Monday, July 9, 2012


If there is one Reality Show I want to be part of, definitely, it will be Survivor.

I’ve been fan of the show since Jenna Morasca won her season.

Why Survivor? Why not PBB Teens? Haha. Well Survivor can really get messy. It will really drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. Survivor will test how strong you can get, but being physically active will not really guarantee that you win the game. You also need to socialize and make sure that people will not vote you out and they will vote for you in event that you will be in the finals. Survivor can really get exciting! I love the personalities and how two conflicting views can clash. I love drama!

The show will also give you a reason to be nasty. It will sometimes force you to lie, to not trust someone and to blind side somebody to stay longer in the game. Everything must be done pretty strategically

Who will not want to stay miserable in an island with these players?

Bobby John





And for the guys, haha!


Jenny (R.I.P)


Parvati (with pose, hehe.)

Now tell me you don’t want to be part of Survivor! haha.

But definitely this is the best thing that will happen to Survivor!

Oh my gee… I am so excited! Aren't you?

Pictures taken from here and here!


  1. Sa babae favorite ko si Amber and Jerri ng Season 2... Sa lalake naman si Ethan ng Season 3... hehehe

    1. Hmm... Ako din, ewan ko ba kung bakit ko favorite si Amber. Siguro dahil napaikot niya si Rob M. hahaha. Welcome back Alex!

  2. this is great ive been a fan of survivor i mean all the challenges the dramas it was all exciting to watch unlike pbbteens haha
    the trailer were great i could see a lot of pain in there and the philippines was so stunning i feel so proud haha

    1. Hello Mecoy!

      When Jeff said that the the toughest of storms can breaks the strongest of spirits, I was like, "umpisahan na ang pahirapan!"

      Exciting diba?

  3. Mas gusto ko pa rin The Amazing Race :)

    1. Hahaha. Gusto ko naman, kaso parang mas madali akong matatalo pag dun ako sumali, hahaha! Kailangan may partner doon we.

  4. Replies
    1. hahahaha.... hindi na ako teens, bogart! Kaya siyempre di na ako pwede doon. :D