Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book 2 and 3 of 2013: The Nicholas Sparks Experience

Will it be safe to say that everyone knows Nicholas Sparks?

In case you don’t, Nicholas Sparks is a romance novel writer. He wrote some of the famous love stories that were made to movies. I only watched one of his films – Dear John. It was pretty good. It features the super hot Channing Tatum. Haha.

However, I was never a fan of Nicholas Sparks. Aside from romance is really not my turf, I really don’t like the way romance stories makes me feel. But that doesn’t mean, I will not read his books, though. Books will always be fun to read, believe me.

A Walk to Remember has been a hit. I remember my sisters crying the moment Mandy Moore and Shane West got married in the movie. I never watched the whole film though, but seeing the trailers and watching Cry and Only Hope where portions of it were shown made me understand how the whole story flow. It talks about a girl, who will die, and how the guy who never saw loving her fall in love and made her remaining time on earth extra special.

Surprisingly, the book was an easy read. I finished it in a night and I can say that the story will make you appreciate how love can change someone. The book was way different compared to the movie, though. It doesn’t have Jaime’s wishes where the movie will make you love Landon more. I also thought that A Walk to Remember was about Landon walking Jamie home, haha, the title of the book was taken from the moment Jamie walked the aisle when the two got married.

What was frustrating was the book never detailed what happened to Landon after his wife passed away. I want to know if he falls in love again, whether he got married and how he moved on. Too bad, his story never really showed.

As mentioned, I was able to watch Dear John. It was a story about army guy who falls madly in love with the girl of his dreams and got heartbroken because the girl of his dreams married her best friend. John and Savannah’s love story was way longer, it has an interesting conflict, and the letters featured were written amazingly.

Compared to A Walk to Remember, I appreciate Dear John more because things like this really happen frequently. Distance and the call of duty can really be a nightmare and Mr. Sparks maximized this stuff without making things that much complicated. It was a simple, head on realization that love can really make you feel miserable. Love will make you understand that sometimes sacrifices needs to be made in order to be happy.

Have I mentioned that the movie version is way different? Haha. If you seen the movie and became happy because the leads and the story lived happily ever after, I am sorry, they didn’t. You have to read the book to know why. :D

I know that I will never buy a Nicholas Sparks book. They are pricey and I really don’t see myself having them on my shelf. Still, I appreciate Nicholas Sparks, because he provided two books that will make you understand that love is not always sweet and star spangled, sometimes, it has to hurt though all you did was love wholeheartedly. Love can sometimes be a hopeless place.

What Nicholas Sparks book can you suggest that I should read next? :P


  1. well the movie from his book was hailed as one of the saddest well i must say he's pretty good and the fact that his name is written bigger that the tittle of his story too

    1. I never noticed that. :D But I guess Nicholas Sparks already established himself in that way. :D