the guts to even bet and join the lottery, all of this will just be in my head, helping me survive a boring day in the office. haha.

So... What are your plans if ever you win the lottery? I would love to hear them!

Enjoy your Sunday, friends.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sexy Time

It feels stupid reading Wiki about Nocturnal Emissions. Knowing that this was being discussed on several subjects way back in High School, I should know this, right? It happens when someone reached puberty, both sexes experienced this, and right now, there is something about it that I really don’t understand.

I have this roommate who is married, however, his wife is in abroad. He has a child, works in a call center as a supervisor and went home to Batangas every week. From what I have heard, his child is being spoiled by my room mate’s parents, that is the reason why he went home every week. Okay, too much for introduction.

We work on different shifts, I work in the morning and he is on mid shift. Basically, when I wake up in the morning, he is already asleep. But something different happened last Tuesday.

After I turned off my alarm clock, I still lie on my bed wondering if I will go to work or not. haha. It was still five in the morning, and I was planning to just sleep again and wake up at six. Our beds were the typical double decks that you will see in any boarding house, there are four of us in the room, we both sleep on what we call the “lower deck” because we occupy the lower bed. I was still contemplating on my life when I noticed that his bed shake, it was subtle. My roommate hang his clothes on his bed so his face and his legs were covered, however his waist wasn’t. I then noticed his hands, under the sheets, and he was touching his member.

Immediately, I sat on my bed, trying not to make any sound. My roommate doesn’t seemed to notice. I really did my best to get my eyes adjusted with the darkness of our room. I then observed – okay here is my roommate, his bed is shaking and the person above him (upper deck) doesn’t seem to notice, he doesn’t even noticed me noticing him, I checked on his face and man, his eyes were closed. Maybe he was sleeping? Maybe he was enjoying himself? I don’t know.

All I know is that, it was beautiful. hahaha. I then pinched myself to make sure that I was not dreaming or even hallucinating, and I wasn’t! I stayed there in my bed for fifteen minutes and he continued, I started preparing my stuff and he doesn’t stop. Too bad my two other roommates were there, haha, i could have help him. But since I will be late for work, I left the room and gave him all the privacy that my roommate needed.

A while ago, my gay friend and I chatted about what happened and he just said that probably my roommate was trying to tease me. Maybe, even test me. But my friend knows that I don’t get tempted easily, though my roommate was cute and really sexy, its just not my thing playing with someone without their consent. I may do it if he will insist, haha.

Which makes me think that probably he was just having nocturnal emissions. Because if he was just doing the M word, or probably teasing me, he will know that I was there watching him. What do you think?

While answering that, enjoy watching Joey Diamond!

Whatever he was doing, all I know is that I cannot stop smiling thinking about it. hahaha. Damn, roommate!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our story can be divided in seven parts.

1. We become more than friends.

2. We lived together in the same house.

3. After three months, we broke up after I found out that you were cheating with me.

4. Two months later, we were together again because you found out that your buddy was a gold digger.

5. Three months of stupidity happiness. Pak!

6. You cheated again with another guy.

7. We parted ways.

I was nineteen when all of this happened. He was five years my senior and when our relationship took placed, most of the time, I was confused. At that point, I don’t understand why a guy cheats on another guy. Hence, cheating will always be cheating. It will always be wrong though all the right reasons makes cheating seemed correct. It will always be better to say the truth – as much as it hurts, though.

Our last fight was epic.


At his age (24) he was still not familiar with Friendster. Friendster was like Facebook during that time. Everyone was asking someone else for a testimonial. Friendster also has themes, I still remember that mine was Detective Conan inspired, it has shades of blue and black and a lot of other cool stuff. His page was just the generic page. Being the internet savvy type that I was, I volunteered to place a theme on his page, and he said yes. He gave me his password for Friendster. After creating magic on his profile page, I was expecting that he will changed his password, however he didn’t.

While we were still together, I never opened his page. It was really not my thing to meddle on other people’s turf; also, nothing is interesting on his profile. Why bother, right?

However, the second time he cheated on me, I was really mad. Imagine forgiving someone and doing the same hideous act to you? I remember sitting on an internet café close to crying however since I was infuriating with rage, I just can’t cry. Staring at my Friendster blog, I was trying to pour everything that I felt but I don’t even know where to start. Then the idea entered my mind, I logged in his account and to my surprise, after several months of reminding him, he still doesn’t change it.

