Monday, September 17, 2012

The Thought Party

As the random thoughts start their tea party in my head, they started talking about which one of them is the most important.

Thought Number One is a newbie in the party. He was introduced by our Valedictorian and surprisingly, a former officemate knew him as well. Number One said that he is the most important because he will lead The Orange Wit to the desires of his hearts. Unfortunately, Thought Number One came with a hefty price tag, and a big name plate that states, "The Harder You Work, The Greater the Chances." The Orange Wit is now confused.

On Thought Number One's left, sat a fellow who been in the table for quite a while. He said that he is the most important because The Orange Wit needs Number Two for his entertainment, his passion and this page. He has been patiently waiting for the moment that The Orange Wit to make Thought Number Two a reality. Number two has been confident that he is on the top of The Orange Wit's list, until Number One appeared. One said, "You have been waiting for quite a while now, maybe you can wait a little bit more." The Orange Wit is now confused.

Beside number two sat a guy with a rectangular face and eyes that blinks numbers. Yes, numbers. Thought Number Three keeps on insisting that The Orange Wit should start saving more first before even considering Number One and Two. But Number One is ready with his rebuttal, "if you will just keep the money there, it will just sleep, and why not invest it on something big." And Number Two will not choose to be left behind, "Once you have that item, you can start saving again."

To complete the visitors, Thought number four sat in front of Number One. He doesn't compete to be the most outstanding thought of the three. He just explains the consequences of choosing one after the other. He said, "If you choose one, there is still no guarantee that the desires of your heart will be fulfilled, you have to really work your butt of and though, you don't have any problem with that, it is still a hefty price tag, are you sure you can handle such amount?" Number Four then glared at Number Two, "so what if you are The Orange Wit's only want, you are still a luxury, something that our Master rarely consider. Yes he needs you for research, and writing and staying connected with friends, but you are still a luxury." He took a sip of his coffee before confronting Number Three, "now though you are the safest, I am sure that our Master will still choose number One over you, he will choose something that can make him save more money."

Thought Number Four took a deep breath before saying, "Right now, I am still not sure who will be the priority, I just laid out the plans in order to make things easier. They will not call me Risk if I will not do that, in the first place."


  1. Whoa. Too many voices in your head. Patingin ka sa doktor. LOL biro lang.

  2. Hahaha... Nagtataka nga ako kung pano sila nagkasya sa utak ko, hindi naman siya kalakihan, LOLs.

  3. haha madals manyari yan skin lalo pag sa decision making

  4. i love this post, very creative!

  5. ang hirap diba, mapapamura ka sa arar. lol

  6. lols, pakiramdam ko this post if very crazy. :D