Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Book Thief

By: Markus Zusak

Who would have thought that I will fall in love with it? It was never part of list of books I want to read. I almost forgot PM’s review about it, but I guess the book really means a lot to her that she kept on insisting that I should read it. Maybe she thought that I will not read it anytime soon so she just sent me the file.

I am so glad she did.

The Book Thief is like reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 13 Reasons why, and The Catcher in the Rye all at the same time. It has the same feel to it. Hence, The Book Thief has a more dramatic feel to it. While I was reading the book at The Company, I notice that when the book reach a part where it is difficult to grasp, I distract myself, because if I don’t, I think I will cry.

Let me elaborate how the book made me feel. It made me send a Skype message to Nyl saying, “ Isn’t it nice that we were never born during World War Two and we are not Jews?” Of course, Nyl was surprised, I imagined his reaction while working and then the weird thought suddenly showed up. But seriously, that is how it made me felt.

I am thankful that I was born in a time where everything is not so mayhem like Nazi Germany. Because there, whether you are Jews or you have blond hair, you still suffer, one way or another. There, misery is like pain, you really have to learn to live and survive through it. The thought of having nothing to eat, children stealing apples, boys being taken from their families in order to serve Adolf Hitler, being whipped for helping somebody else and not seeing the sky for 22 months, its haunting. I don’t think I will handle anything that intense.

What I really adore about the book is the way it was written. How the words were played to create a perfect story. There is no favorite characters because you will fall in love with every single one of them. I want to have a friend like Rudy, I see myself in Liesel’s passion for books, I want to be like Hans, have Rosa’s heart, and I want Max’s optimism.

PM said that this is her favorite book for 2012. I could not agree more. The Book thief will make you understand how to value the people who matters to you, how you can make a difference in your own little ways, and most definitely how much we should value World Peace!

Also, The Book Thief is my favorite book for 2012!

Markus Zusak, definitely, you made them right.

Monday, September 24, 2012


On a boring Sunday morning, my friend and I have this conversation.
Friend: uy may kwekwento ako sayo, bigyan mo ako ng advice
Me: sige try natin, hehehe
Friend: cge I have this friend, hindi ko sasabihin ung name kasi kilala mo to for sure hehe
Me: leche, sabihin na ang name
Friend: ah kilala mu si (insert guy name here)
Me: ah, jowa ni (insert guy's boyfriend name here), tama?
Friend: yup
Me: what about
Friend: aun, friend ko siya sa FB matagan na 2010 pa ata.  tapos this year aun nag kaka chat kami, nag kuhaan ng number, eh taga paranaque lang un, we decided to meet
Me: when was this? don't tell me it's recently hahahaha
Friend: uhmmm, February ata or march. wala naman nangyari, friends lang, naging close kami
Me: u know na he is in a relationship?
Friend: yup I know naman
Me: mamaya na answers to my question, tuloy ang kwento, sorry
Friend: pero alam mu ung tipong parang dati, ganun, may tawagan kami tapos sweet kami sa isa't isa pero napag kasunduan namin na friends lang kami. nadala ko na nga siya sa bahay eh.
Me: hahaha, then what bothers you?
Friend: wala lang feeling ko kasi nag bago na siya eh, biglaan na lang
Me: okay, first thing, what are your expectations? i guess i will be fine if i will be blunt/rude, right? Some pieces of advice will work that way
Friend: I'm not expecting naman na magiging kami
Me: i will ask the question again, what are your expectations?
Friend: na hindi siya mag babago
Me: let me understand this pretty well first base on your answers. parang coaching session lang sa QA, haha. so you are expecting na you will remain as close friends, with terms of endearments and all, though you know na he has a boyfriend? YES or NO?
Friend: yes
Me: hmm, do you think its okay for someone to have terms of endearment with someone though he has a boyfriend?
Friend: ung terms of endearment namin naman eh hindi pang syota. pang friends lang
Me: i don't need your explanation, do you think it's okay to have terms of endearments with someone else though you know na you have a boyfriend?  kasi people will not look at it that way
Friend: nope
Me: okay... we will think of the possibilities now. first, his bf found out? next, he doesn't want the friendship to intensify because both of you know that it may lead to something else? TRUE or FALSE? :D
Friend: true. so kaya siya nag bago kasi baka malaman ng bf niya at alam niya kung anu ang kahahantungan ng ginagawa namin
Me:  probably. ang problem lang dito friend, he has someone else. unfortunately, you just have your friends. :D
Friend: hmmmm...well. hahah wala ako masabi
Me: hmm, masakit mang isipin, minsan ganun lang talaga. :D yeah, the truth may leave you speechless
Friend: honestly, na kwento na siya ng bf niya kung sino daw ba ako. hindi naman nagalit ung bf niya. sabi niya friends
Me: pero siyempre bf pa din un. ikaw friend ka lang... :D
Friend: hehehe alam ko naman un
Me: so wag ka ng mag emote jan. he will be back, just give it time.
As I re-read this conversation, I am really not sure if what I told my friend is correct. How many friends zone have I encounter? I cannot remember. It happens to me the same way it happens to everyone else, and now, that I have to give an advice to someone experiencing it, the scenario remains a puzzle that will always be difficult to put together.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Amiability