Everything happened very quickly. I immediately went to his account settings and changed the password of his account. But a better idea came to mind; I returned to his settings and just deleted everything away. If someone will look for his Friendster account, he will never be found.

Later that night, we were fighting. Literally fighting! I went to work with a scratch on my face and he doesn’t go to work at all because his body was in pain. I was bigger than him so he really had a hard time. It was violent, and I never want it to happen again.

However, revenge is always sweet. It was surprising that I was smiling after I almost left him unconscious. I never felt the guilt, not even close to pitying him. I know he deserve that, and after everything he did to me, I deserve it as well. He must learn to understand that some people will not choose to get hurt, sometimes, they will not even get close to being mad, and they will get even.

The incident sealed everything. It was the best closure possible for the two of us – no apologies, not even talking, just a few bruises and his head aching in pain.

It was over and I was happy.


The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: A Criminal Mind

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fix You

When things gets worst, he will be there,

He may not satisfy you physically but he knows where you want to be kissed. What part of your body you want to be warm. How passionate an embrace can get. And how passionate and crazy in bed you can become.

He may not hold your hand but he knows when you need someone.

He understand why you are sad. He knows when you are feeling down and close to giving up. He memorized your weaknesses and acknowledge them with an open mind. He will even help you write an emo blog post just to make sure that you will be able to express yourself on your page. He will be there in times of trouble, when you are heart broken, and when you have no one. He will not just give you the motivation that you need, but he will also make sure that you will keep on fighting. For him, as long as two of you are together, no challenge will ever be hard enough.

For him, you are beautiful – almost close to being perfect. He is aware how you should fix your hair, what angles do you give for photoshoots, and what clothes you need to wear. Personality wise, he knows what characteristics you do well and you need to work on. He is familiar with your mood swings, he will be more patient the moment you lose it, and he will be kind the event you became mean. There may be emotions that you will never learn to control, but for him, all you just need is guidance.

No one is as talented as you, He is sure of that. You may not qualify for American Idol but for him your voice is the only melody he wants to listen to. You may have two left feet but you are the only dancing partner he wants to dance with. For him, you are the best and you will always be.

He will never leave you, upset you and even break your heart. He will push you to your limits when he need to, not because he wants to bully you but because he trust you. He will cry with you, fall with you, get crazy with you and always be happy for you.  He understands what matters, and for him, you are the only thing that matters.

You may cry because of someone else, maybe because of a broken heart, but he will still be there. He will wait for you to come to him and give you that comforting embrace that you know you need. He will tell you that all is fine, that you will be able to get through the pain, and you will find someone better. In the event you lose hope, he will even help you pray.
He is the world's best lover. You will never see him, but you know he is just there. He is just within yourself, all you have to do is sometimes listen.

Be the best lover of yourself. Then, he will help you be the best lover for someone else.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: A Lover


    Friday, March 9, 2012

    Two Become One

    Finishing two books in two days is one of the highlights of my week. Ever since I was moved to the night shift, my reading pace has been slower.

    The two books that I’ve read are not the types of books that I will read. But because my housemate/Becky na may Boobs has a lot of it, I know it will not hurt to try something new.

    First Book: Iris Johansen’s And Then You Die

    A girl’s visit to a small Mexican town became her worst nightmare. After losing her sister, she then found out that the town was attacked by an Anthrax like poison and her blood was the only cure for future terrorist. The Antagonist then came after her wanting her dead before the CIA formulated an antidote to stop the killing.

    The book is good enough. Its not stellar but good enough. :)

    Second Book: Sidney Sheldon’s Morning, Noon and Night

    If you love watching Soap Opera’s, you will get fond of this book. A horrible rich man death caused by a yacht accident will make his siblings fight for the old man’s money. Money and sibling rivalries is very soap operaish, right? Is there such a term? The story became more interesting when they siblings found out that they have a step sister. Will they get the old man’s money? You have to read the book to find out. Haha.

    I’ve seen a lot of Sidney Sheldon’s books on NBS but I don’t find them interesting. After reading it, he became more and more interesting. Let’s start raiding book thrift shops to get more of his books. Haha. I know, they’re there.

