Sunday, June 26, 2011

My High School

A friend from High School and I chatted last night. Thanks to SKYPE, I was able to talk to her while cleaning my mails. It was fun. It was exciting having someone from the past go through all the things that you’ve done before. And to my surprise, talking about my High School seems easy.

So let me tell you something about my school.

Thanks to a streamer that my Dad saw in the streets, my parents forced me to apply for Muntinlupa Science High School (MunSci). It was scary at first but I know that if ever I passed, its way better that being in one of the pilot sections of our City High School. The entrance exam was hard, coming from a private school, I never thought that algebra were already being discussed to six graders, I even cannot believe it that I made it. I still remember rehearsing things to say if ever an interview will take place. HAHA! Thankfully, there wasn’t, and there I was part of the pioneer class of MunSci, one of the crème of the crop of our humble town.

I will admit that High School was really not my turf. I was really used to coasting along with the subjects because I really don’t like stressing myself. Academically, I know I was not good enough; I was not even stellar – pretty average, pretty ordinary. My batch mates were really serious about school. It will be an achievement for us if you will top a math quiz bee, join Digital LG quiz, win for a journalism press conference, those kind of things, while I just focus on Harry Potter, review when needed, and just sleep and watch TV on weekends – if you don’t have any projects to finish.

For an average and not so diligent student like me, MunSci will be the biggest challenge that you can possibly have. You have to go home late because you have to practice for a inter section competition, you have to leave your house on weekends because you have a project that is due Monday, you have to contribute for a recipe on a T.H.E assignment that you don’t even eat, and on top of that the schedule of quizzes and periodical exams never gets adjusted. It was really tiring and stressful. What’s worse is that you have to continue doing it, because at the end of the day, you know that it will all be worth it.

Socially, High School was really not my thing. Unlike now, back then I was really shy and quiet. I only talk when someone talk to me. I argue with someone for sitting on my chair. Singing, dancing and acting is really not my thing. I have some friends, like the girl I talked to yesterday, but I think I can only count them. People get pissed with me without me knowing what I did wrong. And until now, I never attended any gathering or reunions because I know that I will not have someone to talk to. Okay, put the L in the air now. HAHA

My economics teacher ask our section before, what will you like more, college or high school? Since we were still at high school, my classmates definitely say its high school, while I just remained quiet while my teacher uttered, “para sa akin, mas masaya ang college.” She’s right.

Hence, I still love and will always love MunSci. The amount of appreciation I have for all my teachers before is even impossible to fathom, because without my beloved Alma Matter, I will never be like this. If not for MunSci, College will never be easy, Confidence will be scarce, and being unsocial will always be my thing. I will always look back at how my school taught me with so many things academically, socially, and emotionally. I will always be proud of you, Muntinlupa Science, thank you for all the wonderful memories.

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  1. pioneer batch? meaning kabatch kita? who you? :D