Saturday, October 20, 2012

Digital Fortress Book Review

By Dan Brown

Oh, I still read book. Haha. My copy of Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress came from a housemate. She also owned The Lost Symbol. I finished the book last night, though I have the copy for almost a year. Me and my laziness. LOL.

What is it: Concentrating on code breaking and a lot of mathematics, Digital Fortress talks about how Susan Fletcher tries to save the world’s finest Security Agency using her impeccable intelligence. Remember when you are in High School, while the teacher explains how you can find the factors of a perfect square trinomial and you are thinking how this information can be applied in real life. Well, this book will be a good example.

Knowing Dan Brown, the book will definitely have an adventurous side and a geeky side on it. It is pretty interesting knowing that there is such agency who intercepts emails in order to save the world. But when a former employee of the agency tested the NSA’s systems, the whole fiasco happened.

National Security Agency

What I love about it: First, no Robert Langdon, yey! I do not hate Langdon but its nice knowing that Mr. Brown can create a character like Susan – fearless, romantic and all together, smart.

What I hate about it: After reading the book, I really don’t understand how I felt. I used to love Dan Brown before, but since I read almost all of his works, the whole mystery thing didn’t excite me much. Midway thru the book, I already have an idea who is the villain in the story, and believe me, I was correct.

Probably, I was expecting so much because the back of the book talks a lot about breaking codes and in the whole book, there was less than five incidents where code breaking skill where needed.

It is still a good read, though.

Recommended for: I will recommend this to all Dan Brown lovers out there. The book is still a good read, just don’t expect much about how the story will turn out.


  1. seems a pretty interesting book haha i think i would try reading books soon too maybe i'll start with "Iam number 4"

    1. wow. I am number four is a good choice. The story is cool but dont expect much from the book. :P

  2. i love dan brown far..dalawa pa lang yata nababasa kong book nga pero claimer na? haha love agad? ganun siya kagaling

    1. I love Dan Brown din naman, pero siguro everyone will start somewhere. His works with Richard Langdon will be the best, ung mga nauna, parang practice lang. LOLs