Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look at Me, I’m Ranting!

Its four o clock and I am writing this one at my office PC, I will post it later because the site is blocked from where I am now. I’m now trying to kill time. I still have two more hours before my shift ends. Two more hours doing nothing, trying to be productive and making sure that everything has been accomplished before the two hours that I am trying to kill is gone.

Two hours is still long, though.

I don’t have to elaborate how tough working on grave yard shift is. Man, its tough! Aside from that fact that it is summer and thanks to climate change, the weather during the time that I am sleeping has not been that friendly, its painful being on this shift. Lately, I’ve been experiencing back pains and headaches due to lack of sleep. There were times that while I am on my way to Ortigas, my mind was still in dreamland, trying to make the most of a sweet dream knowing thatI have to work. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am just explaining myself. :P


One hour and 45 minutes to go. My eyelids are starting to give up, and the sad part is, I cannot give in. I just finished reading Adam Young’s blog entry for Taylor Swift. In a bit, I need to print certain things and create my turnovers for the morning shift. Lord, give me patience.

To be productive at this time of my shift, here are the things that I do:

- I try to read as many things as I can. Wikipedia is the only thing that our IT team cannot block; I’ve read everything from Paulo Coelho, to Sailor Moon, to Italian Culture, the British Monarchy, and right now, Adam Young and Owl City.

- Thanks to technology, Google Reader has now the capacity to incorporate your favorite blogs to your email; you will be able to read them while you’re at work.

- The new version of yahoo mail also provides you updates on your social networking sites. You will be able to read your friends’ updated status of Facebook and read the tweets of your favorite artists on Twitter, sweet right? Just be careful on posting things, though.

- I listen to the songs on my phone. My phone right now has 281 songs on it so it’s a big help.

- Since I don’t have a television on my Boarding House, I read the news at the office.

- Coffee and cigarettes has always been there to help me get thru the night.

- I eat, I talk with my office mates, and I chat via YM.

That was good. After writing that, I’ve realized that I am not wasting my time after all. :p

One hour and four minutes, argh, I really want to go home now. MY DEAR BED, SEE YOU IN AN HOUR AND 30.

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