Friday, March 1, 2013

Like Ever

A Round Table Challenge

“I thought what happened will never separate us. Why are you doing this now?” The boy said as he stared at the crowd below. He cannot look at her teary eyes, he doesn't want to hear the words that will come from the lips that she loves to kiss; he doesn't want to end this.

It was three months after her miscarriage. Both of them suffered tremendously when the baby went away.

“You are aware of what we both been through, right? We were closed to stopping school because we need to give way for the baby. My father still doesn't talk to me. Your mom is still disappointed with us. How do you act like everything seems okay when both of us are hurting?” The girl said.

This is really happening, he thought. Clouds started to cover the sky. It was like a bad omen informing him that of the tougher things that he needs to face. Losing your first kid was unbearable. Being left behind is hell. Dreams started to falter in his head. A garden wedding after they pass the board exam, a Victorian house somewhere in Makati, kids who will carry his name, a family that he will work hard for and protect, and a  fairy tale ending where everyone will have a happily ever after. They all vanish in thin air.

He still doesn’t say a word. He was not sure where to begin their ending. Finally, the words started pouring in.

“You promised. We promised. We promised that we will be strong. We swore that no matter what people say, we will hang on to what we have.We told each other that no matter how hard things turn out to be, we will just remain together and believe in what we shared. Babe, I am also upset. My heart breaks every day since he was taken away. If you just know how prepared I was to give up school just for both of you. If you just know that I will sacrifice everything to make you more comfortable. I just want you to believe in me. Please, don’t do this.”


Tears started to fall on the accounting book in front of her. She still doesn’t look at him. He knew that she was avoiding him. Hope started to surround him. He started believing that what they have can still be saved.

She closed her book, wiped her eyes and started fixing her things. “I love you. I always do. However, love will never be enough for me. I know you have bigger dreams and I really don’t want you wasting them. I also don’t want to waste mine. A lot of people believe in us, and right now, I don’t want the two of us failing them all over again. Love can wait, babe.”

He tried to interrupt however the girl was quick to place his index finger at his lips.

“I want you to be happy. I will forever apologize for this day. If you just know how I despise myself because I cannot even keep our promise. But, please understand that I am too exhausted in believing in the promises that we keep. We are both young. There are still a lot in store for us. Right now, it is best that we concentrate on our dreams first before even believing in us. We have our share of defeat. Let us try to listen to what people say. It is time to give up now. We can always be friends, right?”

Irritated, the boy walked away leaving the girl with her books and her dreams. He knew he was young. Probably the girl was correct. But what she never saw was she was also part of his dreams. Loving her was the epitome of all the things he wanted. Still, she threw it all away.

He continued walking. No turning back now. Adjusting his pace, he walked without even understanding where he was going. All he knew was that moment, he was not happy, and he will not ran back after her.

All the things that he hoped for the two of them suddenly appeared. A garden wedding after they pass the board exam, a Victorian house somewhere in Makati, kids who will carry his name, a family that he will work hard for and protect, and a  fairy tale ending where everyone will have a happily ever after.

The odds with happily ever after is it even things out. They were both happy at some point. Challenged most of the time. And devastated when it all ended. Fair enough.

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  1. some love just aint to be
    and before you find the "ONE"
    you have to go through a series of heart breaks,
    failures and endings
    nothing is sure but yet it was always worth the risk

    1. Yeah, there are risks you face and there are risk where you learn something.

  2. haaaayyyy...sakit naman sa dibdib ng boy+girl story mo... ganda well written... i feel the emotion...

    1. Pasensiya naman senyor, promise next time, mas masakit. :D

  3. Galing mag-sulat ah! Nice. Next time boy-boy story ulit :)

  4. i feel frustrated at the end of this; separate from my shame, of course