I know that I can be describe using a lot of things. On top of it, I am weird. A lot of adjective can describe me, but there is one that I will never be. I will never be the friendly type.

My addiction with Naruto made me understand that, perhaps, I am like Sasuke Uchiha. Throughout all the things that I have been thru, I will remain cold and aloof and a snob. Maybe it is my awkwardness that made me felt this way but I never been approachable enough.

Housemates can testify to that. They know that I never smile when they pass, and they are aware that I am someone that is difficult to approach. Sometimes, I even think that they are intimidated. I don’t know. My tough exterior sometimes exhibit that I am not someone that you should play around with.

Hence, I know that I will never change the way I am, I don’t want to. Changing into someone you are not just to please people will never go into my dictionary.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So, You Want to Work in a Call Center?

Another housemate is having trouble getting into the Call Center industry. Isn't it ironic that my housemate cannot even get in the industry hence there are a lot of opening posted every where? He doesn't have any call center experience. Well, anyone who works in the industry started from having no experience at all, right?
When I first apply in a call center, I was on my last year in college. That time, I never imagined myself working in a fast food, so when my classmate informed me that she was in the industry. Immediately, I want it.
The road was never easy, though. Eunice, my college friend, and I were rejected by almost all of the centers in Ortigas. Rejection was heartbreaking. But, knowing the thing that you have to endure in order to get hired, that was hell.
Coming from a State University, Eunice and I will always find our ways to save our money for a particular day. We walked from One San Miguel Building to Robinsons Galleria just to be stopped by the reception lady saying that students were not qualified for that company. We ate burger steak in order to have something in our tummy that day. We have to wear uncomfortable smart casual clothes. And lastly, we have to speak in English.
Realizing that this is the only thing I can and want to do, I never gave up. The rejections I received in Ortigas became an advantage because the next time I applied in Makati, I knew what to expect.
I practiced my answers in questions that I was sure that will be asked. I watched a lot of English shows in order to get familiarize with how English words sounds. I have to read books and newspapers in order to have my grammar check. I prepared a lot.
The thing that I concentrated on was my confidence. I noticed on my interviews in Ortigas, every time I get nervous, I tend to talk fast, and then I stutter, and then another rejection. So when I applied again, I force myself to relax, I make sure that I will grasp all the things that my interviewer will ask and just answer them as fluid as possible. And, that was the part I got hired. I never got rejected by the industry again, and I even got promoted.
People might think that Call Centers will look for human beings who can really speak good English, who are fluent enough to express themselves using the foreign language. Well, they will look for that if they know that you already worked in another call centers. But if they knew that it is your first time, they will be gentle. What they will look for is someone they can work on. Someone who have the guts to express himself though he's accent is hard as metal. They will train you to improve that. They will search for your confidence. Because if you will not believe in yourself, how can you make someone believe in what you are talking about over the phone, right?
Well, I am no expert. I already left the industry three years ago and I guess things have change. So to my readers who work in industry now, if there is a newbie that wants to be part of the industry, what will be the best advise that you will give?
Comment on!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Thought Party

