Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Silver Lining

I am contemplating on one thing. How do they do it?

I have a friend who ended his five years relationship for someone new. Another friend who has this habit of replacing her ex in a span of two weeks ended up with someone you will never imagine she will choose. Not only that, she is madly in love. Then, there is another friend, who came from an abusive relationship who ended up being taken by her first boyfriend.

How do they do it? How do they make love seems so easy?

This has been my battle for years. I will try not to blame my past but I notice that every time that love has been a topic, I am becoming apprehensive about it. Though it is embarrassing to admit, I am scared. Sometimes, love can get so tricky to the point that I become too lazy getting into it. I know my concerns -- the reasons why I am scared and why I feel I am not worth it of the whole relationship thing.

So the past week, I tried to overcome all the things I am scared of. First, approaching and being flirty with people. I started chatting all my friends in Facebook I eyed on for the longest time. They are not much. But with a little courage and a great anticipation of rejection, I still proceed. Certain things turned out well. We became chat mates, then eventually, text mates. Some never responded, which was expected. To my surprise, I started becoming confident of how the whole thing work. I understand that though some may bore you to death, since they are what you eye for, you have to adjust. Sometimes, relationships needs effort and patience and whole lot of sweetness. Though you cannot woo somebody with your looks, do it with words and listening skills! It makes a difference. I now knew that I can get someone I wanted, you just have to learn the tricks. :D

There comes my silver lining. 

I started having a new perspective about love. It has been a cliche that you have to risk some things in order to gain some. And I guess though the thought terrifies me now, I really have to face it. It has been a wall that became a hindrance to all the things that I wanted. 

So get me my wrecking ball. :D

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