Thursday, November 8, 2012

To The Right One,

I always wonder how the two of us will meet.
Maybe we will meet at a beach. While sitting alone at the sand staring at the horizon, you will seat beside me. You will ask me if I am waiting for somebody. Actually, I am, I am waiting for the sun to set. I will say. Confused, you will ask why. And then I will say, I love the color of the sunset – it's orange.
Maybe we will meet at a bar somewhere. I will be on my way home then we will bump into each other. We will exchange hellos. Then you will ask me to dance; I will say no. You will ask why; I will say I am leaving. You will ask me to have coffee instead; I will say yes. You will say you thought I was leaving; I will say that I will always have time for coffee.
It's insane, but maybe we will meet at a church. We will be force to hold each other's hands because of the Our Father song. While concentrating on my prayers, your index finger will rub my hands. Your right hand is soft, and I will feel the electricity surging into my soul. The prayer will be done, and you will grip my left hand before you let it go. I will look at you, and then will notice your eyes, and then we will exchange smiles.
It will be the best if the two of us will meet at a bookstore. We will fight over a book because it's the only copy left in the whole store. Both of us will not give in, and in the end, we will just agree that we will share.
I can fantasize about a lot of things. Imagine all the weird instances where our souls will meet. Only to realize that amidst all the idiosyncrasies, what matters is we will meet.
To begin with, let me start by saying that I am not the romantic type. I am really not good with flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and all the sweet things that you may consider cherishing because of its sentimental value. Do not expect me to hold your hand and kiss your cheek in public because I always find that stuff awkward. Never expect too much because all I can do is give you is my very best. I may not give you stuff but I will show you how much you mean to me. I can get pretty good with words. I can write you a poem, sing your favorite song, try to cook your favorite food, and be interested with the things you are interested to. I may not give the PDA that you've dreamed for but you can always assure that I will be there for you. Good and bad, happy and sad, in victories and defeat, I swear, I will always be there.
I used to have a perfect image of you. Growing up, I always have a vision of what you will be like.
However, now, all that matters is that you will love me the way I will always love you. We will support each other's goals. Never question the time and the affection spent or not spent with each other. Though we may turn too complex for each other, we will compromise. We will understand. You will always love the people that I love the same way I will value all the people that matters to you.
And in moments where the two of us will be challenge, I swear I will do my best to hang on to love. I will fight with all my might in order to make things right. But make sure that we will face everything as mature individuals. We will talk things out, we will listen and never interrupt, and we will just try committing fewer mistakes afterwards.
I know that your presence will take a while. I've been waiting for quite a while now, and I am sure, I can wait a few more. I bet you are also tired of waiting but the universe will bring us together, all we have to do is just believe. While doing that, let's prepare ourselves for the big moment. Let's do our best to make sure that once we meet each other, our hands will fit perfectly.
Just take care of yourself. I am not there yet to get you water and feed you medicines when you are not feeling well.
I always pray for you.
And like always, I'll be saving all my love for you.
Forever and always,
I was inspired to write this by Bagotilyo's post. You can read his letter to his future wife here.
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  1. Your letter is way creative than mine :)

    PAnahon na ba ng pag-ibig? hehehe

    We will meet our soulmate. tiwala lang. XD

  2. This entry of yours made me smile. Sana nga, you will meet him in the most unexpected of places. And may he loves you the way you will give yourself to him.

    Cheers. :)

    1. Yes, Mugen. I will definitely remember the second sentence.

  3. haha it would be awesome if it would be just like in the movies

    1. true, I wonder how might that feel. :D

  4. You, my friend, must wake up from your dreams of grandeur. Chase it, don't dream it. Make it happen, don't wait for it. Take risks, love and get hurt and most of all find it and let him know about your presence.

    1. Hello, Ron. Don't worry, I am working on it.

  5. You, my friend, must wake up from your dreams of grandeur. Chase it, don't dream it. Make it happen, don't wait for it. Most of all, find it and let him know about your presence.