Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Its Me, Your Prince

Father, Its me, your Prince.

And Father, I am weak.

I am ruthless, rude, sarcastic, and horrible.

Father, I am a monster, in my own little ways.

Not realizing how gigantic little things can get.

Father, I am always tempted to do bad things.

My ambition sometimes forced me to concentrate on loving myself

Than being selfless and start caring for others

Moments happened where I don’t recognize myself anymore

Questioning, who I am? Is this the son you created?

Am I what you wanted?

In the middle of all the harsh things, you always blind me.

By your presence, by your love, and by the things you teach.

You remind me that I am still your prince in my own little ways.

Because you know that a thousand mile starts from a single step.

And in that stretch, though I sometimes let go of your hands,

You are still beside me.

Holding me, protecting me, and loving me.

Father, I know sometimes I am not worth it of your love.

A monster doesn’t deserve your love.

And in days where I am so confuse, you cover me with your blood.

Cleansing me, renewing me, and loving me.

Father, I will always be sorry for my sins.

I will always promise to try my best to never commit them again.

And in days where I break such,

Forgive me. Forgive me if I cannot forgive myself.

My lord, I lift all my burdens to you,

All the things I am scared of and all the things that disappoints you.

Just never let go, because I won’t.

Just never lose faith in me, because I will always have faith in you.

Just be there, as always.

And I will be eternally grateful.

You are the reason why I am alive.

You, my Lord, are the reason why I change.

You are the reason why I forgive myself.

And you are the reason why I became fearless.

You are bigger than everything.

And knowing that you are my father makes me feel

Greater than all things

This is my official entry to Joy's Letter To God Contest


  1. Amen...

    Well thought of... Good luck po!

    1. Salamat senyor, good luck din po sa entry mo.

  2. Title pa lang lakas na ng kutob ko na entry ito sa pacontest ni Mommy Joy. Gusto ko sana sumali kaso baka hindi sya maniwala isipin nya im doing it just for the money heheheh. Good luck sa entry mo!

    1. Naku parang naguilty naman ako sa sinabi mo. hehe. Well, I am just giving this a try. Pati I havent written God a letter in a while. :D

  3. Yan pala nagagawa ng nalalayo sa Manila -- nagiging lalong poetic :) -Elmer

    1. Haha. Parang ganoon, naisip ko ito habang asa bus ako papasok sa manila. Sa office ko lang sinulat. :D

  4. We find solace in the fact that He is our Father, and we are His princes and princesses.

    1. Amen Addie. Thank you for your contribution in this entry (you know what I am talking about, right?)

  5. amen! nice one lj good luck ako wala talaga ko maisulat

  6. This is so beautiful. Sorry ngayon ko lang nakita kasi wala pa yong blog mo sa bloglist ko before at di mo pinadala sa email ko. Anyway, follower mo na ako now at i feature ko eto sa susunod na blogpost ko.
    Mukhang mahihirapan ang judge. Ang gagaling nyo. Maybe beacuse it comes from the heart kaya nakakaluha lagi. Good luck. You inspires and brings glory to God:)

    1. Thank you po. Yeah, madaming magaling Mommy Joy. Ngayon ko lang po nalaman na kailangang i email. :D

  7. Wow, an entry with a statement of an early threat hahaha! Nice one. Good luck :))

    1. Maka threat naman, hehe... salamat Daddy Jay, I cant wait for your entry. :D

  8. na touch ako dito sa entry mo pare . moving. heartfelt. Raw. Genuine.:)

    naiyak ng slight. ganyan. T_T


    1. waa.... salamat sa comment pare, i appreciate it more than anything else.

  9. Wow ang galing... Talagang the Lord's love covers up everything... Kahit di tayo perfect his love is enough to make us worthy :)

    1. Salamat po. That is what I really want to imply, though I make a lot of harsh things, in the end, he is still there.