Saturday, April 20, 2013


When The Company started printing and reading our YM conversations to ensure that all stuff being talked about over messenger are work related, everyone was aghast!

I was loathing.Well, who wouldn't be?

Things got more interesting when one of my supervisor was tasked to read all conversations and make a report about it. Imagine your the supervisor and you have to read your subordinates talking things about you. And they are not pretty. Haha. It made my Sup so stressed that she never talked to us weeks after it happened.

Among all the Christmas greetings, the HIs and Hellos, and all the gossips that circulated through the YM conversations, there were talks about one office mate who flirted with people while at work. Haha. It was crazy. She really proved that our senior officers were correct.

Mommy, being  diplomatic and caring about all of her employees, just told us that whatever was talked about in YM and all the things personal will remain confidential. What she also said amazed me, like when we talked about our office mate who were chatting with men while working. She just said that, "lahat ng tao may landi, lahat tayo may ginagawang mali, so wala tayong dapat iworry, kasi kung ano man ang kanya, kanya lang yun."

I always remember those words in moments where I feel that I committed something unforgivable. Specially when you are faced with situations that are too out of your control. All of us have our own share of bad attitude, probably some of us committed something that we are not proud of. There are things I am not proud of, but I acknowledge all the bad things I've done in my life and I am trying my best to make things right.

And I guess, if people will judge you because of all the faults you made, hmm, I will tell them to check themselves first. :D

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  1. sabi nga ni Shakespear,
    "forbear to judge for we are sinners all"
    haha pero ayun nga mas ok din ung life na wala kang natatapakan
    pero i guess that was kinda impossible naman diba

  2. Tooomoooh! BTW, your blog's anniversary is in 6 days. Congrats! :)

  3. Agree ako sa sinabi ni mommy. ^_^ Kakatakot naman yung sa YM conversation. hahaha!

  4. he point that I got here is this: I am trying my best to make things right.

    Kumbaga, let's forget of the yesterday and focus on the today, the now and the day after today.

    We all commit mistakes and it is humbling if we acknowledge them before God and ask for forgiveness.

  5. "lahat ng tao may landi, lahat tayo may ginagawang mali, so wala tayong dapat iworry, kasi kung ano man ang kanya, kanya lang yun."
    Wow, ang taray naman ng statement na ito! Kakaloka. But if you think about it, this statement has a point. Ika nga nila, bago mo punahin ang uling sa mukha ng iba, tignan mo muna yung sa iyo. But then again, kailangan dapat one should know their place and limit. What do you think? :)

    PS. - I am back! I miss your blog, LJ :)

  6. Ang oa naman yung pagawan talaga bg report at i backread pa. Dagdag nonsense work lang yan sa isang sup.

  7. Yes, nobody is perfect and we should all learn to mind our own business.
    Have a nice day:)

  8. Hmm sana hindi na binasa yung mga YM conversations coz they really are setting themselves up for disappointment. What did they expect? Some conversations are never meant to be heard or read.

  9. sa office, my boss had a series of screens in his office that duplicates ours... one time, i convinced most of the staff to view a porn site all at once - for fun... lol!

    the extent of "privacy" in the workplace is highly subjective.


  10. hala diba nagkachat na tayo noon!