Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Make it Right

A public affair show featured last Sunday how some policeman can sometimes be a pain in the neck. You will see them extorting money, going crazy in a busy street, worse, committing crimes like rape and sexual harassment.

It's a disturbing thought.

The world is really a crazy place. And I know that we human beings will sometimes do crazy things because of so many factors.

Still it is wrong.

Last night, when I went on yosi break, there was a scene in the smoking area. A car was parked in the shoulder of the road and there was this officer with his big gun talking to a lady who seems to be the driver of the maroon vehicle. The lady seems agitated with the whole fiasco. Maybe it was another car violation at one in the morning. The conversation between the two characters proceeded then the lady gets her wallet and started flashing a yellow bill. Like what you are thinking everything was settled with a five hundred peso bill, one soul is happy and another one is cursing because she lost something.

Let's say I have been there.

A year ago, while I was walking my way to the MRT station, someone stopped me. I was so busy listening to Taylor Swift's innocent when this old guy told me what he needs from me. Littering is prohibited in Makati, and to make things more embarrassing, the litter that I threw was a filter of a cigarette. Since this is really my first time breaking a law and getting caught, I started to panic. Good thing I remember a lesson learned from college. In situations like this, my PolSci professor back in college always say, first be friendly, next be apologetic, and never give in to any offers. But one lesson is really important, stay calm and think.

So I flashed my sweetest smile, then apologize and said that I will just pick it up and threw it in the proper bin. I explained to him that I am new in Makati (though I am living in Makati for a year). The officer then started explaining the things that are at stake while he is waving his ticket booklet in front of me. He said that I have to pay a penalty of PHP 1500 at the City Hall, that if ever I will not pay for it, my stupidity will be recorded on my NBI clearance and if ever I will get caught doing this thing again, penalty will be bigger and I might end up sweeping the streets of Makati. Not cool.

Then the officer said, alam mo ba hindi pa ako kumakain ng almusal tapos nahuli na kita agad. Labas ka ng ID mo. Wrong move, Manong!

People started to stare at me. Some started mouthing that I should just give money to the officer and this will be history, which is true, but my entirety doesn't even want to give in. What will my mom tell me if ever she found out that I let someone extort me? I know what I did was already embarrassing and I promise I will never litter in the streets of Makati again, but to allow someone to make another mistake because of my stupid acts will seem to be unfair. But what if that is really his way to earn money? That it is his nature to wait for people to become stupid then ask them money for breakfast?

I just told Manong that I will just pay for the penalty at the City Hall on my rest day. He gave me my ticket then I hurried my way to the train.

There are bad people because some allow them to do nasty things. How many stories of kotong cops, drug lords, prostitutes and gamblers with police protectors do we have to hear to realize this?

I believe that people will never do wrong things if we will never let them. If we want people to change, we should really start changing ourselves first. If we made a mistake, say sorry. Then make things right.




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