As the random thoughts start their tea party in my head, they started talking about which one of them is the most important.

Thought Number One is a newbie in the party. He was introduced by our Valedictorian and surprisingly, a former officemate knew him as well. Number One said that he is the most important because he will lead The Orange Wit to the desires of his hearts. Unfortunately, Thought Number One came with a hefty price tag, and a big name plate that states, "The Harder You Work, The Greater the Chances." The Orange Wit is now confused.

On Thought Number One's left, sat a fellow who been in the table for quite a while. He said that he is the most important because The Orange Wit needs Number Two for his entertainment, his passion and this page. He has been patiently waiting for the moment that The Orange Wit to make Thought Number Two a reality. Number two has been confident that he is on the top of The Orange Wit's list, until Number One appeared. One said, "You have been waiting for quite a while now, maybe you can wait a little bit more." The Orange Wit is now confused.

Beside number two sat a guy with a rectangular face and eyes that blinks numbers. Yes, numbers. Thought Number Three keeps on insisting that The Orange Wit should start saving more first before even considering Number One and Two. But Number One is ready with his rebuttal, "if you will just keep the money there, it will just sleep, and why not invest it on something big." And Number Two will not choose to be left behind, "Once you have that item, you can start saving again."

To complete the visitors, Thought number four sat in front of Number One. He doesn't compete to be the most outstanding thought of the three. He just explains the consequences of choosing one after the other. He said, "If you choose one, there is still no guarantee that the desires of your heart will be fulfilled, you have to really work your butt of and though, you don't have any problem with that, it is still a hefty price tag, are you sure you can handle such amount?" Number Four then glared at Number Two, "so what if you are The Orange Wit's only want, you are still a luxury, something that our Master rarely consider. Yes he needs you for research, and writing and staying connected with friends, but you are still a luxury." He took a sip of his coffee before confronting Number Three, "now though you are the safest, I am sure that our Master will still choose number One over you, he will choose something that can make him save more money."

Thought Number Four took a deep breath before saying, "Right now, I am still not sure who will be the priority, I just laid out the plans in order to make things easier. They will not call me Risk if I will not do that, in the first place."

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Lately, I really don’t have anything to write about. I guess my already boring life is turning to be more dull. Regardless, I am still busy, though.

Here are the things that I am busy with.


Yes, I am still finishing Eat, Pray, Love. And,

Glee Season Four.

I will try my best to post something that will change the world, not! :D

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For One More Day

By Mitch Albom

Who would have thought that I am already at Book 34 for 2012? LOL. I discovered the book, on Bagotilyo’s Bookshelf. It got my attention right away. Knowing that it is Mitch Albom and reading one of his books before, I know this is something worth reading.

What is it: For One More Day talks about a man named Charley. Charley decided to kill himself, and while he is on that process, he was able to spent another day with his Mother who died eight years ago.

What I like about it: This one is an easy. I finished this one while my nose is giving up on me due to my irritating colds. LOL.

The book will make you appreciate Mothers more. It will make you understand their sacrifices and you will learn to value all of their hard work. There were parts where Albom talks about the moments where Charley’s Mom stood up for him and where Charley never stood up for his mother, and it melts my heart knowing that sometimes, I also never stood up for my own Mother.

For One More day will make you realize how important time is. In a day where he spent it with his Mother, he realized a lot of things, and after that incident, he learned to value the things that matters. The book will teach you that you can still change. No matter how fucked-up everything seems to be, you can still pull yourself together.

