Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Dolphy Story

We all have our Dolphy Story.

If we are in the same age bracket (18-20, hahaha), definitely you’ve watched an episode of Home Along the Riles where the Kosme family were always having a good time while eating at the dining table. I love it when Mang Kevin and Steve will always argue and the former will make something comedic about the latter. It is crazier how he always remind the Sunog Bagas of the Riles to stop with their vices. Happy Times!

I am sure you also waited for the replays of John and Marsha at RPN 9. You will also laugh your hardest every time Matutina will always say, “Kaya ikaw John, magsumikap ka…” Classic.

But if there is one memory of Dolphy that I will never forget, it will be this.

Enjoy the video!

Dolphy, crying and putting makeup, dancing with his two sons, in drag! No wonder he is timeless. He knows how to put A in Acting and he really do well on it. Remember when he won the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in a single night? Only Dolphy can do that! And no matter how big a star The Majesty he, he still act as a commoner. He remains humble in spite of all the blessings that came his way.

Now, he is gone. And, I am sure, he is in a better place now.

Enjoy the Journey Sir. Make God, the angels and all his saints laugh with all of your jokes and antics. We will miss you, the way they miss you while you are making all of the Filipinos forget their problems with your shows and movies.

R.I.P, King Dolphy!

I would love to hear your Dolphy story. Common, share. :D


  1. i love all his work i grew up watching home along the riles and i also get to watch that marcova and i must admit thats is when i saw the other side of him in terms of acting if i wasnt mistaken i think that movie got nominations at some prestigious international award giving body

    1. true. when dolphy cries, its serious business

  2. I will always remember him as Kevin Cosme :)

  3. 53rd follower :) thank you for visiting my blog. and i cannot seem to ignore that we have a similar fave color ^_^

    dolphy had a great life when he was alive. ♥

    1. wow, hello katukayo! heheh... thanks for following.


  4. i loved home along da riles too. it's interesting to see the kids then now all grown up. i'm like, "how old am i?" :D i watched the eulogy last night on anc. great man, this guy. PM

  5. I've always been a Dolphy fan since Home Along Da Riles days. For me, he'll be forever the loving Father, Kevin Cosme. Every night nung bata pa ako, nagpupuyat ako para mapanuod itong sitcom niya kasi nakakatawa at ang lakas maka-GV before matulog. I would always laugh pa nga pag umaalog yung bahay nila dahil sa tren na dumaan then nagkakahulog hulog pa yung picture frame ata nila dahil sa lakas ng alog. XD

    Dolphy is definitely the one and only The Comedy King. ♥ He will be really missed by everyone.

  6. Hello Danica, welcome to my humble page. :D

    Yes, I always remember that, there was this scene where the picture was smiling and after the train passed, it changed facial reactions. Hilarious! :D

    Thanks for visiting. :D