Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No, This is Not a Beautiful Affair

DISCLAIMER: All characters' names appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
A Beautiful Affair

Living in a CoEd boarding house, definitely, relationships will flourish. Whether it's straight or gay, my home has witness it. Love stories and sexual affairs between housemates has been pretty common, but the recent gossip circulating around the four walls of our home is nothing but controversial.
To begin the gossiping, let me remind everyone that I will not use the characters real name.
We will start our story with Charlie. Charlie came from the province. He is good looking, hot and definitely someone that every girl and gay will really fall for. There were rumors that Charlie, though good looking, is nothing but lazy. He went here to Manila for work, he started applying in a call center but he never passed. While applying, Charlie courted Sophie. Sophie is the type of girl that you will never classify as pretty, unless you look at her closely. She has been working in the call center for quite some time when she said yes to Charlie. Their relationship became more intimate. You will see them kissing, holding hands while walking and sharing sweet nothings when they are together.
They become inseparable. After half a year of living in different rooms, they decided to share a room together. Yes, my friend, they choose to live in together. That time, it created animosity between Sophie and her roommates because during that time, Charlie still doesn't have any work. While Sophie worked on the graveyard shift, you will see Charlie, half naked and sleeping in the common area. So you might be thinking who paid the down payment for the room, right? You got it right. Sophie.
Everything went well between the two of them. Sophie neglected all of her friend's advice regarding Charlie's work habits. While Charlie is looking for a job, Sophie was the one who spent for their food, rent and everything that the two of them need. She doesn't care what other people say, all she knows is that she is in love and someone hot loves her back. Eventually, Charlie found work at a hotel somewhere.
Enter, Juliet. Juliet is the sister of Madonna, the new gay in town. They are part of a group of girls and gays who are really annoying and most of the time, noisy. If we are in high school, they are like the nasty sexy cheerleaders that you will love to hate. Juliet is the type of girl that you don't want to be friends with if you have a hot boyfriend, because she is hot, she is pretty, and yes, Juliet can get pretty flirty and naughty. Compared to Sophie, Juliet is more liberated. Also, Juliet likes Charlie.
And recently, Sophie caught Charlie with Juliet at their room.
Who knows what happened? All Sophie saw was the two of them together and when they were caught, Juliet started rolling her eyes and making unnecessary, irritating, go on and break up with him smirks that of course Sophie never expected. Oh, I wish I could have been there! What is circulating around the house is that there were no teleserye moment where the lead star slap the bitch, all Sophie did was to start looking for a house so that she can move out.
Oh, Sophie confronted Madonna about it and all he said was that, "Girl, you two are not married yet." Bastard.
Sophie already left the house. I haven't seen Charlie. Juliet is flirting with another guy housemate, there are even stories that one of our Bi housemate is courting her.
Who knows where their story will go? Don't worry, I will tell you if ever more rumors rise up.


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  1. kakaintriga naman itong kuwento mo hehehe.

    Napansin ko bagong bihis itong bahay mo ah. Ganda. At ang taray naman, may bagong universe ka na pala haha!

    1. hahaha... pagmamay ari ko siya Ms. N, salamat sa papuri. Ayaw ko na ngang baguhin ang theme, nahihirapan akong mag isip ng ipapalit. lols

  2. life's ups and downs. :) sounds like an interesting household :) i wont be needing any teleserye for 'em real life stories. :) also good inspiration for books? :P

    1. well, if you are living with a lot of people, things may get interesting.

  3. Oh gawd. That Juliet bitch. Kawawa naman si Sophie..

    1. yeah, pero when i found out that she left, i was like, "good job."

  4. whoah what a mess it had been im excited to know what will happen next

    1. hehe... it is really a mess. I hope there is next, but i doubt. :D