Though the book has a serious story on it, I appreciate that it doesn’t feel like the world is collapsing on me (hello, PM! lol) while reading it.

What I don’t like about it: Come to think of it, I really cannot find anything I don’t like about it. I think I will just pass on this one.

You guys should really read this. A lot of my friends already did, and believe me, you will appreciate this more than anything.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When the moment sink in that you just grew a year older, it is inevitable that you will reflect on the previous years that you spent. It happens to me every time I celebrate my big day.

I just got home from a night of beer, friends, guys who rub their cheeks on my arms and of course, fun. While I tried enjoying the moment – my moment, the feeling surface within me, it forced its way from the unknown and suddenly creates a whirl wind of emotions.

Sometimes, when you find something that reminds you how you used to feel, the comfort you discover by understanding that in this crazy universe become bliss. As I continue reminiscing, I remember the books that I have read.

Part of me is like Charlie, like Clay, Holden and like Santiago. There were days where I became close to doing a Hannah, and I cannot be grateful that my Lord saved me from the depression I have felt. Most of the time, I was like Christian, I find difficulty believing someone, worst, it was hard for me to even understand that I deserve the love that people showed me. Sometimes, when I am extremely happy, I became scared because I am not sure when something will last.

I guess this feelings surface because I was alone most of the time. My parents always trusted me that I can handle things independently so they just allow me to make decisions on my own. I grew up transferring from one address to another which made me lose the bonds that I created with people. Rejection has always been my story so I seldom reciprocate the sincerity and love that a person shows. Yes, I have a hard life. I beat myself most of the in my own insecurities, I let my fear overpower me, and there are days when I just accept the fact that I will do things on my own, and that there is a greater possibility that I will be alone.

But when I turned 27, I feel that though there were moments where I am fifty shades fucked-up, the horizon suddenly sparks giving me hope to keep on fighting. Maybe I just matured a lot, or maybe I feel that I really deserve the affection of someone because I know that I was also sincere. The sun suddenly shines and removes the dark clouds that haunt me. It made me more optimistic that amidst my idiosyncrasies, there will always be someone out there who will always be there.

Right now, it is hard to describe the glee within me. And unlike before, I know that I deserve to be happy because I always opted for happiness to all the people who knew me.

I have a lot of blessings to be grateful for. I am thankful for my family, because they are always thinking of me. Like what Naruto said, if there is someone who is thinking of you, there will always be a home that you can go to. I am thankful for my home. Aside from that, I am grateful for my work because it gives me the opportunity to share and show what I have. Most of all, I am thankful for my friends. Though there is really no one I can name as a best friend, my heart will always be appreciative of all the people who not just remember my special day, but who were always there every day.

I thought that I will write an emo post today because of all the things I am going through. But I guess, that is no longer needed. Because as I write this, I know that I am not alone. There are people rooting for me and because of them, I know I will be able to fight all the negative thoughts consuming me. And I will always praise my Father in Heaven because he gave me wonderful people who not just thought me the best survival skills, but also signed up for the battle that I am part of.

And having that thought will always be a comforting feeling. It gives me the solace that I need.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Lost Files

The Lorien Legacies have three books available in your favorite book store. You can read them here, here and another here. LOL.

Aside from the three main books, there are also Supplemental Books in circulation. They are called The Lost Files. Some of them can be found at the end part of the Main Books.
What it is: The three Lost Files that I have on PDF are entitled Six’s Legacy (talks about Six), Nine’s Legacy (talks about Nine), and The Fallen Legacies (talks about One, Two and Three). Don’t worry. This is not a Math problem.

If you are not familiar with the whole series or if you haven’t watched the movie, let me just explain what the numbers are for. When the Gardes (the good guys) left their planet, a charm was used in order to protect them. They can only be killed in an order. The charm will only be broken if the Gardes are together so when they were young, they roam the Earth separately.