    Why is the title Two Become One? Haha. The most creative answer will get a #magnum from me. Haha.

    Have a good night everyone!

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    11 Random Things

    After I answered the 11 questions thing, a blogger commented that the post was lacking something. Well, I never expected that I still have to place eleven random things about me, I just thought that you will have answerPM's question then ask another 11 questions to 11 people. Haha!

    For fairness, here are the 11 random things about me.

    1. I grew up in a place called La Charina. It is a subdivision in Muntinlupa which is just beside the South Luzon Expressway. All the houses looked exactly the same. The only difference I guess the color of the houses and the gardens in front of it.

    2. My favorite subject in High School was Social Studies. I love history. The subject I hate the most was Economics, I just don't understand then why you have to relate the Law of Supply and Demand to inflation then to its effect on the GDP of the country. It was pretty toxic.

    3. I am the eldest child. There are four children in my family, three girls and me. Here's the catch, my father have other families and to count how many children that he have, from what I've heard, there were nine of us. I only met one of my step sisters, she's still young. I just hope my other siblings are okay.

    4. I speak faster than I think. Haha

    5. I used to work in a call center. I've been part of the industry for five years before transferring to my current job. My last job was being a QA Analyst for a US Bank.

    6. My first course in college was Accountancy. I really want to be a Chemical Engineer because aside from History, I love Chemistry. However PUP doesn't have that course so I just took my second choice. I never expected that Accountancy will be that hard, after two years, I shifted to a Finance course.

    7. LJ was really not my nickname. People used to call me Lourd. When I started working, I need an American Sounding name and that was the closest that I can get. Since then, people started calling me LJ.

    8. I don't have any professional writing experience.

    9. Favorite foods? I love foods that you can normally see in a children's party – spaghetti, fried chicken, lumpiyang shanghai, ice cream, cake, and hotdog with marshmallow.

    10. Aside from Orange, my next favorite color is Blue.

    11. I am posting this using my email. Isn't that sweet?

    Have a great day, every body!

    Monday, March 5, 2012


    *play this first*

    I'd never gone with the wind. Just let it flow. Let it take me where it wants to go.

    It started with a stare. I was sitting on a coffee shop in front of the mall’s cinema when I saw you. I noticed you right away. Your nerdy ways impressed me.

    You open the door, there’s so much more, I've never seen it before

    I saw you smirk. Probably you noticed me watching you. You then pretend to be busy with your mobile phone, you even acted like you were talking to someone over it. It was cute. Everything about you was cute.

    I was trying to fly but I couldn't find my wings, but you came along and you changed everything

    Anxious, I immediately grabbed my stuff, made my last stare and walked my way to the escalator to get out of the building and smoke. It might be the last time I will see you. I try to memorize how you looked – from the way you stand to the way you carried your red rucksack. However, you followed me. I tried to haste however you catch up. Finally, you said hi.

    You lift my feet off the ground, you spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier

    My mom said that I should not talk to strangers. It’s wrong meeting people this way. But there was something right in all the things that were wrong that day. I just cannot point my fingers on it. Then, I said hello.

    Feels like I’m fallin’, and I Am lost in your eyes

    You were perfect. The way you handle a conversation and your confidence blew me away. You said you were waiting for someone, and I just don’t care. Maybe he’s important but that person has to wait.

    You make me crazier, crazier, and crazier

    I was also waiting for someone, but I just don’t want the feeling to end. The sudden rush of blood, the butterflies on my stomach, and the fireworks, they were everywhere.

    I've watched from a distance as you made life your own every sky was your own kind of blue

    But we have to let go. Yes, the conversation was awesome, the sparks were there, but we are living separate lives. We have separate lives with somebody else.

    And I wanted to know how that would feel and you made it so real

    We exchanged numbers, and then we meet again. It was weird how I acted after we met. I started deleting all my messages on my phone, that way, if ever someone checks, your messages will not reflect. I even named you after a girl officemate, lied about my whereabouts, and went with you somewhere far where no one can recognized us.

    You showed me something that I couldn't see you opened my eyes And you made me believe

    Yes, we love each other. We were selfish. Both of us know that what we had was hurting people, what we have was wrong. Hence, You lift my feet off the ground, you spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier. Feels like I’m fallin’, and I Am lost in your eyes,You make me crazier, crazier, and crazier.

