Saturday, December 21, 2013

Changing Gears

The interviewer ask me, "what was the biggest challenge in your past job?"

In my own Miss Universe moment, I answered, "I think it will be deciding to resign. Because for the past four years, you were able to establish relationships beyond your work environment. Your office mates became your best of friends, you then became a god parent of their kid, you saw them grieve when someone they love past away, and you were more happy when they celebrated something special in their life. And knowing the possibilities are great that you will never see them again is really a challenge. I am just glad they supported my decision, and they are happy for me. Because no matter how heart breaking resignation is, the thought that they are behind me, makes me stronger. It makes me more motivated that I have to make this decision work. Forget about failing myself. The idea of failing them is my Waterloo."

And just like that. Next year, I have a new job, and it involves Avayas. :D


  1. Hopefully you wouldnt regret your decision :)

  2. Regret is overrated. Sometimes, we just need to be ready for all the things that will happen.

  3. That's just right in the pocket! baka magamit ko rin ang linyang 'to sa interview. hehe. =)

  4. Hands down to your Miss Universe answer. Loving it! Anyhoo, congratulations on your new job lovely. Also, can you please explain further the 'Avayas'? I'm too lazy to type it in Google right now. Haha :)

    PS.- Happy New Year :)