Sunday, March 17, 2013

AION on My Mind

There are two things that I am busy with - work and AION Ascencion.

I won't dwell on how miserable things have become with work. Probably, my previous posts have reiterated that too much so right now, we will just talk about the good stuff. Haha!

AION is created by NCSoft and the game that I played is the one played in the U.S. Yes, it is a MMORPG that allows you to interact with people around the world. I have legion mates (guild, if you're on Ragna and RAN) coming from Mexico, Canada, United States, and of course the Philippines. The current software has a max level (highest level) of 60, my Chanter is now level 55, haha! The updated version will be available soon where the new max level is 65.

My character is a Chanter. It is a class that can support and attack. Support because it has skills that boost you team's skills and characteristics. It can heal in cases where a Cleric is not capable of healing because it is in a altered state or dead. It has skills that can damage an opponent tremendously and my character can be tough on PVP because it wont die easily because of its healing skills.

AION will not bore you. Seriously, if I don't work, I can stay in front of the PC and play for hours. You can do a lot of things. The game is pretty intense it can get addicting.

How will you get busy with AION? Like any other online games, of course you need to improve your character's level. You can achieve this by doing quests. Quests in AION are the two birds you hit with one stone. Aside from it rewards you EXP points, Kinah (money in AION), and items that you need in the game. Quests also allows you to kill mobs where you get more EXP points.

If you get fed up with killing mobs and running or flying (yes, there are aerial battles and wings) from one place to another - you can do Instances. Instance is a map that you can do alone, with a group of six players, or an alliance composed of 24 people. Basically, it is an activity where you have to kill several boss. If you think that all you have to do in an instance is to make sure that the DPS (damage per second) is high, its not. Instances can get pretty complicated that you have to know what your character does in a particular map.

The video below is one of the most irritating boss I ever met on AION. See how he needs to be killed by watching the video 

Since mine is a Chanter, my role in an instance is to ensure that I will support the tank (person who lures the mob) and the Cleric (healer). Now I know my role, will I just stick to that? Definitely not. Instances in AION have levels of difficulties. Every boss is different. Most of the time, I research (watch in youtube and read guides onlines) a particular map/boss first before entering them just to make sure you will do the right things. That way, your team will survive the entire activity. Instances are fun. You will get amazing loots and level as well because the mobs provides greater EXP points.

In every online game you also have to consider your weapon and your gear (what your character wears). AION has a lot of sources for this things. You can buy them using Abyss Points, Special Coins, medals and killing bosses in instances. I am now working on this things because I don't want my character to be as soft as paper once it reached level 60. Haha!

PVP also makes AION fun. In the game you need to choose a race (Elyos or Asmodians, my character is an Elyos), and there are locations where you have no choice but to kill rather than get killed. This makes the game hard because there are moments where, while you are doing a quest, you just get killed because a member of the opposing race passed by the road that you are in. There are maps where you the only thing that you will do is just chase an Asmodian and make sure that you will get his Abyss Points by killing him. Haha.

Right now, I cannot wait to play again and reach the max level. I hope that this post sparks your interest to try playing the game. Once you tried, please take note that my character is part of the Elyos Race under Siel's server.

Take Care and Have a Great Sunday!


  1. nice ganda ng name hmm, wang katumbas na character samin sa dragon nest kasi ung cleric na din ung healer at madameng buffs samen ee
    saka individually my mga buffs din bawat character,

    nice karamihan ng support ee sa pvp talaga bumabawi ee,
    hmmm panu ba pvp nu? parang dragon nest din ganada kasi ng gameplay ng dragon nest lalo pvp kaso hirap,

    ung character ko ee sorceress na naging smasher ok din sa pvp kasi my time stop kaso malambot,
    cleric pinaka makunat na char namin ee sya din tanker

    nice parang ran at wow ung itsura nya nu, at may mga rituals din sa pag talo sa boss ang kunat ahh! parang ung sa sea dragon namen kulang ang 30mins sa pag run sa dungeon

    1. hmmm panu ba pvp nu? - mahirap ang pvp mecoy kasi parang wala kang option kundi pumatay kasi kung hindi ikaw ang mapapatay.

      malambot din ang character ko kaya nga ngayon im working sa set. haist mahirap pero kakayanin sir. :D in due time mamaw na siya