Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am known as the rebel here in the company.

I don’t follow instructions easily. In situations where I noticed something wrong, expect me to be to be the first person to complain right away. In events where I really don’t agree with something, you can peel all the epidermis in my body and I will still stand on what I believe in.

I am the person who will not care. I am the leader of the opposition. I always have something to say.
In return, I make sure that all the things I need to do will be finished right away. If my superiors will ask me something, even though I don’t want to do it, I will still comply. I remember when I was still an agent, I never go into after shift meetings/unpaid OTs but I still make sure that my stats will be pleasing enough in order for my Managers to never complain.

I can be a pain in the neck. Hence, I will still be an asset to any team.

However, we all have limits. We sometimes get to the point where our system will never connect to all the things surrounding us. And after three years of tolerating all the diverse situations and people at the work place, I know I’ve reached it.

An asset has now turned into a liability. And in days where everything seems too mayhem to remain sane, I can assure you now that I had enough.


  1. wow i hope everything's alright. whatever it is LJ you know i'm rooting for you.

  2. well being true and believing and fighting for what is right is never wrong
    I adore you for that even more lj
    in my case I cant do it like you,
    im more of a submissive and soft spoken guy