Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rants 2.0

As always, the clouds above me are still in shades of gray. Staying in this part of the universe called life can get exhausting, but the last time I checked on myself, I am still breathing. I am still okay.

There are a lot of things I am exhausted about: responsibilities that kept of piling up, expectations that you always have to meet, staying on a job that is close to making you self destruct and being alone in all the battlefields you throw yourself into.

Life is tough. But, life is tougher when you are a breadwinner who wants to resign from work because you are no longer happy (aside from it doesn’t provide well) but cannot resign because you think that starting over may make things more complicated.

There were days where I miss my old life. I miss the moments where I still work in a BPO. I long for the perks and all the things that go with taking calls. Though the job can be more exhausting, the opportunity to experience more things makes it okay. It levels the playing field of stress, monotony and of course, lack of sleep.

I am still thinking about the reason which halts me to resign. Is it my three year tenure in the office? Is it my friends at work? Or, is it the lean moments where a shift will end and you will feel relieved because you hardly do anything? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am having a struggle deciding what to do in the next couple of months. My head is so confused right now.

Okay, I am ranting. I am sorry.


  1. kaya yan te ! : ) i feel you.. ako din gustong gusto ko na mag resign sa work ko ngayon...

    1. Hehe. Siguraduhin may lilipatan bago magresign, mahirap na. :D

  2. naku stressful kasi talga ata work mo ee
    pagisipan mo maige yan parekoy
    pero sa tingin ko kung nahihirapan ka na talaga
    dame pa naman available job para sayo

    1. I know, pero siyempre ang dami ding dapat iconsider. Yan ang pain in the head. :D


  3. This too shall pass .

    kaya ngiti lang kahit mahirap.

    and pray too :)