    Baby you showed me what livin' is for

    Guilt started to sink in. People started to know what we were doing. Happiness really has its price. Being happy for the wrong reasons will always make us unhappy.

    I don't wanna hide anymore

    We decided to end this.

    You lift my feet off the ground

    You spin me around

    You make me crazier, craizer

    Feels like im fallin' and I

    Am lost in your eyes

    You make me crazier, crazier, crazier

    Crazier, crazier,


    It all started with a tweet. Can emo bloggers change their stripes? Blog superstar Spiral Prince and I shall attempt to do just that. The rules are simple. Write ten consecutive happy posts. If you falter, you have to write five more. *gulp*

    I decided to use song titles for this, that way I won’t be confused. :)

    The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Madness


    The rain just stopped. My friends and I were standing on our rendezvous spot. It was an old waiting shed in our subdivision overlooking the South Expressway. From there, you can see the cars in red, blue, silver and black. It was also the perfect spot if you want to see the wide blue sky.

    Autumn in my Heart lang ang peg!

    Kate said that we have to be patient, something beautiful will happen.

    She was a big know it all. Being the tallest in our group, she already claimed the lead position in our little troop. Kate has these weird ideas and activities that kept us busy throughout the day. She taught me how to ride a bike, take care of a duckling and draw.

    Patience started to drift away. I was tired, starving and cold but she insisted that we should just wait because something beautiful will happen. Ano bang inaantay natin? I said. But she just remained quiet, she focused on the vast sky in front of her while me and my friends don’t understand what was going on.

    Ayun, nakita niyo yun? She screamed in excitement. Tignan niyo lang ang direksyon na tinitignan ko at makikita niyo ang nakikita ko. Hindi ko pwedeng ituro kasi baka maputol daliri ko, dali kayo!

    Immediately, we followed. What we saw was magnificent. It was a combination of seven colors that bend through the horizon. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. ROY G BIV! Pak!

    It was the first time I saw a rainbow in person.

    I really can’t explain the feeling when I saw it, the feeling was like eating your favorite ice cream, with the marshmallow and the nips on top of it. It was way better than the cartoons you watch at 10 am in channel two. It was better than Cedie, Sarah and Remi combined.

    Mama said that at the end of the rainbow, there was a pot of gold. I really don’t care about the gold at its end, because the rainbow was so pretty that no amount of gold can match it. I also cannot see its end.

    Rainbow still fascinates me. I still even catch myself waiting for the rain to stop just to see it. 

    It all started with a tweet. Can emo bloggers change their stripes? Blog superstar Spiral Prince and I shall attempt to do just that. The rules are simple. Write ten consecutive happy posts. If you falter, you have to write five more. *gulp*

    I decided to use song titles for this, that way I won’t be confused. :)

    The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: A Happy Childhood Memory

    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    At The Beginning

    We used to love nights like this. The two of us smoking in our boarding house’s terrace while watching the moon, the stars and all the strangers that passed by in front of us. We shared coffee and a lot of Korean songs that though we don’t understand, we still sing along.

    Moments like these matters to us. You said once that what was important was just the two of us – no expensive dates, no beautiful views, and no scrumptious food can even match the time we spent with each other. Simple things always make us happy and you just don’t know how happy I was.

    But this night was different. The moon and the stars were hiding behind the dark clouds. Strangers still passed in front of us but we don’t seem to notice. What remains was our pack of cigarettes to beat the biting cold the December air bring. The music… no longer there, what we just have is silence. You, me and the night that will change what we had forever.

    Two years. A lot of things can happen in two years. And both of us understand that sometimes our dreams will always get in our way. We have family to support, siblings that need good education, and a better life that we always wanted ever since the two of us were kids. We decided to go on our separate ways and promised each other that if ever faith will bind us together again, we will be happier.

    I know you were just doing this for your dreams and I cannot be happier, but it just sucks losing you.

    This night will be different. It will be the night that I must start getting used to watching the stars alone.

    This is the night that you will say goodbye, and I know that the moon and the millions stars above will never be the same again.

