Monday, October 24, 2016

Letter To Explain

I am close to creating another blog. It felt that the best thing to do was to  start all over and to just stay anonymous. Since I last write, I've grown a lot. I do not have the same emotions as before. I do not have the same musing and thoughts. I've changed a thousand times over in a span of one year.

Change is good though. And as long as you are changing for the better, keep on changing.

Why does it feel that I am introducing myself again? Lols.

Well, my name is LJ, I am a 30 something who resides in Makati, and believes that every one has something good in them. On my free time, I surf the net a lot, I watch a lot of Youtube videos, and sometimes I read. I work full time on a call center in BGC and I am also a network marketer.

The reason why this blog resurrected from its slumber is the company where I am working now have blogger. Haha. Aside from that, I miss ranting  writing. I miss sharing stories. I miss you.

I do not know where this will go. But I thank you for keeping up with me -- specially in my absence. I still have to figure out how blogger works again so just bear with me. I promise next time, I will write something about porn. Hahaha. :D

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