Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Tower

Approximately, 52 steps. That is what you will face if you will visit my place. 

This is also what I face every single day for the past month. If I need to buy yosi, 52 steps; hey, I need to get the keys from my landlady in order to wash my clothes, 52 steps, If I forget anything and I am already in the fourth floor (our floor), another 52 steps going down, then up. I wonder why I haven't lose any weight. Haha!

Do not get me wrong. I love my new place. If you have a bad morning, all you have to do is go out the door and you will see Encong Dee and Dennis Trillo always smiling at you. The environment is also not too quiet nor too noisy. You can watch doves flying in groups, cats playing around at your neighbors' roof. Most of all, you can also watch people without being afraid of being watch back.

My new place, The Tower, gives me a new perspective in seeing things. I guess the most important is simple things will always makes you happy --- no matter how many steps or how steep the stairs you climb. :D


  1. aja. my boardmate. nakaya ko nga ng 2 years.

  2. I want to live on a tower too! It seems fun but then it isn't super safe to live on a tower

  3. AHahahaha, uhmm ito ba yung sa Cembo? Kakapagod nga umakyat jan.

    1. tama... mapapamura ka pagdating mo sa taas. :D

  4. akala ko sa simula, rant post. u love your new place naman pala. good to hear!