Monday, July 29, 2013

Finding Bravery (A Random Post)

My hands shakes as I start typing these words. I know. Its been a month since my absence without leave and I am really ashamed of myself.

Forgive me. I will try not to make excuses but allow me to explain myself. :)

First, I got promoted. Who would have thought? I know I have been blabbing about leaving my current post, and I seriously cannot wait to render my resignation, but because of a selfish being who lives in Bacolod, I cannot do that anytime soon. What happened? Since our job deals with money matters, we really try our best to be extra cautious every time you do something. And there was one incident last April that lead me to being stuck in the company, we credited 60K to someone in mistake. We tried talking to the person who received the money but she started making excuses, then she started hiding, then though we tried our best to cooperate with her. Cooperation is like love, it works both ways. So here I am trying my best to find my cheerful self in spite of all the things that are happening, paying for something that I never earned, and hoping that we will still find a way to get the money back. Hey, maybe you know someone from Bacolod who can threat this person. A police, barangay tanod, a man with a big dog, a judge, or someone who has mastery with the dark arts? Hahaha! That will help us tremendously. Leave a comment, please.

What else? Hmm... I read a lot of books in my absence. I finished Dan Brown's Inferno, most of John Greene's books, and now I am still trying to finish the Pretty Little Liars series. I will try talking about it next time if courage never left me. :P

My world change ever since Google shut down Reader. Seriously, you don't understand. Though I never comment on anything recently, I read most of your posts. And now that Google shut down Reader (paulit-ulit? hehe), I really cannot view your posts in the office. I am still working on moving my station near the window so I can steal some of our building's WIFI and use Feedly, and since that is not happening yet, please bear with me. :D I am really doing my best. Haha.

I still live in Cavite, however it is not as grueling as my previous posts. I'm starting to love living with my family again. Though the long travel time still keeps me exhausted, I am starting to appreciate the perks of being dependent again.

For the mean time, we will just stick with this information. Till next time. I miss everyone! :D


  1. welcome back jay it's nice to know na oks na ang lahat sayo
    congrats sa promotion, and sa mga books na natapos mo na,
    anyway, oks pa nman ung google reader ahh

  2. hmmnnnn... ikaw na busy... hehehe... I tried to contact you before the BMIM Sabak but to no avail...

    welcome back! i hope ma-resolve na yung isyu sa wrong credit kasi 60K is hindi birong halaga...

  3. LJ! You have a lot of (extra) explaining to do here. Ahaha. But kidding aside, whatever you experienced will be one hard lesson that you have to learnm para next time it won't happen again.

    Btw, I'm celebrating my blogs seventh birthday! I’m tagging you in this blog meme. Hope you’ll find it interesting enough to answer it. Hit me when you do, ha! Here's the link:

    Hugs to you! Paramdam ka naman sa blog ko :)