Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nothing to Fright, A Sonnet

When I lost all reason to believe in you.
I find myself believing you more.
And then all my faith has been renew.
And I am no longer unsure.
Wishing that you will keep me under you protection
Featured you in all of my actions
Desiring that you will guide all of my decision
With your unconditional love so sweet like lemons
Yet, Father God, I still let go of your hand
Haply you still give me your mercy
Like how the sun brighten up the land
From a storm which tremors the sea
For you are the reason that I live, sing and write
That because of your love, I have nothing to fright.


  1. I love it...short and simple but I feel the intention...

    1. Maraming salamat po Senyor. Ito ang Assignment ito nung anak ng landlady ko. Pinost ko lang.

  2. na tats ako dito. pramis.

    Sana marami pang assignments na ganyan. hehe

  3. amen!
    God is great in all his way!
    ganda neto LJ love na love ko nakakabasa ng love letter para kay god
    anyways next post ko love letter din sa kanya