Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grind With Me

Grind with me.

I don't want to dance anymore. Lights are already hurting my eyes and burning my exposed skin. The fumes from cigarettes are worst than the smoke machine that this old place has. You just don't know how much I want to cover my face, though I am doing this for quite a while now, it still feel embarrassing. Though I am doing this for quite a while now, I am still not used to how people stare. Some of them stare like I am a centerpiece on a buffet; they want to have a piece of me. Some give me the pitying glances where I do not find any sincerity. And most of them just stare because it is my job to make them stare at me, want me, and love me.

Common, grind with me.

I promise I will give you a good time. I will make you feel good. I will tell you stories that you want to here. I will make you feel wanted and beautiful. I will do the things that you want. But everything is for a price. Common, we all know that nothing is free now. So, make sure that you have what I need and I will surely give you what you need and always wanter.

Baby, grind with me.

But never fall for me. And in case you did, make you that you will not just love me – you also need to love my daughter. Here, see her picture. See how lovely she is? Of course, she comes from my genes – good genes. Everything I do is for her so if you want to marry me, you also have to marry her. Package deal, baby!

In case you did, you have to also know where you will stand. You need to understand my job and the consequences of being in love with someone like me. Yes, I can be what you want me to be in your life, but remember that you will never be my only one. A lot of people want me, you know. Some of them are way better that you, you know? And for someone like me, I will always with the biggest catch. If that is not who you are, then you can fall for me, but don't go blaming me for crushing your heart.

Please, grind with me.

Yes, I will act like I want to see you, that I want to be with you. But, I am a good actor you know? I can pretend that I miss you, and that I cannot live without you. But they are just acts, baby. Because I need you. Sorry, I need your money. So even if I have to beg for you to see me, and my moves, and my hot body, I will do that because I need you.

And you know you need me too.

This is who I am.

Are you ready to grind with me?

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  1. If it was Channing Tatum talking to me like this, I would say YEAH BABY outright.

    1. I know Addie, I will also say the same thing.