Friday, July 13, 2012

Anyeong Haseyo means...

Hello in Korean. :)

I found this cool website that teaches people how to speak in Korean. Yes, I can really get nerdy, sometimes. Haha. Aside from I really love learning new things, I just realized that probably learning a new language can be fun. No need to leave the house and expensive language school fees in order to learn something.

What is cool about the site is that it has levels and lessons that will make things easier for you. In each lesson, there is a podcast that will help you learn, and it will not really give you things that you have to memorize or say right away. A maximum of two words per lesson is being taught, which is great, because you will learn everything about it step by step.

It works for me, definitely, it will also help for you. I now know how to say hello (anyeong haseyo), yes (ne), no (aniyo), and thank you (gamsahamida). The site will not tell you that this word means like this in Korean, it will teach you basics first, which I guess is really Important. I remember what Randy said in the Last Lecture, you have to learn the fundamentals first.

Korean language can be challenging, they have polite and not polite form of saying things. Nosebleed. Haha. Saying goodbye is different if you are the one leaving (anyeong higyesayo) and if you are the one staying (anyeong higasayo). They are particular with distances and all of that, hahaha.

Why am I doing this? Simple, so I can talk to Koreans! Haha.

Imagine talking to Jiho Lee in fluent Korean. Honglandi. Haha.

Give talktomeinkorean a try. It is really fun. Gamsahamida!


  1. I love Koreans and Japanese guys :)

  2. i love koreans there fashion there style evrything

  3. I love koreans also hahaha! buti nalang half of my officemate our chinese so kahit pano they na fulfill nila echos!

  4. ai ai may alam din akong korean!!

    BYANE! tama ba? haha!