    It all started with a tweet. Can emo bloggers change their stripes? Blog superstar Spiral Prince and I shall attempt to do just that. The rules are simple. Write ten consecutive happy posts. If you falter, you have to write five more. *gulp*

    I decided to use song titles for this, that way I won’t be confused. :)

    The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge: Prologue

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    ·The Orange Wit: At The Beginning

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    Orange Chronicles: Joe

    He woke up with a big smile on his face. There is no denying that he was still drowning with glee. His head ached terribly because of the party last night but he was so happy that he doesn’t mind it.
    Joe still remembers everything that happened. They were introduced by a common friend, grabbed a lot of booze, danced like there was no tomorrow, and the kiss. How can I forget the kiss? The kiss was better than what Rachel and Finn shared the night they lost their nationals. It was way better than Prince’s kiss that woke up Snow White and Princess Aurora. It was the kiss of all kisses, the ultimate of the most ultimate, it was Joe’s best.
    Another thought entered his mind and he cannot stop smiling again. Oh my, I am taken, yes Joe was taken. It was a mutual agreement between him and the guy he met last night. He then became excited. Thoughts started entering his mind and now he was laughing. Damn, I am taken! I am really taken! He immediately grabbed his phone on his side table, then he started browsing all the exchange of “I love you” just to make sure. After reading 10 messages coming from the guy, all he wanted to do was to jump with joy.
    Joe started day dreaming. The guy from the party was everything that he wanted – good looking, have a good job, know responsibility well, and kiss passionately. He started planning their upcoming dates, then the monthsaries, summer vacations and the holidays they will spend together. This is it, Joe thought, I will never let him go. He was meant for me the same way I was meant for him, together we are perfect,
    He then dialed the guy from the party phone number, it just rang. Probably, he is still asleep.
    He went to the write message page where he typed,
    Hi Babe, good morning, thanks for the wonderful night, I miss you already. Ily. :)
    No one replied.
    The day went on. Joe was still waiting for his BF to connect with him. Patience… He will reply soon.
    It was already dinner when Joe texted another message to his BF.
    Baby, I am already worried, why aren’t you replying? Miss you much, ily.
    He started calling him however the person on the other end just cancels his calls.
    It was already 10 pm when he saw his BF’s name flashed on his cell phone’s LCD.Finally! His phone almost fall his hands when he clicked on read,
    Hi There, I know I did things last night but I was just drunk. I am sorry, but it will be better if we will just stay friends. See you around.
    Joe remembers everything now, they were both drunk.
    Orange Chronicles is a collection of stories. Stories that may sometimes make sense. I just hope they do :)
    I am surrounded with pretty interesting people. They also have interesting stories.

    Friday, March 2, 2012


    Finally someone tagged me to this eleven questions thing. I’ve seen a lot of blog post like this, unfortunately, no one tagged me yet. Spell unpopular, right?

    Thanks PM for the questions!

    Let’s start…

    Why are you blogging?

    When I started blogging, I was writing to express myself. All I ever wanted was an avenue to express my thoughts. Then I started enjoying it to the point that I realized how fun it is – writing something and having someone somewhere react on it.

    The story behind your blog username

    Aside from someone used to call me orange, you can read it here, orange also is my favorite color.

    When do you plan to retire your blog?

    I cannot answer this question right now, I still enjoy doing this and I don’t want it to end yet.

    What is your favorite blog to read?

    MTM, many to mention. Haha… parang slumbook lang, haha

    What is the story of the last book you have read?

    It is the story of Jacob and his life while working as a Vet on a Circus.

    Where did you hear the song you got last LSS?

    From SMASH, a new television show in the U.S. It was a song cover of Michael Buble’s Have Met You Yet, watch it here…

    Do you think I should watch [insert name of your most favorite movie of all time]?

    Definitely! Aladdin is one of best movie I’ve ever watch.

    Do you add blog friends on your personal Facebook account?

    I don’t see any problems with that. But I don’t initiate the”adding” part; they should either add me up (if they will find me on Facebook) or communicate with me that they want me to be their friend there.

    When you are bored, do you eat to fill your time?

    Since I am on a diet now, NO, I sleep to fill time.

    What is the happiest moment of your life so far?

    Earning my own money and being independent.

    How old are you?


    That was fun.