Six’s Legacy and Nine’s Legacy talk about their story before they met Number Four. Basically, it was all about how they discover their legacies (super powers) and the life they had before the whole adventure begin.

The Fallen Legacies talks about the first three Gardes that were killed by the Mogadorians (the bad guys). You might be wondering how the story of One, Two and Three were told? I know. It may sound a little confusing because the series started with Number Four, how come someone was able to tell the story of the dead Gardes, right? What was cool about this file was it was narrated by an enemy. You’ve read it right, by a nemesis.

What I like about it: Out of the three supplemental books, what I love the most is The Fallen Legacies. Aside from knowing the three other Gardes who died first, you will understand how the whole catastrophe affects the protagonists of the story. There were a lot of revelations in The Fallen Legacies. Who would have thought that the monsters that we saw on the movie were just clone like creatures and were really created to increase the strength of the enemies? The real aliens, they call themselves True Bloods, looks like an ordinary Human.

It was nice knowing Adamus, the true blood who narrates the story. Because though his entire family was all bad ass aliens, he doesn’t believe in their people’s mission. When he saw One got killed, he felt bad about it. He even tried saving Two and Three but as always, he was late.

The book will make you more aware that sometimes, not all bad guys are bad at all. All of them have a soft side. We just need to grasp that out.

What I did not like about it: I am really not sure if it is just plain coincidence or Pittacus Lore just ran out of idea when he killed Six and Nine’s Cepan (mentors). They were abducted, tortured, and eventually killed by the bad aliens in order to get information from Six and Nine. While writing this, I realized that there were a lot of similarities between Six and Nine – they were both trained in combat pretty well and they have good mentors.

The ending of The Fallen Legacies really made me craving more about Adamus (Adam). I really want to know whether Adam survived and eventually, will become one of the good guys. I want to know whether he will help Four and the rest of the gang to save planet Earth. Damn, I am so excited about it now.

Recommended for: Everyone who is really into the series like me. The Lost Files will make you understand how Six and Nine became fierce warriors, and it will make you more excited about the next book. If you want a copy of the PDF, it will be a pleasure sharing them. Send me a message.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bente Siete

Two days ago, I got this message on my email.


Isn’t that sweet? Though I rarely use Jobstreet now, they still take the effort to greet me, and they did it two days before.

Last night, when I check my Google account, I saw this.


Definitely, this is way too awesome!

Who would have thought that this you normally do online will make your day more exciting?

Thanks to everyone who took time to remember me in this glorious day! You guys definitely make aging more exciting!

Birthdays will always be one of the Best. Day. Ever!

Monday, September 3, 2012


I am sure you are also curious about how Christian Grey became a household name and every girl’s ideal guy.

Probably, you have heard about the book. Maybe, you have read some of the reviews. Don’t fret, I understand how it feels. I’ve been there.
So let me just share my Fifty Shades Trilogy experience.
August 25, 2012, Saturday – Roommate and I were at our room, he was doing his usual stuff at Facebook while I am still finishing the book that I still haven’t finished when I noticed that he was reading a PDF file. During that time, thanks to my blogger friends who already read the book, I sort of have an idea what was it about. I know it is a good book. So I just told Roommate that, I really don’t want to read the PDF file, because I want to buy the book.
August 26, 2012, Sunday – I was on my way to work when I thought that maybe I can buy the first book. When I got to the bookstore, I immediately searched for it. It was placed on Bestseller’s table, and it costs PHP 450.00. It was frustrating. Every time I buy something, I always make sure that it will work well on my budget. During that time, I just paid our room, sent money to my mom, and pay some bills. The book was really expensive for me that time. LOL. So I just told myself that I will just buy it next time. I didn’t left the bookstore empty handed, though.

