Sunday, November 11, 2012

Queues and Conversations

I used to share a room with two other people – they are brothers and they are both gay. It never started that way, Roommate and I shared the room for three months until his brother made a sudden decision to fly to Manila for work. The three of us are living together in one room for a month now.

I made a decision to move out.

When my Roommate's Brother (RB) moved in with us, I expected that the bills will be divided into three. Three people sharing one room should divide all the expenses between the three of them. I was also expecting that the bills will be divided into two people. RB doesn't have any job, yet. And since my roommate and I have been friends for quite a while now, I really don't want him having a hard time covering most of their expenses.

The latter option happened, and now my mind is perplexed.

It is really not my nature to dwell too much about money. My friends can testify how generous I can get. Obviously, the former option will work best for me. Less expense means more savings, right? All the people I talked to about the set up of our room agreed with the idea. However, when you know somebody pretty well and you consider each other as friends, my side of the story can be considered as selfish.

Roommate (RM) was in Galera when I talked to him about the set up. It was really uncomfortable talking about it. However, if we will not fix it now, we will suffer more. After I told him not to get offended, I went straight to my point.

Aren't we supposed to divide the expenses into three? You know, the rent, electric bills, etc ME.

The Electricity, I agree. However, for the rent, I don't. I am having a hard time sleeping. RM

Okay, that is fine. I'm glad we talked about this; at least it cleared the air. ME.

That is all I want. I just need to understand where he was coming from. Since the brothers sleep together in one bed, it is really difficult for them.

 We were quiet for a while, and then he continued.

If you are having a hard time with the set up, just tell me, we can move out.

I fix my stare on the screen, concentrating with what to say next.

Are you having a hard time na? ME

Nahihirapan akong matulog. RM.

That was my queue. I need to be careful with what I will say because it will define how the following days will turn out.

You guys don't need to move out, I have lesser stuff, and it will be easier for me compared to you both. ME.

I always believe that even the most sensitive of topics can be fixed with a good conversation. And I know with what happened, I know it will be the best option. It upsets me a bit, but it's something that I can't bear. What just frustrates me is that I have to move my things again, but I've done such a lot of times. Too much, that it has been a piece of cake.


  1. yeah i agree in that good conversation is the key
    but unfortunately im not good at it haha

    1. Hmm... Sometimes we have to force our way into things, :D

  2. You did well.

    And dun ka sa may peace of mind ka and mas makakatipid. Goodluck :-)

    1. Maraming salamat, Mac. It was hard seriously, but at least someone somewhere gave the recognition I deserve.

  3. Tsk..I guess it's odd that sa side nila yung dumagdag tapos ikaw kailangan mag move. Anyways, hopefully you're in a better place now :)

    1. Definitely it is way better. I will make about it. :D

  4. That's a very selfless act, LJ. Hats off.

    1. It is. And I won't dwell much about it. :D

  5. good luck on the hunt for the new crib. :)

    and yeah - a good conversation can very well work magic.

    1. hahaha. better converse well, kaloy.