Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lesser Evils

Office mate One (O1) is known to have a strong personality. Being a Call Centre veteran, she is familiar with how the industry works. She knows how to sound confidently in every call, her soft skills are above average, and she has this nature where she can be a bitch to every single person she will meet. She will be mean if she needs to without even thinking of who will cross her. She always strives for the best and anything that crosses her way will definitely feel her wrath.

 On the other hand, office mate two (O2) is new to the industry. She came from a good school, can speak superbly, however O2 has this reputation to be careless with the things she do. She can make good excel documentations of everything discussed however her retention is poor. Basically, she is slow. She also has a reputation in our batch that she basically needs attention – she talked about how she was raped before, will rant on the whole Vhong Navarro fiasco, et al.

What will you get if you put the two people together in a team? Of course, nothing but office cat fights. :D

Earlier this evening, as we have our Mentoring (a stage in a call centre where they ready you to take in calls on production), my two officemates clashed. What happened was while their mentor taught them how to navigate the tools (systems), O2 kept on asking questions about topics discussed weeks before. Since O1 really wants to get familiarize with the system, she felt that all questions O2 asked should really be ask before, yesterday was not the time to go back to such topics because we are way too delay on the things we need to learn. And after so many lost patience, office mate one finally makes the face. She rolled her eyes like she never ever rolled them before and her bitchy ways over powered all the understanding left for someone who cannot understand things right away. O2 then made the comment in front of their mentor and her team mates, “you know, O1, my brain cannot catch up with what you’re doing.” O1 then explained her side, she told her that we will take calls on Friday and she must not ask questions that were either stupid or should have asked before. Our trainer always told us to Own Our Own Learning and what O2 was doing is just pulling their team down. They are definitely not moving forward.

Embarrassed, O1 talked to me about the scene. And since O1 has been a friend, I understand where she is coming from. In this industry where you are always on your own in everything and improving on the things that you know, definitely, you will always look after your own ass. Sometimes people will be slow, you will tolerate stuff, but you must know when to stop tolerating them. You work for a reason, and in an industry where skills and knowledge is key to your success, you must also learn to be selfish and to look after yourself first.

However, I also feel bad for O2. Not because she is slow, or the whole class don’t like her, but I also know how harsh my friend can get. Being in her position, I know how painful it can get where all you ever wanted is to just work and then situations like this arise. What happened a while ago was just too much. But as per observations of the people who served as witness to the whole hullabaloo, it seems that O2 was just doing that to pissed O1. If such was true, ah, I don’t know anymore.

All I know is that the world will be better if we will know our limitations. When to maintain our cool, when to lose it, when to be smart, when to play dumb, when to be nice or harsh, when to tolerate stuff and when to avoid tolerance. Most of all, we need to know when to be more humane and lose our morals.

The world is indeed a crazy place. We will face situations where we will be nasty, sometimes way too evil, but in situations like that, I believe we must always be on the lesser side of things. 


  1. sometime there are two personalities that do not blend to each other no matter what you do unless both of them will adjust pag nag kakasalamuha sila. hirap nga kasi if ur trying to cope up with lessons tapos may member sa grupo na nag pupull down sa team niyo

  2. They need some good loving to shake off the tension between O1 and O2