August 27, 2012, Monday – Finished reading The Rise of Nine. I already posted my review on it and I cannot stop thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey. So I immediately opened Wiki to know more about the book, and words such as BDSM, erotic, dominance and submission and a lot of other stuff I am really not familiar about. At that point, I already want to grab my copy. Good thing, Roommate was online, and I ask him to send me the copy of the PDF. LOL. I started reading it at the company. LOL.
August 28, 2012, Tuesday – At this point, I was already into the book. I read it most of my petiks moments in The Company not being bothered whether my eyes hurt because of the PC’s radiation. Christian Grey is really interesting. The way he control situations, made Anna sign his contract, and how romantic he can get. No doubt, The Orange Wit is hooked to the book. I started talking about it to my officemates and M also asks me to send her a copy of the file. That is not a problem with me; I can hear Christian whispering in my ear saying, “we aim to please.”
August 29, 2012, Wednesday – I wake up at eleven in the morning just to catch up with my reading. By two in the afternoon, I already finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Thoughts started running through my head whether I should write about book 1 or just start reading Fifty Shades Darker, the latter prevail. It was embarrassing knowing the effect the book has on me. I already checked Facebook to know if there is a page about it, and there is. LOL. When I got to The Company, I first opened the PDF file of Darker before even I started working. I also failed to make my usual rounds of my favorite blogs. This is getting crazy.

August 30, 2012, Thursday – I read the part in the book where Grey kneels before Anna so that the girl will not leave him. This is my favorite part of the book. The two of them kneeling on the floor and seeing how Grey really loves her girl. For me that part was way better than the proposal. I went home at four in the morning and since Fifty Shades Darker really excites me, after I got home, I immediately opened Roommate’s Notebook to catch up. Every time a song is mentioned on the book, I looked for it at YouTube. What happened next was horrible. I lost track of time and finished Book Two at twelve noon. My eyes were hurting because of the glare, my head aches due to the lack of sleep, so I tried to rest. I woke up at three in the afternoon. Then, I don’t feel well, my body is really hurting and insisting that I should get more rest. I just called in sick that night. LOL
August 31, 2012, Friday – I started reading Book Three, and what I feared most happened. Unfortunately, Fifty Shades Freed never appealed to me the way the first and second book did. While reading Book Three, every time, I get tired of it, I do something else. I really don’t know. Maybe I want more secrets from Grey, or the conflict was not that interesting to me, but there was something on the book that makes me put it down easily.

September 1, 2012, Saturday – I didn’t have much time to read the book. Because I spent the night drinking with my friends, watching X Factor, and viewing some online celebrities’ live stream. And like what I told you, guys, it was easy putting Book Three down.
September 2, 2012, Sunday – While Roommate was cooking pasta, I was reading the book. LOL. Then, the plot became interesting, Christian and Ana fighting always get me grinning. Fascinated with how the story will end, I tried my best to finish the book right away. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Grey having the happy ending they always wanted really make me smile.

It is really a good book. Definitely, I will still get my own copy of the trilogy.
Would I recommend it? Hell yeah! But make sure that you are above 18 first, LOLS. *roll eyes*


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Saturday, September 1, 2012


A Round Table Challenge

Vanish without saying a word
Disappear and never explain
Combust all hopes and dreams
Then, drag me where no one wants to be.
Control the winds that take me away
Block the current where i float aimlessly
Unclog all thoughts that haunt me
Then, heal the wounds that marred me
Sing a song
Dance like you’ve never done before
Drink alcohol and puff another smoke
Then, punch something until your blood pour.
Clarify all ironies.
Remove the metaphors that were confusing
Comprehend the words said
Then, utter the phrases we both want to hear.
Remember how we both feel
Reminisce how happy we were
Let memory be a bitch
Then, make it remind us all the bad things.
Destroy the wall where I fence you in
Stay outside and never go back again
for the vagueness of how complicated we were
Created a monster in me that I can’t even portray





5: The Mean Reds

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