Saturday, December 8, 2012

Report Card 2012

Gillboard posted his Report Card for 2012. I created mine last year and when I saw that his post, I feel frightened. 2012 was really not a good year for me. It was also not bad. However, knowing all the mishaps I’ve been through this year, even though I haven’t started this grading sheet, I know I failed already.

The past is already here to haunt me. And a blogger needs to do what a blogger needs to do, so without further ado, let’s do this!

CAREER 80% (2011 – 90%)

I worked for the same company for three years. It was the longest that I’ve been through in any institutions. I should be happy, but part of me has been in the darker shade of things throughout the year. Instances happened where I just coasted along. I worked hard only for the pay and never aimed for something that will help me grow. Man, I am embarrassed.

Days transpired where I contemplated on resigning and just go back to the old industry where I came from. Negative thoughts succeeded to affect how I performed. This year, I was still the rebel in the company. And yes, I am still embarrassed with how things turned out.

SOCIAL LIFE 80% (2012 - 85%)

This year, all I wanted was to be alone. Maybe I went through a lot of stuff and I really never wanted anything, or anyone, distracting me.

Yeah, I made a lot of friends for sure, but I also lost some of them.

Believe me, it happens.

LOVE LIFE 70% (2011 - 78%)

Another year of single-blessedness. LOL.

I’d rather be alone because I don’t want anything distracting me, never expect that there may be an increase this year.

BLOG LIFE 95% (2011 - 98%)

Thank goodness to blogging, there was still something I can be proud about. I survived another year maintaining this page and joining several blog groups and blog memes. I met a lot of awesome writers, dreamers and friends who motivated me to make every post worth writing.

I appreciate every single one of them.

Compared to last year’s stats, definitely, this year was way better. I still need to work on my grammar, though. Well, what the heck?

SAVINGS 70 % (2011 - 75%)

I failed last year and this year. This trend should stop, and as I write this down, I am already planning how I can make next year better.

HEALTH 80% (2011 – 80%)

I promised that I will work on my smoking this year and it never happened. Though, I never been hospitalized, I knew that my body became weaker. The only thing that I will promise is to make sure that this section will improve next year

AVERAGE 79.16 %


I failed big time this year. Now, the only thing that I am thankful for is the strength this activity gave me in acknowledging how weak I became in all aspects of my entirety. There is definitely nothing to be proud of but, as always, there is something to be optimistic for.

Though 2012 was an epic failure, the year also thought me loads of lessons that motivated me to do better next year.

All I can hope now is that the world will never end on the 21st. I still have plans. The dreams are stills there for them to be realized. And no matter how embarrassing writing about it was, I won’t give up.

What is your grade for this year?


  1. i dont really know how will i rate this for the past few weeks i can't even feel my self haha

    1. Don't worry, it happens. I feel mandated to do it. :p

  2. But how do your rate yourself? You just grade without criteria LJ? Just curious.

    1. Good question, I based it on how I did last year, and how it felt. I graded myself with the grade that I feel I deserve. :D

  3. Good luck on your blogging career! I've seen the improvement and it's great! :)

    1. Thank you Elmer for being there all the way. :D

  4. Hello! I miss dropping by your blog :) Hugs! I can so relate about having a 'rocky' year. But this post of yours kinda motivated me to assess how 2012 was for me. Don't worry, I will pray that 2013 will be a better and fun year for you dear :)

    PS. can I repost this on my blog? (for blogging sake)

    1. by all means, go! Its a good start, my dear. :D

  5. like what i've said in Gillboard's blog, just continue on and improve next year. there is always hope. :)

    1. I know. 2013 must be different.