Friday, November 23, 2012

Eyes of The Emperor/Norwegian Wood Book Review

I finished two books this past week. My apologies for not even writing about them but I've been pretty lazy to even go online. I'm sure you don't mind.

Eyes of The Emperor is another loot from the Book Sale. I got it for PHP 70.00. It tells the story of an american soldier who has Japanese lineage during World War II. 

The conflict of the story is pretty interesting. After Pearl Harbor was bombed, most Japanese in the US experienced discrimination. And being Japanese who wants to serve the American army during that time can really get frustrating. Because of their ancestries, the Japanese soldiers were placed at the bottom of the army hierarchy (if there is such thing, im sorry) -- they were guarded, they were given the nastiest of jobs and they were placed in a mission that is really nothing but irrational. They were tasked to be targets for K-9 (dogs) units because someone was smart enough to propose that all Japanese individuals smells the same.

It is a good book. I guess because it has a theme that I haven't heard of, and it will teach you never to judge someone with the way they smell. 


Norwegian Wood on the other hand is another Haruki Murakami classic. And right now, it is tied with The Book Thief as the favorite book for 2012. Haha.

It still has the same Murakami magic where he will blow your mind away with his words. He will make you think about the conflict in each's characters. And everything seems so fluid and so artistic it feels like you are reading a poem. Norwegian Wood is epic.

Now that I am writing this, I figured that it is sort of like the same with Veronika Decides to Die. But I love this book more. Because it has a positive feel at the ending where the book will teach you to be strong in spite of all the struggles you face -- especially losing someone you love. 

Murakami is really good, but you have to make sure that you don't read his books consecutively. :)


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everybody!

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  1. If there's one thing that I consider a disadvantage, it's that I don't read books. Thank you for reviewing them for me, Mr. Orange. :)

    1. Well I've been reading to much and its shameful not sharing them. I'm happy you appreciate them

  2. Wow! based on how you recount the stories, I kind of feel it's really worthy of sitting in a bench along the park and have your coffee on the side while you lost in the moment because you're soaked in reading. Nice one. I'll try to look these books here in the Mid East.

    1. it is, sir. Better find the murakami book first. :D

  3. hehe i prefer to read sci-fi books something like lorien legecies any suggestion?

    1. hmm... better finish the legacies first, i can give you a pdf copy of the power of six. u want?