Monday, May 13, 2013

A Boy Named Leech

Leech is only a code name.

I met Leech years ago. The first time I saw him was when I first live in Pateros. Since we were clan mates, he sent a group message telling everyone that he was on his way to Taguig. During that time, I was walking Pasig Park on my way to the jeepney stop where all the vehicles bound to Pateros and Taguig pass.

We were at the same place, at the same time, so it became inevitable that we should meet up.

That was the start. Since our areas were near each other, we started drinking together, and every moment was fun. He sang well, while I sang okay, so our favorite bonding moment was singing in a cheap videoke place in Rotonda.

Leech is awesome. You will really want him as your friend. He is your typical alpha gay but he doesn't consider him as such. He knows what he have but you will never feel that he brags about him. Yes, you will hear stories about him, the things he does and all, but you have to transcend through all the stories to fully understand him.

But things always happen. I left the clan that he used to lead then we lost communication.

God knows how I tried my best to find him. It is really my nature that when someone starts to mean something to me, specially if that person became my friend, I will do my best to keep you. But when you start to realize that the only information you have is his first name left my hopes in finding him on FB flush on the drain. I ask our common friends and found out that he was not on our clan before. Leech was really a slimy thing to catch.

But I found him. Just a while ago. And I cannot be more ecstatic about it. Nothing beats looking for something you missed terribly.

And that is why I am writing again. Because I am not just happy, I feel splendid. :D

So, how you've been? Let's catch up. :)


  1. katuwa naman. you found him again:)

  2. That was fast! (Or matagal akong di nag-bloghop) Glad to see you're writing again.

    Bakit Leech? Akala ko pa naman utangero si kuya. haha

  3. well i used to join clan, i actually lead one, and it's great that up until now we are all friends, i also met my best friend and my current gf on a clan too haha

  4. And inspiration gushes like blood from a fresh wound or a spring from an oasis.

    Hope the writing never stops.

  5. hmmmmnnn... why Leech? fishy huh... HD?

  6. i'm glad you've reconnected with your friend and that the experience got you writing again. it's always fantastic to know you're happy, lj. :) PM

  7. Leech talaga? Hahaha but it's nice to know that you were able to reconnect with your friend and that experience made you write again. As you said, splendid! :)