    Now I am tagging Elmer, Bryan, Cherie, Nyl, Chet, A3c, ZaiZai, Green Breaker, Mark Joe, ^Travis, and Mac Callister. Kailangan daw mag tag, pasensiya naman. :D

    For the eleven questions,

    • Describe yourself using a science concept?
    • How do you handle your last break up?
    • What was the last video you watched on YOUTUBE?
    • What was your favorite subject in school?
    • Anong panget sa maganda at maganda sa panget? hehe.
    • How will you describe your blogs to someone who doesn’t have any idea about blogging?
    • What are your career goals and what are you doing to achieve them?
    • Complete the sentence. If I will win 300M pesos on the lottery, the first thing I will do after I claim the money is….
    • What is the last topic on Wikipedia that you’ve read?
    • Favorite Walt Disney Character? Why?
    • LSS of the moment.

    I hope you will have fun answering this questions.

    Keep it awesome, guys!

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Rebellious Hot Boy

    Which is a better movie poster?

    This will be the second gay film that I will talk about in my blog. It really took me a day to decide whether I should write about it here, but the movie has something on it that is really worth writing, aside from the cute guys of course.

    Hot Boy is Vietnam’s first gay film ever! Imagine, its already 2012 and this is just their first gay film. Now Vietnam really got me thinking.

    The movie is about male prostitutes (yes, there are prostitutes in Vietnam), a guy who raised ducks, and how hard it is to live in the Paradise known as Saigon.

    It is divided into two stories, by the way. The main part concentrated on the story of…

    Khoi, a guy from the province who went to Saigon because his family found out about his sexuality. Friends, meet Khoi… :)



    When he reached Saigon, he will meet two other prostitutes, Dong and Lam who will steal from Khoi and will leave him broke. Then, Dong will leave Lam with all of Khoi’s money which will make Lam go back to the streets and sell himself.

    Dong    Lam

    Due to some series of unfortunate events Khoi and Lam will meet again and I will stop here in order for you guys to watch the movie instead. Peace! :)

    The movie is really nice. I really love how it show another aspect of Vietnam, far from the Broadway musical that I really love. Knowing that at some aspect, a country is some what the same with the one you are living right now will make you realize how human being can really relate to each other.

    I am expecting it to be tragic. Well, it is. Gay Films always have a tragic end but for Vietnam’s first attempt, definitely it is still raw. Seeing some gay films that was created here in the Philippines, definitely, Hot Boy still needs a lot of polishing. Coming from this country, it is really not that scandalous enough, but story wise, it is really good.

    How can you watch the movie? Okay, just watch it here. :)


    Water For Elephants

    I never been to a circus before. Probably the closest encounter that I have on a circus act was watching it on Channel 7 on a Sunday special. I know, its hard being a kid and not seeing a Circus Act live in action.

    My housemate lent me the book. She, I mean, He (Becky siya na may boobs, haha) told me that the book came from a relative in Canada. We have this habit of exchanging books and since she is still reading the book that I lent her, she just told me I can read her first.

    The book has been with my possession for almost a month. When she (she talaga ang mention ko sa kanya sa blog ko, haha) gave it to me, I was still drowning with Ricky Lee’s masterpiece. Also I got a little intrigued with the title, it was really not that interesting. Maybe because of the title or the picture of the book, i don’t know, I just really don’t find the urge to read it.

    Good thing, I really have nothing to read. :D

    You might think that this is a children’s book, right? Yeah, I judged the book right away, I thought it will just be another circus story where I will end up fascinated about it, but its not.

    The book is a story of Jacob, I cannot spell his last name so we will just stick with Jacob. :) After Jacob lost his family and all the money that he can possibly have because of his college education, he quitted college, ran in the middle of nowhere, then he saw a train, jumped on it while moving to just realize that he will be part of a circus company where he became the Circus Vet.

    Wanna see Jacob? Here he is on the movie adaptation.

    Hi Edward, I mean, Jacob, I mean Robert, now I am confused. :D

    The story will revolve on the lives of people who work on the circus train. Jacob will encounter a schizophrenic, a mean boss, a clown, a drunkard, a hot chick and an elephant. It will deal with how tough Circus Train life was, having no pay while working hard, being in a relationship with a married woman, animal abuse and a lot of other grown up stuff.

    Water for Elephants really have a theme for kids that was dealt in a very adult way. Astig!

    I never expected that I will love it, but now, I do. Though it really has a crappy book cover that I think needs to be changed, it has a good story that really transcends through time.

    It is really a classic.