Monday, February 18, 2013

Book 4 of 2013: On Great Perhaps and Inescapable Labyrinths

Thoughts on Looking for Alaska by John Green

I finished reading Looking for Alaska last week. Apologies for not writing about it right away. I was busy. :)

Also, I really don’t plan on writing a review about it. You guys can read PM’s review about it. She forced me to read it last year; however I was stuck with so many books to read, and work and schedule has been too mayhem to even consider opening its PDF file (Thanks, PM!). Hence, believe me, this book is so worth it reading I disgust myself for not reading it right away.

As stated, no review this time. We will just talk about two ideas presented in the book and how it affected me in ways I never expected it to be.

The Great Perhaps – the lead in the book is in search for this, the same way we believe in what ifs and will this work. I see The Great Perhaps as the risks we face each day, the decisions we made, and the probabilities of attaining something with nothing. The Great Perhaps can be a great trick, depending on how you see it. It draws a thin line of being optimistic and delusional. I use it for the optimistic side.

How will I get out of this Labyrinth? Alaska Young said. Labyrinth represents suffering in all forms and degree. Alaska’s Labyrinth comes from the things that happened to her when she was a kid. Obviously she never got out of it because she died, whether it was suicide or not, no one can tell. Sadly, Alaska’s labyrinth ended in an ugly manner.

Looking for Alaska entered my life while I am still searching my own great perhaps and while I am trying to find ways to lessen the labyrinths that drowns me. It was perfect timing. I understand that the great perhaps may take time, definitely it will take a lot of effort but the outcome will be sweet. In cases where labyrinths happen, there is nothing you can do but to get out of it, never let it cloud you forever. A perfect advise if start a prayer.

The book is a story about hope – finding it and never losing it. I was close to believing that Alaska and I were the same, but if I will think about it, we are different in a lot of aspects. I don’t feel the need to get out of the labyrinths which trapped me. Definitely, challenges happen, but I will just let it pass. En route to my Great Perhaps.


  1. haha kakahiya di ko pa nababasa ung power of six
    kase pag nasa computer na ko di na ko makaalis sa blogging haha
    need ko talaga ng hard copy

    anyways nakatapos uli ako ng book
    ung tuesday with morrie at sobrang ganda nya

    naun nagbabasa ako ng chicken soup

  2. I remember reading that book in high school. I agree, books are really better. Nakakapagbasa lang naman ako ng pdf sa work we, hehe. Chicken Soup is also a good choice MEcoy. Keep on reading!

  3. Nakakaintriga naman... gusto ko na ring basahin ang librong iyan... thank you for sharing...

    1. Haha. You should grab a copy of it. It will leave you speechless

  4. LG!!!! i miss reading something like this from ur blog... at work di ko makita post mo kasi nka filter anf mga sites... alam mo naman... were not friends sa mga taga IT department... kaya puro nalang title ng mga post mo nababasa ko...