Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Murakami Experience

A Review on Kafka on the Shore
Thanks to Nyl for sending me his PDF files, and to PM for suggesting what book we should start with, I finished my first Haruki Murakami book.

Reading a lot of reviews about Murakami and his works, definitely, my expectations for the author reaches the sky. Seeing Sir Mots photo below, I know that the book will not be an easy read. 

Well, Murakami is challenging. It really is. I finished Kafka on the Shore in a week. Aside from reading the book in The Company, I know that if I quicken my pace, I will never understand it. LOL. Seriously, in order for you to appreciate Kafka on the Shore, you must really take your time.

I love Kafka on the Shore. I admire everything about it. Murakami’s writing style is outstanding. His keenness to details and how he uses his words makes imagining things easier. Even though the book is not an easy read, the way it was written makes things easier. That is if you are the imaginative type. :D

Kafka and Nakata’s story fascinates me. I remember posting something on FB that I was down on my last forty pages and I still don’t have any clue how the story will go. I was on the last three chapters and that was still my waterloo. Since this is the first Murakami book that I’ve read, I guess having a lot of cliff hangers was Murakami’s thing. I ended the book with a lot of questions about the book but I think Murakami ended it that way to make Kafka and Nakata’s story more magical. The readers decide what will happen next.

The characters were all interesting. However, Kafka and Hoshino were my favorites. Definitely, Kafka is someone that you will admire. His diligence and determination is really above par. He makes me tell my fifteen year old self how boring he was because while he was busy with school, Kafka is already running away from home, having sex with older woman and trying his best to be the stronger fifteen year old kid there is. Hoshino is so cool. Reading his part really makes me laugh. One of his highlights was his apartment conversation with the KFC guy. It was hilarious.

Haruki Murakami really exceeded my expectations. He is definitely good just like Kafka on the Shore.

Now, any suggestions what Murakami book I should read next?


  1. you read Norwegian woods still haruki murakami's book :-)

  2. haha akala ko kanina post ni sir mots to ung pala book review mo haha nice

    1. haha. ang astig ng drawing ni sir mots, ano. yeah, it was suppose to be a review, pero hindi ko maintindihan ang end product niya. :D

  3. nagpahinga na muna ko kay murakami. kite runner ni khaled na ang isunod mo. dali!!!!

    1. wa... nabasa ko na ang kite runner, pinagawa kasi ako ng book report ng napakabuti kong landlady tungkol dun.

      Mas gusto ko yung A Thousand Splendid Sun ni Khaled.

    2. teka anong link nun dito? favorite ko yun kite pati movie T.T

    3. for a thousand splendid suns, its

      for the poem,

      maganda iyon sir mots, hindi mo bibitawan. intense ang plot, at ang astig ng mga bida